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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [10]

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Gee and Taylor finally hook up! :D

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Taylor's POV
Everything finally went back to the way things were, before Gee started dating the wicked witch of the west. Mikey forgave me and Gee and I are best-friends, well I think we're getting out the 'best-friend' category, because we kiss and hold hands. I hope we are... Gee did admit he liked me...

Lindsey wasn't bothering us, which was shocking, because for a while after their break-up, I had thought she would get revenge on me or something for sabotaging her 'relationship', but she hasn't. Which I'm thankful for, but I'm still taking precautions.... for all we know, she could be planning something...

Today, Gee and I were going to hang out at his place...alone. His parents went out of town for a week or two, and Mikey was starting to go over to his 'lady friend''s house. Her name's Alicia. She's a sophomore just like him. She just moved here. Mikey, as soon as he first saw her, 'fell in love'. All he does now, was talk about her. Alicia this,Alicia that. To tell you the truth, it was starting to get really annoying, but it was cute at the same time. I never seen Mikes act or feel this way towards a girl before, not even towards me.

Alicia was pretty cool. She had a nose pierce, which I thought was pretty freaking amazing. She loved to talk. She also played the bass guitar,just like Mikey. It was like they're meant for each other. I'm waiting for Mikey to ask her out, but knowing him, it's going to take him a while, because when it comes to girls, he's totally shy and all... I might as well, just ask her for him...

I ran out of the last period of the day, when the bell rang. I was off to meet Gerard, behind the school, at the bleachers, like we usually do. He told me he had something to tell me. I think I know what it is... but I'm not sure, I hope it is.
I quickly stopped by my locker to grab my things. Alicia walked over. ''Woah, you're in a hurry.'' She giggled,flipping her hair back out of her face.

''Meeting Gee.'' I told her.
''Oh right...'' She bit her lip. ''I need to ask you something.''


''Um.. I noticed Mikey's acting really weird around me lately...Do you think he likes me or something?'' she blushed. She had NO idea... ''I think he'd kill me if I told you...'' I whispered, just in case if Mikey was near by eavesdropping.

She took my response as a 'yes.'' She smiled. ''Really? He does?''

I nod. ''Yeah. You have no idea.'' I smiled. ''He talks about you all the time. I think he's planning to ask you out....''
She squealed. ''Really? Oh my god!'' I giggled. ''Yep. Just wait for him to ask you. Don't tell him I told you...okay?''

She nodded her frantically,making me laugh. ''Oh, don't worry. I won't!'' Shee gave me a hug. ''Have fun with Gee.''

I smiled. ''Have fun with Mikey.'' I winked,making her face turn 10 different shades of red.

''I will!'' She ran off down the hall, to go find Mikey. I laughed and quickly ran out of the school. As I was approaching the football field.

I frowned. Gerard was there, but he was with someone else... Lindsey. Oh great. I moaned. I quietly walked closer, and then stopped. I didn't want to interupt their 'conversation.'

''Lindsey, leave me alone.'' I heard Gee,groan.
''Why?'' I heard her scoff. ''Let me guess, she's coming... isn't she?''

''She has a name. It's Taylor use it.'' I said, walking up to them,making my presence known. Lindsey jumped in surprise. Gee looked over at me and smiled. ''Hey.'' He leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I smiled. I heard Lindsey scoff. We pulled away.

''Do you mind?'' Gee asked,agitated,pulling me close him. ''I need to talk to Taylor.''

Lindsey rolled her eyes. ''No...Not at all.'' She hissed out at me,before stomping away, like a little drama queen she is... she needs to take a chill pill, like seriously.. she does.
''Thanks for saving me.''

I laughed. ''Anytime, so what is it that you needed to talk to me about?'' I asked,taking a seat on the bleachers. He sat down next to me. He turned to me,grabbing my hands.
I blushed and felt my heart start beating faster.

''Umm... you know how I like you and all,right?'' He asked.
I nod.

My face dropped. Oh god. Please don't tell me, he found someone else....


He coughed and looked into my eyes. ''I really like you.'' He told me,leaning in a little. ''I like you alot.'' He murmured,before pressing his lips to mine. I was happy,so I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled away,smiling at me. ''Do you want to be my girlfriend,Tay?''
Oh my god! Yes,yes,yes, YES! ''Yes.'' I all but shouted, grinning like a complete idiot.
He pressed his lips against mine,again and I gladly kissed back. We pulled away after a while.
''God, you have no idea, how long I wanted to ask you to be mine.''

I giggled. ''Yours?''

He blushed. ''Yeah, my girlfriend...''

I smiled and hugged him. ''You have no idea how long I wanted you to ask me that.'' I kissed his neck. ''Please don't fuck this up...'' I added,quietly.

''Never!'' He told me. ''You think I'd ruin this? No way in hell. And I will not let Lindsey come between us.''

I smiled and kissed him again. ''We should probably go. I'm getting bored.''
Gerard laughed and stood up, grabbing my hand. ''My place?''
I nod and we walk to his house, holding hands... life was officially great now, but I knew for a fact it wasn't really going to last. Better enjoy it while I can...
A/N: Sorry if it's short. Just wanted to update :-D. Thanks for the reviews by the way! xoxo
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