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A journey that one must embark. Chapter 1.

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Absolix finds his world literatly flipped upside down and then rotated.

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Chapter one:The first great war.

A blonde boy, no higher then a cut tree stomp was scampering around chasing after his black and white tiger."Jack! Wait up!" The giant tiger kept prancing around and shaking his butt in the air,teasing the little boy."Grr I'm gonna get you!" The boy chased the tiger to the near cliff, where they sat down and the boy laughed.
"Your so silly jack.." the tigers throat grumbled deeply, almost sounding like a volcano erupting.
The tiger pulled his ears back and began to scoot closer to the boy."What's wrong?"the boy saw the legion of demons approaching the castle from afar."Oh, that's what's wrong."
"Absolix!!! Get inside!!"A grown man grabbed his shoulder and hurried him inside, the tiger close behind.
"Dad..? What's happening?"The boys dad frantically secured all the doors and windows and hurried the family which consisted of two parents a kid and a tiger into the basement.
"What's happening..?" The father quickly looked at the boy"Hold your tongue Absolix."
Soon footsteps were heard  above them, and they could faintly make out what they were saying.
"Search the house....... anyone that lives kill them on sight." The demons spread out through the house, rummaging through the house, destroying tables, ripping open some of Absolix's favorite plushies until finally Absolix burst from the basement in a fury."Leave us ALONE!!!"
The demons just laughed and taunted him."Oh tough guy are ye, You won't have such a sharp tongue when I cut out your throat,cur!"
The boy began to protest but was reduced to coughing and wheezing as he was stabbed through the heart.
"I..I.. No...." the boy fell, letting darkness overtake him. He was afraid of the dark. But not now, he welcomed it. Anything to spare him from the hole in his chest. And he passed out.
"Absolix!!" The father ran out of the basement in a frenzy, sword in hand before overtaking three demons and mortally wounding the captain before having a slash across his chest by a retreating demon."Fall back the captain has been wounded!!" the demons ran, not bothering to drag the now stumbling captain.
"Come back you fools!! You bloody scoundrels!" he continued cursing for a  few more seconds until he heard a familiar click at the back of his head.
"So.. Lynaria..." She kicked him in the back.
"Shut up and die!!" She fired the flintlock, still shooting even after he was dead.
His body was limp on the ground, with a crooked smile on his face.
"Absolix.." Lynaria began to sob. "My son, I'm so sorry.."
Absolix just reached his hand out to her.
"Don't be.. Mom.. I can make it.. I have to.. Just.. dont give up on me yet.."
Lynaria looked at Absolix, hopeful. Absolix grinned and staggered up.
"I know you will son."
He tried to pull the sword out of his chest but then he fell back down and began to sob uncontrollably.
"Mom.. It hurts so bad!"Lynarias hope soon turned to despair as her mind really did process the predicament. 
"Dad..?" Absolix reached for him, but to no avail, his dad had died for him. And he let him.
This brought a rage to the nine year old boy.
"Dad.. I will find those monsters.."
Lynaria picked up Absolix being mindful of his wound and brought him outside to try to get him to a healing quarter, but soon gasped as she saw the castle full of demons and soldiers clashing, a few soldiers on guard duty directed her to the "safe district" of the kingdom, but wasn't much safer then inside their home considering it was out in the open."This is the safety area, Sure it has lots of guards, but no stable settlements excluding a few tents here and there.. It will have to do." she got Absolix to the nearest tent and asked where the healer was, kind folk directed her there."Hmm.. This looks bad, pray tell what kind of blade was he struck by?"
"Demonic sword." The healers eyes widened."Demonic sword? Aren't the demonic captains extinct?"
"Obviously not, or they bred up a new breed of them bloody fiends."
"I can't fix his wounds, I'll point you to the priests, and ask them to purify his heart, then come back and I can help him."
Lynaria nodded and brought her son to what looked like the shrine the priests and followers were praying at, she got the attention of one priest.
"Help! The healer said you would know something about his wound."
The priest took a look at it and instantly snapped his head back from the demonic energy emanating from the boy."It won't help, the demon already has him, The demon must have tooken advantage of his anger and used it as a weakspot into his soul." Lynaria resisted the urge of slapping the old man senseless, he basically told her he couldn't be saved."Isnt there something you can do?"
"Well.. It depends on what the gods have to say.. The only way to save him would be for a god to intervene."
"Call the gods then, all of them. My son needs to live."
The priest nodded."I shall try my best." 
The priest began to chant, and soon his eyes widened as the clouds grew red as he neared the completion of the chant, when he finished, a dragon like beast, feathered, had descended from the sky.
"Spirit of Asher... It's bahamut!! Lord of flame!"
The priest began to bow over and over.
A giant rumble came from the dragon."Thou who dare summon me without proper offering risk eternity of imprisionment!!" the dragon king roared.
"Oh please oh holy one! This boy, needs your divination! He has been plagued with a demonic blade."
Bahamut growled."You dare summon me about a measly humans 'problem' ?"
The dragon sniffed the air."But wait.. That is no ordinary human.. He is.. Astaragon.. Voice of the creator..."
The priest looked confused."Astaragon? But he is Absolix."
Bahamut roared."Hear me human, you share the soul of a demon, I offer you my aid, allow me to share your soul as well, and we can use the power of the demon under my control!"
Absolix hesitated, then nodded. The dragon blew a flame at the boy, and for a minute he thought he was dead, but when the flame hit him, he instantly felt stronger, wiser.. better... He had the essence of both a lord of fire and a demon. And now he can't be stopped. "My wound.. It's gone!!"His mother had also noticed that he had taken characteristics of the fire lord and demon. 
His hair had turned silver in less then ten minutes, and he looked relatively as old as a teenage boy.
"Absolix.. you look different.. but your still my son, and now your safe."Absolix grinned and hugged his mother, then glanced over at the sword that he had been staved with, laying on the ground instead of in his chest.
"Maybe.. maybe I can keep that. It can't hurt right?"
The priest snatched the sword away."You mustn't possess that item, it's demoncraft, it will control you."
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