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MikeyMouse Chapter 2

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Pete invites Mikey by himself to watch a film

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Ill update now because i have nothing better to do :P
School that day dragged. When the clock on the wall (That i had presumed broken because it hadn't seemed to turn in 50 minuets) turned 3:15 the school bell rang i gathered my stuff and headed out of class. My mind had wondered all day, always back to my dream. I'd had a ridiculously embarrassing hard on 3 times today. his hands on my body, his tongue, lips, teeth. His tanned exposed skin pressed against mine his warm-
''Earth to Mikey'' Snapping out of my trance i realized where my legs had lead me. Looking from my brother to his locker i give him a vacant expression. ''Dreaming about Wentz again?'' Gerard teased. I was about to make a snide remark before i look up and my heart sinks into my stomach.
He was walking towards us with Her attached to his side, under his beautiful toned arm.
''Hey specks'' Pete smiles at me and pushes my glasses back in place on my nose. Me not noticing they'd fallen down at all. Even that made the butterflies in my stomach have a seizure.
''Hey Pete'' Gerard says before hugging him. ''Kayla'' Gerard nods at the girl i loathed.
''Hi Gee'' She goes a shade of pink and ducks her head.
Did i mention she has the most obvious crush on my gay brother? We'll at least i can get some pleasure from knowing she knows how i feel whenever she see's Gerard and Frank together.
And right on queue..
''Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'' we all turn to look at the source of the squeal and Franks bounding towards us mirroring Gerards stupid love sick smile. Catching eachother in an embrace i turn around to give them some privacy to be faced with Pete and Kayla arguing under their breath.
''Look i can't help my feelings. You knew how i felt before we got together Pete'' His face showed nothing hurt.
''I thought maybe being with my would maybe atleast distract you'' he says in a hushed tone ''I don't want to be second best anymore..''
''Whatever Pete, you knew what you where getting into''
''Can't do this anymore Kayla'' he replys in a broken whisper. All she did was nod and walk away leaving Pete looking at his shoes.
''Are..are you okay?'' i croak out stepping hesitantly towards him not knowing if it was my place or not. Looking up at me Pete gave me a quick smile and nod and wrapped one arm around me squeezing me against him. I practically melted into him and too soon it was over and his arm was by his side and Gerard and Frank where stood in front of us.
''I'm gunna go to Franks kay? so you when i get home Mikes'' Gerard kisses the top of my head and leaves with his only to be described as his love sick puppy. I look up to Pete and realize i'll be getting a ride home on my own..this is going to be awkward.
''Just me and you today then MikeyMouse?'' Pete states laughing at his recent nickname. I feel a blush creeping into my cheeks. ''Hey i have a new movie at mine. Want to come watch it? Unless you want to go home and sit my yourself'' he asks winking at me. I feel my heart going a hundred miles a second.
Oh god.
Oh god im going to be in Petes house.
On my own.
With him.
Oh god.
Taking a deep break i nod and a huge smile spreads across his face as he leads me out front to where he parked his car earlier that morning.
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