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"I like pretty much the same things as her..."

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Meeting Gerard.

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The boy with the black sidefringe seemed to be following me through the winding corridors to History. Every time I went to look at him he ducked his head or quickly glanced away. When we reached the thin, wooden doors which would give way to our first lesson, I turned around.
“You go first” He mumbled in an American accent which hinted Italian roots. I noticed his eyes were shaded and smuged in a very simualar style to mine. As we walked into class, all the eyes in the room penetrated the backs of our eye sockets.
“Lici, Gerard, do you want to introduce yourself to the class? Say your name and your hobbies, then seat yourself over there at the back.” The teacher announced, showing us to the front of the room.
“Hi, I’m Lici… I like listening to music, drawing, and writing.” The teacher thanked me and reminded me of my seat in the corner. Whilst I unpacked my pencil case and planner, I listened to “Gerard” speak.
“Hello… I’m Gerard, and I like pretty much the same things as Lici.” His pale cheeks blushed a faint peachy colour as he took his seat… next to me.
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