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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [11]

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A few days past... Gee & Tay are together, Mikey & Alicia are a couple now. No problems with Lindsey... will this last? Let's hope so!

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Taylor's POV::

A few days past, and everything was perfect.... Gee and I were stronger than ever. Mikey had finally gotten the balls to ask Alicia out, so they're together now, and no more propblems with Lindsey! Life couldn't get any better than it already was now!

I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist, as I was getting everything I needed from my locker to go home. I giggled, as I felt a pair of lips touch the back of my neck a secound later. ''Gee'' I turned around,so I was facing him.

''Hey.'' He grinned as he leaned in and gave my a quick peck on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I breathed in his scent. He smelt nice.. ''Hey.''

''Are you sniffing me?'' He asked,with a chuckle. I blushed. ''Yeah, you smell very nice today, and I can't keep my nose off of you!''

He laughed. ''You're a weird girl. You know that?''
''Yeah, but I'm your weird girl.'' I said,cheekily, earning a kiss on my nose. I giggled.

''True that. So what's on the agenda for today?'' He asked, pulling away from me.
I shrugged and turned back to my locker. ''I dunno. What do you wanna do?''

''Well... my parents are out of town for the week... and Mikes is spending the night at Ali's.. and we have the house all to ourselves..'' He drifted off, hoping I could catch the message he was trying to get across to me. Oh, I got it alright. I gasped and turned back around to slap him on the shoulder playfully.

''Eww, you perv.'' I giggled. ''No, I'm not ready for that yet.''

He pouted his famous pout that I love so much. ''P-please?'' He put on a puppy dog face, hoping I'd give in. Oh no, that doesn't work with me,buddy. I gotta admit though, he did look so fucking adorable right now... ''My answer is still no.'' I giggled.

''Pretty please?''

I laughed. ''Gee,stop. Not yet. I'm not ready.'' That was a lie. I was more than ready to sleep with Gerard, but I didn't want to act like a slut, so I was going to wait a while.

''Oh,alright.Fine.'' He huffed. ''Gotta respect ya.'' He pecked my cheek.
''Thank you.'' I smiled, and closed my locker, swinging my backpack over my shoulder.

He grabbed my hand. ''Before we do anything, I want you to meet a friend of mine.''

I gasped. ''You have a friend?'' I teased. He rolled his eyes at me. ''Yes, I have a friend. I have a few actually, thank you very much.''

I giggled. ''I was just teasing you,Gerard.''
He smirked. ''I know.''

I rolled my eyes. '' You think you know everything,don't you?''
''I do.'' He smiled. ''I know that I love you so fucking much.''
''I love you too!'' I grinned.

God, I could never get tired of him saying 'I love you' to me. I just love him so fucking much,seriously I do... with all my heart.

''Well, I love you more.'' He smiled. ''No way. I love you more''
He laughed. ''If you say so...''

''So, who's this friend of yours?''

''Oh, his name is Frank. Don't worry, he won't mess with ya. I threatened to beat him up, if he does.''

I giggled. ''I'm happy that you're so protective of me,Gerard,I really am.''
''Me too.''

Ahh, how I loved my freaking life right now. Like I said, it won't last, so I was enjoying it while I still can. Lindsey was going to be a problem again, in the near future, I just know it.
A/N: Aww... just gotta love them.
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