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HI! this A/N is for any of you the Auditioned for your one-shots (ZombiexCupcake, mcrguurl, ilovefrankieieroxx, fobprincess179, Staticghost, MCR_Vampire_321, MCRnA7xlover) I Need To Know a Few things. ZombiexCupcake Do you want Your Story to Be a Killjoy one (Like your Out Fighting Bl/i)? And all Of you ( ZombiexCupcake, mcrguurl, ilovefrankieieroxx, fobprincess179, Staticghost, MCR_Vampire_321, MCRnA7xlover) How old do you Want to be in your story? And if you're high school aged do you want to be the weird outcast or......?

Frank's Pov
We heard walking around above us. I laughed “You locked the door right??” “Why wouldn't I?” Gerard said. “True” We Finished Up and Get dressed and went upstairs “What happened?” “WHY DIDN'T YOU COME TO THE HOSPITAL TO MAKE SURE YOUR BABY BRO WAS OKAY?” Mikey yelled at Gerard. “sorry” he said looking around. We Stood there for a few minutes. Well this is awkward as fuck. “Mikey lets go.” Cameron Said Getting up and dragging Mikey with her. “What Was That about?” I asked. “Well Maybe you should have Went to make sure they weren’t dead instead of having Sex!” Bob Yelled and Walked out the Door. “You two have been Shitty Friends lately and we're sick of it.” Ray Said Walking out to. I sighed “There right Gee-bear” I said looking Up at him “We should Be Worried about Mikey and Cameron When They're Hurt.”

Cameron's Pov
Mikey and I Drove in Silence. “Why Did you Want to Leave So fast?” He asked after a few minutes. “Because Mikey! I don't want to See you and Gerard Fighting. I-I-I-I-I I Had an Older Sister,She Died, At the age of 15.” I sighed “Mikey We fought all the time. She ended up Drinking and Cutting and doing Drugs and she killed herself.” “Wha-wha—what?!” Mikey Stammered out. “Yeah” We went To Gabby's House. Come Outside and come driving with us I texted her Sorry I Can't I'm Busy. Sorry. Maybe Later? I sighed But We Never Hang out. Do you Hate me now? Or Don't want to be my Friend anymore? If you don't – it Cut me off “Fucker!” I yelled and Sent the text and worked on the rest of it I'd Be okay if you didn't want to be friends it just we might have to Hang out because I want to be friends with Ray Yet. I sighed. I Just don't want to be friends anymore. Sorry :/ I Put the car in reverse. “Do you Want to go to your house or--?” I asked Mikey. “How 'bout you Spend the night at mine again?” he asked with a grin. “Sure but we have to go round mine.” I said driving to my house. “Your Parents don't like me!” Mikey Whinnied. Oh God. He's Right. They don't. “Don't Worry About it.” I said Pulling into my drive way. My House wasn't that Big. It was White with Blue Shutters. Sasha Ran Up to Us “ Hi Sasha Masha!” I yelled though my car window. She started to Bark and she almost clawed my car. “Shush Pup.” I said Getting out.

Gerard's Pov
“GERARD WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS!” Frank Yelled. I felt bad about yelling at my little Frankie but I was pissed and didn't know what to do. “BECAUSE! I”M PISSED! I yelled. Oh My god that didn't make any sense. “WHY ARE YOU TAKING IT OUT ON ME THEN!” Frank yelled. I looked at him. His Perfect Hazel eyes lost there shine. His Red eye liner was running down his face. He was biting his lower lip. “WELL?” he yelled “I - “ He cut me off. “YA KNOW GERARD IF I HAD SOME WHERE TO GO I”D LEAVE! I'D LEAVE YOU! YA KNOW WHAT I'M DONE WITH YOU!” He yelled. He began to cry some more. “Frankie. Babe.” I said Putting my arms out for a hug. He Flipped me off and ran Downstairs to his room. I'm So Fucking stupid. I went downstairs and heard Frankie crying. “Frank?” I asked though his door. “GO AWAY!” he yelled. I heard him whimper. “Okay Frank. I'll just go for a walk.” I said and went upstairs and went to go out the Door and Mikey came In with Cameron Close behind him. “Gerard” they Both Spat in my face. “I”M SORRY!” I yelled bursting into tears. “It's okay.” they said and Gave me a hug. “I'm going for a walk. Make sure Frankie – I mean Frank is okay.” And with that I walked out the door. I didn’t know where I was going. I went to a park. I Made sure to grab my Razor when I was at home. Tears were streaming down my face. I Dug the razor into my wrist. I yelped and the few people in the park gave me nasty looks, “WHAT!” I screamed and the all ran off. I felt a hand on my shoulder “its not good for you to do that Gerard” I looked over. It was Mikey. “It helps Mikey. It really Does.” I said looking at him “i know Gerard.” He said Pulling up His Sleeve. Scar after scar, No Fresh. Someone cleared there throat. I looked up. Cameron, Ray, Bob, Cat, Gabby and Frank were standing around me, Sleeves pulled up. “you All Did?” “all Of us Gee-Bear” Frank said Coming over and wrapping his arms around me. I looked at Him. 'Frankie I'm So sorry. I was Being A douche.” I Looked at everyone else. “I'm sorry. I Was being a shitty Friend.” The All laughed and Came over and Tackled me with hugs. “Its Okay Gerard” they said after the stopped tackling me. The Made Hearts with There hands “We Still Love you” I Got up and We walked home. Me and My Frankie Hand In Hand. Mikey and Cameron Hand in Hand. Bob Was Carrying Cat, Bride style. Ray And Gabby Went Off in the other Direction

Mikey's Pov
I looked at Cameron. She was shorter then Frank. “What are you Staring at?” She asked I Shook my head. “Sorry Hunny.” I Kissed her and I Picked her up and gave her a piggy-back ride. She Giggled the whole way home. We got home. We went inside and sat down on the couch. Cameron Looked at her Phone. She Started Bawling. “Cameron? Are you okay?” I asked Cradling her. “Mikey. Gabby Just texted me telling me that we are a bunch of wimps and never to talk to her again.” “What?” I Yelled “What About Ray?” Bob Asked “Dose he hate us?” “I-i-i I Don't Know” Cameron said bawling. “Fuck this!” Gerard said and went outside. “Gerard!” we all yelled and Ran after him.“I'm Going to go talk to them” He said Getting in his Bug. “Gerard! I'm coming with you!” Frank yelled. “We are to!” Bob and Cat yelled. They all Crammed into His Bug. Cameron went and jumped in her Jeep. Well I guess we're going to Gabby's House to. I jumped in her Jeep and we left. “Gabbys Parents are gone for the week.” She said “I know where the key is to” I looked at her. “Really?” She nodded “Yeah” We Got there and went in. “GABBY!” Cameron Yelled. “How the Fuck did you get in here?” Gabby Yelled From the kitchen. Cameron Went in the kitchen “I Know where the key is.” She spat “Ray” Cameron Started. “Will You still hang out with us?” She asked. “Yeah. Why Wouldn't I?” He said Looking a Gabby. “Oh Because Gabby Isn't our friend anymore” Cameron Said With Hate in her Tone. “You- She- What!?!?” Ray asked Confused. “Oh Right.” Gabby Said “I hang out with Bella, Emma, Madison, and Alicia, and there boyfriends.” “ALICA!?! ALICA?!?!? REALLY!” I Yelled. “Mikey! Clam Dow- Wait She Cheated on you didn’t she?” Cameron asked. “Yes” I said

Gabby's Pov

“Well Adam Is So Much Better For Her anyway. Not you Nerdy Uggo.” I Said Laughing. Ray looked at me “What The Fuck?” He said. Mikey Was Crying. “Shh Mikes. Its okay. Your not nerdy and if you are its cute nerdy not bad nerdy. And you are not Uggo. Not at all.” Cameron Said Rubbing Mikey's Back. “Get Out Of my house. I have Friends Coming over.” I said “Like you Guys have Friends. Well Other then your group.” I laughed. “Right Ray?” I said looking at him. He was Sitting on my counter eating grapes. “Uhh Sure..?” He said looking at them “Your On Her Side!” Bob Yelled “Her Side! Really Ray!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Bob was Pissed. “Oh Bob, Dear, You can be our Friend To, Even Cat can be, Just Not Mikey, Gerard, Frank, or Cameron.” I said with a grin. “FUCK NO!” bob yelled “I LIKE MY FRIENDS!” Ray got up and Went over to Them “I'm on there side.” he said “but I still Love you, Gabby” just then there was a creak and 8 People Walked In, Bella, Emma, Madison, Alicia, Adam,Jackson, Sam, and Dean. The stopped when they saw us “Did you come over just so we could beat you Up, Emo Fags?” Adam said Laughing. “No Did you Come over to get in a fight Ugly Fuckers?” Bob Said Grinning.

Bob's Pov
Adam Glared at me. I went over and Punched him in the face, his goons were all over me, Punching me, kicking me, anything the could do to hurt me. “GET OFF OF HIM!” Cat yelled and Began to Kick and Pull hair and Punch. Cameron, Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Even Gabby came over to help me. We got in a Full on Fight. Cameron Was Punching Adam Yelling “THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEATING MY MIKEY ALL THESE YEARS YOU LITTLE FUCKER!” Jackson went over and tired to Hit Cameron But Mikey Got Him and Began to Beat Him. Ray Was beating up Sam, Gerard was Beating Up Alicia Frank Was beating up Bella. Gabby Was beating Up Emma. Madison and I Were at it. I Had her pinned to the Ground Punching her in the Face and Stomach. I heard a High pitch squeal. I looked over and Adam had Punched Cameron in the stomach and was Kicking her. Mikey got up and hit Adam but then Mikey Got Hit By Jackson, So then Gerard was Pissed and Hit Jackson, Who Hit the Ground “DONT HURT MY BABY BRO!” Gerard yelled. Mikey Hit Adam. “Cameron, Baby, are you okay?” Mikey said Running over to Cameron. “I will be.” She said Standing up. She Walked over to Adam, Punch him in the face And Kicked Him at least 10 Times in the Face “Now I am.” she said walking over to Mikey. The “Popular” Kids Stood Up on one side of the room, and our Kind were on the other, Gabby with us. We were all full of blood. Not Just ours, But Theirs and our friends. Mikey was Holding Cameron Close in his arms. Cameron's Nose Bleeding and a Few Cuts on her face. Mikey Had a Few cuts on his Face and One Bad On on His Arm. Gerard Had Picked Frank up. Frank Had A few Cuts and Busies. Gerard Had A Few Cuts. Ray had a Few Busies. Gabby had a Bad Cut on the side of her face. Adam Had a lot of bad cuts on his face and a bloody nose. Sam had a lot of cuts but not bad ones. Jackson had a Few Cuts and busies. Alice had A bad nose bleed and A lot o cuts on her face. Bella had Busies. Emma had a Cut or two. And Madison had a lot of cuts. We looked around Dean Disappeared. Hum. Cameron was Putting paper towels on Mikey's Cut. “Your gonna need stitches” she sighed. “I know” He said. “You guys are so Fucking Stupid. We are gonna get the cops on you!” Adam yelled and walked out of the house. We cleaned up the blood as washed as much off of us as we could.

Ray's Pov
“I'm Sorry” Gabby Kept saying. “Whatever” Cameron Spat and Dragged Mikey outside. “I forgive you” I said Kissing her. “Thanks Ray.” she said kissing me back. “We forgive you.” Bob and Cat Said Hugging Her. 'Thanks Guys” she said Hugging them back. 'We forgive you” Gerard and frank Said Smiling. “I Guess we Can to.” Cameron said from the door way. “Really?” Gabby said Running over and Hugging Cameron. “Really” Cameron Said With a grin “Cami Why do you Smell like Smoke?” Gabby asked. “Well your gonna find out sooner or later. I smoke” Cameron said “ Thats okay. We Do to.” Bob, Gerard, Frank and I All Said. “Okay Good” Cameron said
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