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Jex gets word from an old friend about a world. The republic and Jedi are too busy to deal with it so Jex decides to take care of it himself, but is he stepping into more than he bargained for?

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-Jex sat lazily in his chair as he tinkered with his light saber at a work bench. The ship was flying on auto pilot allowing him to keep his mind on the task at hand. He opened up the casing and removed the old focusing crystal. Jex looked it over and easily spotted the large crack which had made his little excursion necessary in the first place. He sighed to himself and tossed the ruined crystal away as he inserted the new one. He reassembled the light saber and pressed the activation button. The weapon let out an electric hiss as the pure white blade extended out and hummed with power.

-"I missed you, Justice," Jex said as he deactivated the weapon and put it back on his belt where it belonged. He stood up and something caught his eye. He looked down at his black robe and saw a hole slightly smaller than his fist. "...wonderful," Jex said, more annoyed that he would have to mend it than the fact that he had nearly been shot. He took off his robe and tossed it on the table deciding to deal with it later.

-He headed to the cockpit of his ship; the Nomad was a small craft. It was roughly triangular in shape with two spherical bulges and the front edges and the cockpit at the nose. Its cargo hold was just large enough to hold two swoop bikes. The cockpit was big enough for two, but since Jex always traveled alone it left him with a lot of elbow room. The ship was built more for speed and maneuverability than power but Jex had made several modifications to help him in a pinch.

-Jex sat in the pilot seat and checked his navigation computer; he was patrolling the shipping lanes in the outer rim. He enjoyed jumping in to rescue merchants from pirates, and the occasional Mandalorian raiding party. It was far from glorious but that was exactly what Jex wanted. In the outer rim he could stay out of the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. More importantly he could do whatever he wanted without being bothered.

-One of the monitors beeped and the screen brought up the image of a one eyed Ithorian. Jex smiled at the sight of his old friend, the Ithorian had known him for more than ten years. They had been through a lot together until he had lost his eye and screwed up his vision. Now he served as a listener, a merchant of information. As an Ithorian no one ever paid attention when he was eavesdropping, they simply thought he was another nameless Ithorian standing around.

-"Dag, my old friend, how have you been?" Jex asked.

-"Hello my human friend," Dag replied in his native language. His voice was deep and bestial, "it is good to see you again. I thought you might be bored out there so I have a nice tip for you. Five hours ago planet Toba'an sent out a distress call that was suddenly cut off. It's too small a planet for anyone to really care about so I doubt you'll run into any old friends, but if you help out the royal family I'm sure they would be grateful."

-Jex leaned back in his chair and ran his fingers through his short, brown hair. Toba'an was one of the core worlds, granted it was out there but it could be trouble. Then again he was short on credits and the Nomad needed a tune up. he made up his mind and set the coordinates.

-"thanks Dag, how much do I owe you for this one?"

-"Always on the house for you, my friend," the Ithorian touched a button on the pad in front of him and the screen went blank.

-Jex smiled appreciatively at the black screen and typed in the final command. The stars became elongated lines as his ship jumped into hyperspace and Jex felt the slight pull in his stomach. The inertial dampeners were acting up again, yet more evidence that the ship needed work. Even the engines sounded rickety.

-He brought up the computer file on Toba'an and looked it over. the government was a monarchy just as Dag had said. The current ruler was king Croaxis, a man who, judging by his girth wasn't much of a fighter. Aside from that nothing about the planet stood out. it wasn't a major player in the trade market, its military was unimpressive. The only reason anyone would want to attack it would be to sack it or for slaves, but there were easier planets for both of those particular resources.

-Jex finished looking over the data and turned off the screen. None of it was helpful and he would learn all he needed to know when he got there. He went back into the cargo hold to patch up his robe and ready the rest of his equipment. The worst thing about going in on a blind mission was that he never knew what he would run into, so he had to prepare for a little bit of everything.

-The rest of Jex's clothing was made out of the standard Jedi cloth, though instead of the lighter colors most Jedi wore his were a mixture of different shades of grey. To Jex it symbolized his neutrality between the two factions of the Jedi and the Sith, though few people seemed to catch on. His robe was black for the purpose of concealment and stealth. Working alone meant that he had to be careful and pick his battles. Underneath the deceptively weak cloth Jex wore light body armor in case of the occasional stray shot.

-He rummaged through his little workshop for anything that might be useful. He grabbed some micro bombs, a personal force field and an electronic lock pick incase he needed to go where someone didn't want him to. he laid out his tools on the workbench so he could grab them quickly when he reached his destination. It would take a few hours to get where he was going so he sat in the seat and started working on his robe.

-Several hours later Jex was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, his inactive light sabers floating in orbit around him very slowly, spinning as they moved. His mind intertwined with the energy that surrounded the metal. Every single movement the weapons made was carefully controlled and remembered as they floated in what would appear to the casual observer as an erratic pattern. But the truth was that it was all very precise and planned. The force was like a wild animal that required allot of effort to tame, but Jex made it a point to make the time for practice every chance he got.

-His ship chimed with the alert as it prepared to drop out of hyperspace and Jex opened his eyes. The weapons froze in place and Jex reached out with his hands and snapped his weapons from the air, returning them to their places on his belt as he got up and headed for the cockpit.

-The moment the ship decelerated Jex activated stealth mode. Anyone who had been watching their radar screen would dismiss what they saw as a sensor glitch. Jex checked his own scans but could find no clear signs of damage on the planets surface, there was no indication of heavy weapons fire. No burning buildings, no war ships in orbit. The planet looked just fine.

-Jex wondered if it might have been a false alarm, but he knew that you didn't send a distress signal unless you were in distress. If it had been some accident the government would have issued some sort of statement or apology. Toba'an didn't have a strong army so an invasion force could have taken over the planet with limited resistance, but if that was the case where were the ships?

-He located the royal palace and decided that if there were any answers to be found he would get them there. It was surrounded by lush vegetation, the perfect place to hide the Nomad. He brought the ship into orbit and found a nice landing spot close, but not too close to the palace. The triangular ship extended its three landing legs and settled into a small clearing. The loading door opened in the belly of the ship and the ramp lowered to the ground. Jex grabbed all his toys, threw on his black robe and left the Namad.

-Jex made his way through the local plant life surrounding the palace until he reached the building itself. It was a relatively large, white building with wide steps leading to the main entrance. Jex hadn't seen anyone outside, no royal guards and none of the normal riffraff that he would have expected to see around a palace. It wasn't until he approached the door that he noticed anyone, and they didn't look like locals.

-Jex wasn't sure who they were, their armor resembled that of a Mandalorian but it was slimmer, more streamline. The plating was shiny silver with black seams, their visors were the same T shape as the Mandelorian model but much wider, and their weapons were not Mandalorian issue either. they carried light blaster riffles, similar to what the republic used.

-Jex hid in the shadows, masking his presence from them. he waited quietly, hoping for the soldiers to talk to each other and give some hint as to who they were. But the soldiers stood still and erect, only moving to visually check their surroundings every now and then. No idle chitchat, that told Jex that they were trained soldiers and not just mercenaries.

-Jex tapped into the force and convinced one of the soldiers that he had heard a noise coming from the direction opposite Jex's location. The soldier turned to look in the desired direction and Jex rushed out, dispatching them both with his light saber before they could react. Their scored bodies dropped to the ground and Jex deactivated his weapon. He took a step toward the entrance and stopped in his tracks.

-He sensed something, something he never would have expected to sense on such a backwater planet. He sensed a dark disturbance in the force, and a strong one.
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