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MikeyMouse Chapter 3

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Mikeys is Petes room :B

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Okay so i've never been into Petes house before, The closest i've gotten is his drive way. And even then i stood fidgeting from foot to foot waiting for Gerard to come out with the bag of comics he was borrowing from Pete.

As i stepped through the door for the first time i was met with a strong smell of Lemon Pledge and Pete. Feeling light headed I almost missed Petes head nod towards the stares, swallowing heard I started climbing them closely followed by Pete.

''You can sit down'' Pete laughs lightly to himself as he notices me hovering in the middle of his box bedroom. Looking around for a seat i realize the bed was the only option. A familiar blush creeping into my cheeks I perch myself awkwardly at the end of his unmade bed.

Swallowing even harder i notice Pete crouch down and fiddle with his DVD player, Boxers a good few inches above his denim waist line. My face turns Beetroot as my eyes lock onto his bright pink briefs clinging perfectly to his sides. His hips where eye level i just wanted to-

Wait eye level? Wasn't he kneeling before?

''Take a picture it lasts longer MikeyMouse'' Pete teases poking my nose before jumping into the bed next to me. Oh god.

The movie ads start and i remain perched on the end of Petes bed not moving, too scared to. Heart thumping in my ears. Pete in lay down right next to me, in his bed. He's slept in this bed, he's probably even-

''Mikes are you going to get comfy or what? You're kind of in the way'' A voice says behind me taking in a deep breath not trusting my voice one bit.

''I'' I stutter feeling my palms moisten. And before i could recover two warm palms where under my armpits pulling me along and up the bed and against a soft, hot chest.

''There we go. Comfy MikeyMouse?'' Not even waiting for a reply ''I like that one. I think i might stick with it. Has a ring to it don't you think. Suits you. It's adorable'' His Perfect smile beamed down at me as i gazed up in awe. I was cuddled against Pete fucking Wentz! Nodding quickly i turn my head towards the screen the ads still rolling. ''We don't seem to spend much time together do we'' He states, not really a question.

''Well..urm no i guess you're Gerards friend'' I say my voice a stuttering whisper.

''Not true!'' Pete exclaims sitting up in the bed pulling me closer in the process. One hand against the small of my back ''I'm your friend too MikeyMouse.'' Squeezing me against him he lowers his voice ''I might even like you more then Gerard sometimes'' His voice husk sending chills down my spine. I stare up at the beautiful man who held me so close to his body lost for words i just smiled at him and turned my head back to the tv.

Thank god! the movie had started. settling closer making the most out of the closeness i rest my head on Petes chest, the faint beat of his heart making my own melt and my body to turn to liquid.

15 minutes into the film me and Pete had curled ourselves perfectly against one another completely at ease.

25 minutes into the film Petes long tanned fingers have found the small patch of skin on my back where my shirt had ridden up and was drawing mindless shapes over my hot skin.

30 minutes into the film and his hands where higher and one leg entwined with my own.

My heart never once slowing down.

40 minutes into the film we had turned out position without even noticing. Well Pete might not have. But we where spooning, naturally i was the little spoon. Petes fingers finding my tummy doing the same lazy shapes.

45 minutes into the film Petes breath was trickling over my neck i could feel his lips so close to my vulnerable skin.

45.5 minutes into the film i shamefully start to feel my pants tighten. We stay in that position for the rest of the film, his lips dangerously close to the nape of my neck and his warm, soft hands half way up my tummy.

I had no idea what happened in that film, I don't even know what Genre it was. But when the ending credits start to role i wish it hadn't of finished. Feeling Pete sigh behind me i turn my head hesitantly to face him, to be greeted with a flushed looking Pete and something unrecognizable in his eyes. Something leapt inside my stomach making me feel light headed.

''Well urm i better urm..go?'' I asked my voice coming out weak and not very convincing. And Petes arms tightened around me holding me against him.

''Nooo'' He complained ''To comfy, for a bony kid you're surprisingly nice to spoon with'' he teased before leaning in slowly brushing his lips against the side of my neck. Sucking in a deep breath I try and compose my thoughts and try and ignore the ever increasing tightness of my jeans.

''Seriously..urm..i have to go..Gerard will..'' I stutter not sure what my excuse was going to be.

''Fine'' Pete Groaned squeezing me one last time and getting up out of his bed ''I'll drive you back. Up you get MikeyMouse'' He smiled down at me grabbing my hand and helping me to my feet.


''Okay well, I'll see you tomorrow Pete'' Looking over to the drivers seat waiting for Petes reply.

''Yeah, seeya Mikes'' Smiling sweetly at me he leans over and pecks my cheek. Blushing and ducking my head i stumble out the car and up the drive. ''Oh and don't keep me and your brother waiting again tomorrow! I can't stand him being a moody bitch'' Pete calls after me. I giggle and open my door.

As soon as the door was shut i close my eyes tight leaning against it my face bright pink and my head feeling like a fuzzy mess. Oh. God.

Sighing happily i pull myself away from the door and bounce up the stairs to my bedroom. To sort out the problem I've had since 45.5 minutes into the best film I've ever watched.

Thank you guys so much for the R&R they mean so much! I can't believe chapter 2 has a 5 rating oh my god! I hope you enjoyed this update
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