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The Sith and the Jedi fight each other throughout the galaxy but the republic has decided that it is a Jedi problem. Many force sensitive's stray from the path of the Jedi, those that do not fall ...

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-Melchior clicked on the light at the end of his rifle and swept it across the darkness for the fiftieth time. And like every time before there was nothing to see, not a single lump of dirt was out of place. He clicked off the light again to reserve power and continued to stand watch at the entrance to the mine. His shift would last another hour and then he would be relieved.

-Guard duty wasn't the most glorious of tasks but it was an important one, and one that he would not be lax in. He was a professional soldier of the Mandalorian army and he would act like one. it didn't matter that he was at the ass end of the universe. It didn't matter that he was stationed at a mining station that dug up focusing crystals used for power converters and weapons that no one would even care about. it didn't even matter that only a handful of people in the entire universe even knew they were there. All that mattered was that he kept a vigilant eye and not slack off.

-Melchior stood alone in the dark holding his heavy rifle. Normally the infrared in his helmet's visor would have made the rifle's light unnecessary but there was something in the rock that made it useless. Even so he felt no fear of unease standing guard alone, not with a gun in his hand. There were plenty of noises coming from the darkness but he was far too polished a soldier to be unnerved by them.

-Melchior stood motionless in the doorway, diligently protecting his comrades, when he heard a noise that got his attention. Melchior immediately raised his weapon in the direction the noise had originated from and turned on the light. He was certain he had heard a rock tumbling but he saw nothing in his light. He looked at the ground but there were no foot prints in the loose dirt other than those made by Mandalorian boots.

-He made another slow sweep of the area with the light but saw nothing in his field of vision. Satisfied that it had just been one of the dozens of rodents that infested the cave, Melchior turned off the light on the end of his weapon. His eyes needed a moment to adjust to the darkness again but before they could he heard another sound. It was the sound of someone running towards him, and fast!

-Melchior's weapon shot up to its ready position and he started to squeeze the trigger but something slammed into him. his limbs felt like they were being ripped off as Melchior flew through the air. His body hit the stone wall behind him and he dropped limply to the ground. if it hadn't been for his reinforced armor he would have been dead. He forced himself to get back up, to fight for his life against whatever was attacking him. he brought his riffle to bear and turned on the light just in time to see a cloaked figure rushing at him like a ghost. Melchior heard a strange sound followed by a steady hum, and then he felt the pain.

-Koraum was watching over the miners as they worked. The trouble with slave labor was that they kept slacking off so he and his men had to keep a constant eye on them. whenever one of the miners became too much of a problem Koraum and his men would set him loose in the tunnels so they could have a hunt to keep their skills sharp. He had been ready to return to his quarters to polish his field knife when the inside of his helmet display showed Melchior's life sings flat line.

-Instantly every Mandalorian in the camp grabbed their weapons and set up defensive positions. In less than a minute they were ready for an attack. Dozens of heavy repeater riffles aimed at the only passage leading into or out of the inner mine. The slaves were put into an immediate lockdown, their magnetic shackles locking them into place to prevent them from escaping. The soldiers were ready and waiting for anything that might come through to challenge them.

-There was the longest silence as the Mandalorians waited for battle. None of them moved a muscle for fear of giving away their position, some of the more inexperienced soldiers even held their breath. Koraum did a mental check making sure everyone was in the right place, trying to create a plan of action for every contingency. He wasn't even sure who was attacking, not that it really mattered, whoever they were they were the enemy and that was enough for him.

-The silence was broken by a strange, hissing sound which was fallowed by a low hum. It was a sound that Koraum had heard once before and his blood ran cold as he realized who his enemy was. His men readied themselves for a target but none presented itself. Instead every light source in the camp suddenly exploded for no apparent reason. For a moment Koraum thought it had been a power surge but there was no electrical activity. He quickly activated his light and so did the rest of his men but the passageway was undisturbed.

-One of the soldiers closest to the door could still hear the constant hum, and it was close. In fact it was coming from behind him. he turned around and screamed in pain as he felt super heated energy burn through his flesh. His comrades looked in his direction and saw only a red, cauterized burn across his chest as he fell to the ground. The moment he was down over a dozen Mandalorian soldiers opened fire.

-Thousands of red hot energy bolts flew through the air and ripped apart everything they touched. The Mandalorians blew up the entire side of the room until there was a blur of motion, and then another soldier let out a scream as he spun around with a slash mark across his chest. The soldiers corrected their aim and continued firing at the shapeless form that seemed to fly about the room, cutting down one soldier after another. The victims only caught a glimpse of the weapon that killed them, a black energy blade unlike anything they had ever even heard of before.

-The figure darted between two soldiers and they fired after him and shot each other. Finally the remaining Mandalorians managed to concentrate their fire and drive their enemy away. He took cover behind a wall and Koraum raised a hand, signaling for the others to hold their fire. He pointed with two fingers to the right and several of his men nodded. They moved in the direction indicated in order to flush the intruder out towards their leader.

-Koraum clicked a button on the side of his helmet and his visor gave him an X-ray view. The intruder was standing on the other side of the wall, holding a narrow cylinder like object in his right hand with another on his hip. It confirmed what Koraum had suspected, and that wasn't good news. He watched as the figure extended his left hand with fingers outstretched towards a box. Koraum new what was in that box, and he realized what the intruder was trying to do.

-"Get out of there now!" Koraum scream to his men as he saw half a dozen thermal detonators float out of their storage crate. The intruder flicked his hand toward the soldiers and the bombs flew through the air at them. The Mandalorian soldiers screamed as several explosions ripped their bodies apart. Koraum quickly loaded a grenade into the bottom launcher of his riffle as the intruder jumped out from behind the wall and headed for the last Mandalorian.

-Koraum fired his weapon hoping to get lucky. The intruder held out his palm as if asking someone to stop as the grenade flew through the air. The explosive shell bounced back as if it had hit rubber, back towards Koraum. The veteran dove out of the way as the explosion engulfed the area he had just been standing in. he rolled on the ground and got up, weapon ready, and turned in time to see the intruder rush at him and make a back hand slash. The world was spinning and then Koraum was looking up at his own headless body as it fell to the ground.

-The nearby slaves looked at the lone figure standing among the bodies of their former captors. the stranger released the button on his light saber and the black blade retracted. He placed the weapon on his belt and walked over to one of the mining cars that was filled with focusing crystals. He picked up one of the smaller ones and looked it over carefully. After he was satisfied the hooded figure walked over to the security control panel for the slave's shackles.

-He let out a sigh and released the controls, freeing all of the miners. Without a word he turned to leave, apparently having found what he was looking for. one of the slaves stepped forward, determined to show his appreciation to their black robed savior. "thank you for saving us, master Jedi," he said timidly. The cloaked individual stopped in his tracks.

-"I'm no Jedi," he said with disgust, "nor am I a Sith, my name is Jex, and I was just passing through." And with that, Jex walked into the darkness and disappeared from view, leaving the miners to do as they wished.
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