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Pieces of History Part One

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One of the few letters that remains from Rem Saverem's Time

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IV. Pieces of History Part One

From archive klx19, a letter from Rem Saverem to a Captain Joseph Cruz of the Air Force. This letter was dated three days before death. Also included is Captain Cruz's response.


To: Joseph Cruz
From: Rem Saverem

Dear Joey,

Been awhile since we've been together. First with Project Seeds and we all know all that fell through. Don't worry. : ) I'm sure you've would have made a first rate ship captain. Alex would have been proud. Come to think of it, we haven't seen each other since Tessla...

Well, anyway, how is she anyway? Knives expressed great concern over the fact that she was very thin. I reassured him that Tessla was ill a lot as a child, but there was a look in his eyes... like he knew!!! What if he knew, Joey? I kept the records under triple encryption, but what if he was THAT smart? No, no, I've seen his brother as well as him break through encryption after encryption, but Tessla wrote that encryption and the only ones who know that are you, me, Steve, Bill, Mary, and Rowan. There's no way Tessla could have given him the fifty codes needed to break encryption on her own report and my file is still encrypted.

Tell me that I'm paranoid, Joey.

We really shouldn't have the done the things we did to her. I can tell by the way she looks at me that she loathes me and wishes me dead. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this.

I like to think that taking care of the twins is somehow going to be my penance for my sins. Remember, I poked and prodded Tessla just as much as our team of researcher. It was only when she developed bone cancer and had to have a leg amputated that I protested. I want Vash to think I am the good guy (gal?) for now. Someday, I will tell him.

Oh, Vash has a bit of a cold so I'm keeping an eye on him. The twins tell Tessla to stay healthy because they really enjoy having an older sister. Well, I'm rambling again. Let's meet in a week or so. I'll bring the boys on by. I hate the thought of Tessla taking the taxi alone. She's such a frail girl, something might hurt her.

Well, let's hope to arrange a meeting.



To: Rem Saverem
From: Joseph Cruz

Dear Rem,

You are slightly paranoid. And rambling too, but I can forgive you for anything. Yeah, keep an eye on Vash. We don't know Plants that well and there are only three "freeborns" in the world. My file is still locked so check with B, M, R, and S for confirmation on their line. The phone book is a little out of date so you can call me if any of their numbers don't match up, because I have Phonepal service and that's extremely up-to-date.

Yeah, a visit from you would be nice. Or a phone call. Have the twins really kept you THAT busy?

Stay well,

Joey. be continued.
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