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MikeyMouse Chapter6

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New Update! Mikey thinks he's having another wet dream

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The rest of the week went relatively normal, aside from the snide comments from Gerard and light flirting with Pete in the morning. Nothing major no more almost-kisses or anything. To my displeasure.

Today it was Friday, which meant it was usually movie night for Me, Gerard, Frank and Pete. Most nights they ended up staying over which made me anxious and nervous for the night ahead.

''But Geeeee it's my turn to pick'' Frank whined pouting at my brother who looked at me and Pete both pleadingly. Gerard always had to say yes to Frank and i'd get the shitty end if he didn't. Even though it was definitely my turn I gave up movie choice for tonight with the rolling of my eyes.

''Fine but i definitely get to choose next week'' I sigh slumping down onto the small two seater sofa. Normally the sofa only holds one person but Pete clearly thought there was enough room for him to slouch next to me arm around the back of the chair. Squeaking Frank goes to put in Donnie Darko and takes his place molded to my brothers side.

As the film went on me and Pete had ended up once again cuddled against each other, one of my legs was draped over both of his and I had curved my body into his side as he held me close. It didn't even seem real being so close with Pete and the way he held me and ran his finger lightly up and down my thigh made me instantly presume i was dreaming. Again.

My mind started to wonder back to my dream I had the morning before the Movie with Pete it was dangerous territory seen as the object of my wet dream was holding me by his side and his finger is dangerously close to my-

''Someones excited'' a ghostly whisper comes to my hear and down my spine. Gulping as i look down to see how obvious it was. Oh god it was very obvious. A deep very quiet chuckle came from just by my ear. ''Glad to see i'm not the only one'' My eyes widen as i comprehend what Pete Wentz had just whispered to me. Casting my eyes sideways subtly and god he was just as bad as me.

My breath starting to hitch in my throat the room was dark aside from the flicker of the TV as the movie played. Gerard and Frank seemingly engrossed in the film that to be honest i doubt i will ever understand. Pete words where so quiet i could only just hear them.

''Maybe we could take care of our problem later'' he suggested before his tongue flicked against my ear lobe and his finger continued on my thigh seeming to get braver with his motions. Without thinking i nod and he sighs in approval and burying his face in the side of my neck for a split second leaving a wet kiss.

Drawing my attention back to the movie with great difficulty i remember that this is one of the final scenes.. which means the film will be over and we will more then likely start getting ready to get our heads down (no pun intended)by times we started to watch this film it was already 12am. Which meant I'd find out if Pete was being serious. By the tent in his pants he seemed pretty serious.

trying not to concentrate too much on Petes wondering fingers i watch the movie until the ending credits roll on the screen.

''Man I will never understand that film completely'' Gerard states stretching and turning on the lights. Turning to face mine and Petes entwined bodies ''What did you- Oh god. No funny business on my sofa''

Groaning I detach myself from Pete and get up and stretch conscious of my still slight hard on i hunch over trying to hide it. Clearly getting away with it as I edge out the room. ''Tired. Going to bed. Night guys'' I mumble before flicking my eyes towards Pete was was watching me walk out with a small smirk on his face.

Running up to my room and shoving everything under my bed and stripping off to my boxers I climb into bed. Before i could even turn the light off my door opened slightly and Pete slid in through the gap and started to remove his shirt.

Okay yes. I must be dreaming.

So urm yeah here's a new update. I don't think i'll write a full sex scene or anything, Unless you want one? Leave a review saying if you do or don't and i'll count up the votes and stuff :) Thanks for the really nice Reviews and the rates on my last chapter it really means a lot :))
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