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1- Someone Please Save Us

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Frank broke up with Hayley without telling her why. A few weeks later they run in to each other but Frank is an entirely different person and he does something to Hayley that he can't forgive, can ...

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-Cuz with every passing second comes a second chance. Take a good look at yourself and know you've got yourself a way's to go but difficult is not impossible.-

(Warning: This begins with a flashback which is in italics. I hate when stories begin like this but... give it a shot? :) Thanks to anyone who reads and/or reviews!)

"Dad, just give him a chance! You don't know anything about him!" I screamed, frustration etched upon my exhausted face.

"Is this the kind of man you'd like to end up stuck with Hayley? I raised you better than this!" My father yelled back.

"You don't know anything about the kind of man he is." I whispered, angry tears filling my eyes. How could my father say this about Frank? He didn't know him. He didn't know him like I did. "You just don't like him because of his tattoo's. I thought you were a better person than that." I said, through gritted teeth.

I loved my father. He was a decent man and I knew it... He was just very straight edge. He didn't like anything outside of the box and to see his daughter with an older man whose body was covered with tattoo's just broke his heart. I knew this. I knew it but I refused to stop seeing Frank and that's what he wanted.

"I forbid you from seeing him." My father said in a dangerous tone.

"You can't stop me dad." I said, shaking my head. "I-I think I love him." I whispered, much to my father's dismay.

"How long have you been seeing him behind my back?" My father asked.

"I've been seeing him for three years." I whispered, looking down at my feet. For three years I had hid my romance with Frank Iero from my father. I was afraid that this would be his reaction. I was afraid that he wouldn't allow me to see him any longer. I waited until I was old enough to do as I wanted with who I wanted. My father couldn't stop me from seeing Frank anymore. I was 19 now. I wasn't the same scared 16 year old I was when Frank and I first started dating.

"My god." My father breathed in deeply. "How old is he Hayley?"


I could imagine how red my father's face would now be. I was avoiding looking at him. I couldn't face him like this. He would see right through me.

"Did he steal your innocence?" My father asked roughly. That was his way of asking if I was still a virgin. Wonderful.

I couldn't look up at my father. I couldn't make eye contact. I couldn't make a single noise as hard as I tried to deny it. I hated lying to my father. He had done everything for me. He had raised me alone, done his hardest to give me everything. How could I just lie to him?

"Get out." My father whispered, voice filled with pain. "Get out of my house!" I jumped at how loud he yelled the second part.

I didn't look at my dad as my feet made their way to the front door. The door closed behind me and I collapsed in tears.

Frank had been waiting outside for me. That was the night that I had moved in with him. That was the start of things going downhill...


I was making my way through the crowd, Frank crowded my mind. I had tried not to think of him for the last three weeks but I knew he got back in to town last night. I hadn't seen him. I didn't plan to.

He broke up with me over the phone.

He had been on tour with his band, 'My Chemical Romance', I had been waiting in the apartment I shared with him... One night he just called and broke up with me, no explanation given. I had my shit out in under 24 hours.

I was staying with my friend Alex until I got back on my feet. Soon enough I'd be able to afford my own place... I hoped.

I'd spent enough time crying. I was over it. Okay so I wasn't over it. But I was working on it. I was at this stupid party trying to forget him. That counted for something, right?

Where was Alex anyway? I had lost track of him within five seconds of arriving here. Parties weren't my thing. Never had been. I still came. I was sick of Alex telling me that I needed to get over 'that douchebag', as he so eloquently put it.

I turned the corner, attempting to not make contact with anyone. There were too many people.

Then it happened.

I breathed in sharply as my body made contact with another person's. I felt cold liquid brush against my arm as I fell away from the person, falling to the floor.

My eyes searched for the person I had bumped in to and my breath caught. Frank. His hazel eyes were staring back at me and he looked angry. Not exactly how I wanted to meet up again. I was kind of just figuring we would hold off on seeing each other again until... Well, until I was too senile to remember the pain of the break up.

He was wearing a black button up shirt, now wet with beer and blue jeans that hugged his body. He looked stunning. Everything that the look he gave me told me that I needed to leave immediately but instead I pulled myself to my feet, "I-I'm sorry." I muttered.

Why did this feel so weird? This was the man I had shared everything in my life with for the past three years... Why did I feel like a total stranger to him now? What had happened to us? What had happened to him on tour? I needed to know.

"You spilled my beer." Frank mumbled, slurring his words.

He was drunk. Awesome. So incredibly awesome...

"I'm sorry." I repeated numbly.

"You already said that. Sorry isn't cleaning my shirt very well." Frank snapped, grabbing hold of my arm. His nails dug in to my arm as he pulled me through the crowd. I stumbled and bumped in to a few people as he continued dragging me past people.

I watched the door to the bathroom open and Frank pulled me inside, shutting the door behind us and locking it. That didn't make me feel comfortable. Not at all.

"Frank, let go of my arm." I begged. It was starting to ache. I figured it would bruise. How lovely. This night was going to be another thing I wouldn't mind forgetting.

Frank let go and I immediately started rubbing the spot he had grabbed so roughly. I stared at Frank as he started unbuttoning his shirt. He had been working out. It showed. Briefly I wondered who he had been working out for. Had he cheated on me? Is that why he broke up with me? So that he wouldn't have to sneak around anymore?

"I'm never gonna get this shit out." Frank mumbled, sounding frustrated.

"Actually if you decide to do some laundry I'm sure it'll come out just fine." I snapped, frustrated with how he was acting. Why was he being such a dick to me? I didn't deserve this.

"You owe me." Frank slurred, staring at me. The look he gave me sent shivers through my body. He wasn't acting like himself...

"Fine." I said, reaching in to my pocket, pulling out my wallet. "How much was the shirt?" I just wanted this awkward experience to end. I was going straight home.

"It's not money that I want from you." Frank whispered, stepping closer to me. I stepped back, hitting the wall. Damn it.

I hated myself for asking this question but the words left my lips before I could stop myself, "What do you want then?"


(What do you guys think? Is it a keeper? Just a quick warning... If you guys want me to continue this it is going to be very graphic and heartbreaking. It's not going to be a 'light' story. Thanks for any feedback!)
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