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MikeyMouse Chapter 5

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Mikey re-thinks his logic.

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At the begining of the week I thought there was four reasons why me and Pete Wentz couldn't be together;

He's straight.
Gerards friend
and not even to mentions way out of my league.

Okay, Maybe I need to re-think a few of these.

Starting with him being straight, the way he's been with me that last two days has not been the most heterosexual thing I've ever seen. For example the flirting, The cuddling, the nuzzling and the most obvious, the kiss we almost shared in the back of his range rover.
Pete Wentz is not straight.

As for Kayla, Well she isn't in the picture now after their short and sweet break up they had two days ago.
Pete Wentz is single.

Pete has reassured me that I was his friend as well. He even said he maybe liked me more then Gerard sometimes. We've watched a film together, we chat more and he's willing to spend time with me on my own. I'v been in his house and he's made at least one clear move onto me. And if that isn't atleast friend I don't know what it is.
Pete Wentz is my friend as well.

Pete Wentz is perfect. There is no other way for my to describe him. He could have anyone he desired which raises the question; Why on earth would he want me?
Pete Wentz is way out of my league.

Thought I'd do a short update because I have 15 minutes to kill. This is probably really bad i'm sorry D: ~Ffion
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