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Strange Encounter

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I have written most of this fanfic on paper just need to write up :D
I was confronted by the massive, burgundy gates which I’d walked past almost every day of my life but never entered, closed my eyes, and stepped into the school premises. I then looked at the map which had been posted to me earlier that week, then went to find form. After getting lost at least four times (I’m shit at orientation), someone pointed me in the direction of Art1; my new form room. I sat in the corner near a boy with a swooping sidefringe which covered most of his face, and plugged into my iPod.

At the end of Polly by Nirvana, I felt some eyes engraving the side of my head. I quickly glanced through my hair to see a girl with dark brown hair and purple lined eyes. I ignored her as my favorite song came on.
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