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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [12]

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Uh oh...

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''Yo,Frankie!'' Gee called out, as we made our way to a guy at his locker. He turned around and smiled as he looked me up and down. ''Hey, who's this? She's pretty cute.''
He winked at me, causing me giggle. Gerard pulled me close to him.
''Watch it,Iero. This is my best-friend and girlfriend,Taylor. Taylor, this is my friend,Frankie.''

''Hi.'' I smiled, and held out my hand so that he could shake, but instead of taking my hand, he grabbed it and pulled me in for a tight bear hug,taking me by surprise.
Gee laughed. ''Tay, he does that to everyone...''

The short man didn't let go after a few minutes. I tried pulling away, but he only held on tighter. ''Uhh, Frank?''
''Can you please let go?''

''FRANK!'' Gerard yelled,causing Frank to yelp and let go of me. ''Sorry.'' He blushed, his face turning a scarlet red color. I laughed. ''It's fine. Just never to do
that again. I could hardly breath.'' I wrapped my arm around Gee's waist as he did the same to me.

''Aww, you guys look cute together.'' He cooed.

''Yeah, we are.'' I smiled and kissed Gee on the lips. ''Yeah, we are.''

~ ~

Frank was a cool guy. He was just like Gerard to be quite truthful, except without the bright ass red hair, and the height. He was 5''4, while Gee was 5''10''. He had tattoes
all over his arms. Gerard was deathly afraid of needles, so he didn't have piercings and tattoes like Frank. He loved to joke and play pranks on Gee. Sometimes, I even
join in with him. It was so much fun. Like one time, we poked Gee with a pin. He freaked out. It was pretty fucking hilarious. Mikey and Alicia often joined in with
Frank and I too,making the jokes, pranks, whatever you want to call it, more fun.

As we were all sitting down at the lunch table, Gee,frank and I, Lindsey decided to come over.
''Hey,Frankie. Gee.'' She said,seductively,causing all three of us to roll our eyes. She looked over at me next. ''Hello,Taylor.'' She spat.
''Lindsey, can you just please go away? Leave us the fuck alone. Alright?'' Gee looked up at her.

''I want to talk to you.'' She told him.

''I don't want to talk to you, so go away.''

''Fine then.'' She smiled,before sitting herself down on the empty seat at the table,besides Frank. ''I won't leave,until we do.''
Frank and I looked at Gerard. 'just do it' i mouthed. I really wanted Lindsey to leave. Her presence,alone, was annoying me. Who could blame me? I hated the girl.
''Fine.'' Gerard finally said. ''Go ahead, say what you need to talk to me.''

''What? Not here'' She said.

''Fine then. We won't talk then.'' Gee turned to me,ignoring Lindsey now. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. He kissed back.
''Can you two please stop?'' She snapped. ''Gerard, I really need to talk to you.''

Gerard and I pulled apart. We both looked at her annoyed. ''What is it? Just say it. We don't need to talk in private or whatever. To be honest, I'm afraid to be
alone with you.'' I giggled at that.

''Fine... I'm...pregnant...Gerard. It's yours..'' She told us...smirking over at me.

''OH HELL NO!'' I screamed,jumping up. ''I'm not buying this shit! Stop trying to ruin our relationship,Lindsey! You're such a fucking whore!''
I didn't believe her. She had to be lying. She just had to. I'm sure Gerard and her used protection when they.... you know... did it...
She was just doing this to break us up...again. she's been planning this for a while now, I could just tell.

''Bitch, I'm not letting you break gee and I up!'' I screamed again,getting in her face. I was going to punch her in her fucking face, but Frank had stood up and held
me back. ''Frank! Let me go! I want to kill her!'' I yelled,struggling to get out of Frank's grip.

''What?'' Gerard whispered,looking up at her.

Lindsey smirked over at me,making me growl. ''It's true. I'm pregnant. Remember that one night, where we didn't use any protection? Yeah... you were kinda late pulling
out,buddy. I'm sorry to tell you that. I am going to keep this baby and I want you in it's life.''

I looked over at Gerard,angerily. How could he do this to me! ''Gerard, is that true? Is the whore telling the truth.'' I hissed. He looked up at me. ''i don't know.
I don't remember.'' He looked back at Lindsey. ''Are you sure, it's mine? You know, you did sleep with someone, when we were dating.''
She cheated on him?! Oh, how much I wanted to rip her head off. ''Frank,let go!'' I yelled, trying to bite him.

''AS much as I want to, I can't and I won't.''

''I took a test,Gee. It is yours....''

Gerard's face fell. ''Aww shit.'' He looked over at me,struggling in Frank's arm.

''Taylor, I am so sorry.'' He whispered,looking down. I shook my head and looked back up at Lindsey. ''I hate you so much! Go die in hell, you and this baby!'' I yelled. ''You are ruining my life!'' I felt Frank loosen his grip on me, giving me the perfect chance to escape. I ran out of the school, feeling a few tears run down my face. Gerard didn't come run after me, like most boyfriends would do, when their girl was upset....

Lindsey was ruining my life. Her and the god damn baby. I don't care how cruel I sound right now but, I hope she has a miscarriage... I didn't want her to have Gerard's baby. I wanted to be the one to have his kid. But no, she had to go and ruin it all for me. I hate her. So fucking much...


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