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Mikey is head over heals for GERARDS straight, Taken friend.

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Take two of my fic. I had to delete it by accident. Hope you enjoy. Rate & review

''I love you Mikey, I always have'' Pete whispers against the hallow of my neck his breath ghosting over my warm exposed skin. I look down at his beautifully tanned fingers working at my belt buckle. ''I've wanted this for so long'' he growles before his teeth clamp onto my ear lobe and suck teasingly. My eyes close tight as i buck into the beautiful man before me ''Pete just..'' I opened my eyes to be faced not with petes seductive, blind lust eyes but frantic ones''Wake the fuck up''He shouts pushing me away. ''no Pete stay..'' I whine grabbing his shirt and pulling him back''Mikey we're going to be late get your scrawny ass out of bed. Urgh let go!!''
My eyes snap open to be faced with not Pete but my brother, Gerard.
''Motherfucker'' i groan burrying my face deep into my pillow.
''Micheal i swear to god! Pete's here. If you are not up and in the car in 5 minuets i'm telling him you where just moaning his name.'' And with that Gerard rips the duvet off my skinny curled up frame and leaves the room. Groaning once more i role out of bed. Misjudging the distance i role off and bang my head on my bed side table ''Motherfucker'' i repeat rubbing my head and reaching blindly for my glasses. Sniffing mindlessly at my 3 favorite shirts for one that smells least vulgar. Giving myself a once over i walk down and out the house and climbing into the back of the familiar range rover my heart already going 10 miles a second.
''Morning MikeyMoo'' Pete laughes. I duck my head and a blush creeps into my cheeks at the new of many nicknames Pete calls me. And that was it i sit quietly for the next 15 whilst Pete and Gerard converse leaving me out sitting twiddling my thumbs and keeping quiet.


Pete's always been Gerardsfriend. To Pete i'm just Gerards little brother. The communication between me and Pete was minimal. To my displeasure. He's say hello in the morning, and bye when he drops me and my brother off, He'll ruffle my hair, Give me ridiculous nicknames and poke fun at my glasses but that's where it stops. Most the time it's like i dont exsist. It stings a little. Okay maybe a lot. But that's not the worst of it. I'm head over heals for Pete. Always have been. He's Cute, funny, beautiful and just over all perfect. He has the capability to turn me into a gooey swooning mess. It's pathetic really. To make it simple these are the 4 reasons why me and Pete can never be together;
He's straight.
and not even to mentions waaaay out of my league.
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