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Doom to the kingdom Prelude p.2

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A grave warning.Indeed.

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Prelude (cont)

The king grumbled in discontent.
"Aye this be grim news, thank you, Tenos."The messenger shuffled his feet and turned on his heel to leave.
"Wait. have wanted to be a knight ever since you were but a lad, am I correct?" "Yes M'lord" Tenos turned around, intrigued.
"Go to the Baramus kingdom north of here."
"But M'lord..that's a ten moon trip!"
The king did not respond, but instead turned is attention to the runic circle in the middle of the seven warriors. Tenos soon noticed there was a noticeably large crack in the runed circle.
With haste the king grabbed Tenos by the shoulder."Go now! No matter what you see, what you hear, do not turn back! Do not go back to our kingdom, Get to Baramus kingdom!" The king shoved Tenos down the steps, and Tenos got up hastily and ran, he ran like he never ran before,he wanted to stop, he NEEDED to stop, but something, something wouldn't let him..this fear was so tightly clenched around his heart. He wheezed for air and finally his body gave out, and he succumbed to sleep.
By dawn of the next day the messenger woke up, his body still aching from his endeavor. He noted that he was no longer in the outskirts of the temple of Astaroth, but rather in a snug cabin."Oh good your awake!" The voice alarmed him, although friendly and familiar.
"Alistair!? Oh how wonderful it is to see you!" Tenos reached for a hug, but stopped when he saw the solemn look on his face."What has happened?" Tenos asked anxiously.
"The kingdom.. The kingdom has fell.."Alistair held back a sob.
"My family was in the city.. They were there when the seal on the devil king was released and.. He ripped the kingdom out of existence. All that's left is a scorched spot where the castle should have been."
"Alistair I'm so sorry..And what of the holy temple?"
"Hah, that temple is no more holy then that piece of cheese that's been in the corner of your room for more then one hundred moons. The temple is now a symbol of death, demonic tower where the Devil king resides."
Tenos had his jaw hanging, the whole kingdom of Avalon gone within one moon? Blasphemy! Tenos thought."So.. It's really gone then?"
"Im afraid so." 
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