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MikeMouse Chapter 4

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Mikeys dolling himself up for Pete. Gerard Way-Moment Killer.

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The next morning I was up at 6am sharp. I rolled out of bed excited for once, getting into the shower carefully cleaning every crevis of my body with the nice ''Smellys'' my Nan had given me the previous christmas. Filling the bathroom with vanilla and lavender that made my head swim.

Shampooing twice and adding conditioner I was fairly happy I was cleaner then I'd been in a few months and a whole lot nicer to smell and be close to. Not that I was expecting or wishing to be close to anyone today. ahem.

Continuing to preen myself even taking the time to straighten my hair perfectly and smudging a thin line of black eyeliner under my eyes, Just because.

Feeling pretty good about myself I picked up the clothes I had laid out neatly the night before. Slipping on my Manic Street Preachers top (I felt good in this shirt. I got good feedback from a girl called Megan in school once for it and put me on a high all day) and some black jeans, they gripped against my hips a little too tight but it didn't bother me too much.

Sighing happily into my mirror seeing myself looking more presentable then I did on most days I turn to exit my room and go full force into a collision with a very curious brother.

''Looking very dolled up this morning Mikes, What's the occasion?'' Gerard inquires eyeing me up and down.

''Urm nothing, got up early, thought i'd do something..worth while with my time'' I mumble staring at my feet feeling more then a little awkward.

''You still pissing the bed Mikes?'' Gerard asks a smile fighting to claim his lips.

''NO!!'' I exclaim. ''No. I just..''

''Is it a girl?''



''No Gerard just fuck off I just wanted to look good today'' I try to make my statement convincing.

''what ever you say Mikes but i will find out by the end of the day'' He says snidely and before I can reply there's a loud car horn blaring from outside the house.

Pete's here

My heart jumping into my throat I cough trying to compose myself before speaking. ''Pete's here let's go'' I stumble over my words, grab my bag and head down the stairs and out the door before Gerard looks deeper into anything else with his intense creepy gaze.

Approaching the familiar range rover I notice one tanned arm hanging out of a rolled down window and a huge smile spread across Pete's adorable face.

''Morning MikeyMouse. Looking Fine if i may say so'' Pete flirts eyeing me up and down. Ducking my head i blush and mumble a 'thanks' and take my place in the back of the car.

As soon as the door shuts Pete has turned in his seat to get a better look of me, his eyes gazing over my slouched body intensely making me feel uncomfortable and very warm. I raise my head and look out of my fringe that has hung itself in front of my eye's to look at Pete, His lips where moist like they've just been licked, they where plump, pink and they looked so soft. I just wanted to kiss him and let my lips mold with his.

The more i thought this the closer his lips seemed to be. Concentrating more on my surroundings i realise i'm leaning forward ever so slightly and so is Pete. Inches apart I feel heat rise in the pit of my stomach, my head start to swim, i've wanted this for so long and now i'm about to-

''OHHHH! I get it now. Mikey was whoring himself up for PETE. Makes sense now. Problem solved'' Gerard says loudly into his phone as he opens the car door and slumps into the passenger seat ripping me and Pete violently out of out moment and left me feeling unfulfilled and left a strong urge to rip out Gerards vocal chords.

I slump back into my seat and mutter under my breath''Motherfucker''

''I heard that!''


''Calm now ladies.'' Pete chuckles before pulling out of our drive and towards out school.

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