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Chapter two

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Still life, Apples and factor 50 sun block

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Art. Usually considered the relaxing creative part of the hectic school day and some time to really wind down with a pot of paints and the love of my life. Alas no as my art teacher is probably the only living female descendant of Hitler. In other words she is an up tight control freak with a serious case of upper lip hair and a stick up her arse. Its not all doom and gloom though because I do get to spend the hour with a beautiful blonde that goes by the name of Maple Hart.

She walks into class long gone with the fairies and her long hair catches in the light, her blue eyes distant. I smile as she takes her seat opposite to me pulling out her art folder “Hey Gee”
She grins at me before focusing her attention towards getting her pencil from her pocket I reply with something that sounds a lot like ‘enughi’ finding myself tong tied I blush heavily as she giggles at me pulling out her art book from her folder and flicking through nearly a years worth of sketches, paintings and collages.

Second bell rings and the balding narcissist that is my art teacher walks through the door fashioning some kind of cloak and the scowl permanently etched onto her aged face. The easy chatter that previously filled the room seizes and is replaced by an eerie silence as Adolf writes on the board; ‘Still Life’. Oh joy. I can practically feel Maple role her eyes and I mentally face desk at possibly one of the most tedious subjects known to art. It’s bad enough with her usual fetish for drawing shells but studying the characteristics of some apples on a tablecloth for the third time in a year really takes the biscuit for crummy art projects.

Do you see what I did there?



She moves away from the board apparently having taught us enough for one lesson leaving us to collect our apples and paints “One day”
Maple says pouring out some red paint “I will kill her with a pick axe”
I add stirring the black with a stubbly brush. She chucks me an apple and somehow I manage to catch it with some grace and we make our way back to our desk to begin the slow and painful torture that is painting still life.

After a suitably horrific hour god decides that he has had enough of torturing innocent teens with apples and acrylic paint and actually listens to my prayers for the bell to ring. We all hurry to pack away our things and get out of the mits of our cruel prison warden and into the school canteen. Witch holds even more of the quirks you would expect to see in a high security prison than our art classes.

I queue up next to Maple neither of us quite able to believe how tiny some of the first years are, we share an abusive silent conversation directed towards some bitch in front of us with an orange face and bleached backcombed hair. She notices us staring and raises one of her dark pencilled eyebrows. We continue to stare until she becomes even more uncomfortable and moves away earning us a place closer to the repulsive food of the canteen.

The canteen is even hotter than the maths room everyone stands packed together all aiming to snag the last cheese Panini, the only food considered safe to eat in this hellhole. Maple and me being the 6th formers that we are push through the crowds of small rucksack wearing pre-teens and manage to grab the hot cheesy mess earning around a hooker-gallon of grease that drips over our fingers. We pay and make our way outside to where Mikey and Ray are slumped over one of the wooden benches basking in the beaming sun. I take a seat in a patch of precious shade being the vampire kid I am its always wise to stay out of sunlight whenever possible. Maple takes the seat in-between my brother and me half in half out of the sun. She pulls out a bottle of factor 50 sun cream squirts a bit on her finger and wipes it on my nose. I raise an eyebrow questioningly and Mikey sniggers “You’ll burn”
She tells me passing over the bottle of white gloop “I’m in she shade-”
I whine “yeah but its you, you could burn in a cave in England in the middle of October”
I consider this for a second. It’s probably a bit of an exaggeration but I don’t want to take any chances or beatings from my so-called girlfriend.

Being the social inapt bunch that we are the four of us sit in silence for the next few minutes taking great interest in our lunches. Half way through my Panini I remember a sex ed. lesson in witch the nurse told us that pulling apart a cheese Panini was the visual equivalent of chlamydia. Once again I am put of much lunch Me too
Maple’s voice drifts into my mind I had forgotten she could hear me Ha ha
Mikey’s harsh laughter flies in too and once again my head is like group chat. I get up to go throw away the remains of my lunch hoping that the few short meters will somehow block the conversation taking place in my skull.


The bell goes for last lesson and at last the school day is through I meet Maple by the bike sheds where she is kicking the dirt with her lace up boots her blonde hair contrasting against her black t-shirt she looks up and smiles at me with her ocean eyes and I feel butterflies flapping around in my stomach like its some kind of butterfly day care centre. I mentally tell them to get the fuck out. Maple raises one eyebrow at me and I shrug “You ready?”
“Yeah, don’t we have to wait for Mikey?”
She looks past me in search of my goofy kid brother “Pffft”
I say intelligently and link my hand with hers we walk along in silence for a bit until we’re away from the school. That’s the great thing about soul finders; no matter how much of a penguin you are things are still never awkward even when you’re alone. “I want you to meet my friend Gee”
“I think you’ll like him”
I nod “how about tomorrow?”
She offers reminding me that it is nearly the weekend tomorrow I don’t have to get up till past noon, witch I wont. “Yeah sounds cool”
She grins and we reach the end of her road “Cool, Starbucks at 2, that’s where he works”
She kisses me on the cheek and disappears off down her street.

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