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MikeyMouse Chapter 7

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Heart to heart.

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I've done two versions of this. One where they have sex and one where they don't. And the no sex worked so much better the sex wouldn't really go with their relationship right now so urm yep. Enjoy? :')

My eyes widening as I see the black silhouette of Pete take off his shirt, undo his pants and get into my bed next to me. Instantly his arms where around me pulling my close to his body.

''Hey'' He whispered his nose almost touching mine as his hand runs through my hair.

''H-'' is all i could get out before my lips where claimed and I was kissing Pete. My eye lids fall shut and I kiss him back slowly our mouths moving easily against one another as if we'd done it a thousand times before.

Too soon the kiss broke apart and left me and Pete looking at each other mirroring one another smile.

''You have no idea how much i've been wanting to do that'' Pete hums and kisses the tip of my nose.

''You have no idea how long i've wanted to'' I say without really thinking. Instantly regretting it as i see Petes expression turn into curiosity.

''Oh really? How long MikeyMouse?'' He asks sitting up and resting on his elbow. Well I might as well let it all out now.

''Since the day Gee brought you back to this house'' I mumble playing with my hands.

''Well if you'd told me this could of been out of the way ages ago!'' Pete states. My head snaps up to be met with a huge smile on his face. I can feel my cheeks going deep red from my neck to the tip of my ears. Pete looked at me adoringly a small smile on his lips now as we ran his fingers over my red cheeks and moved in to kiss me again. Slow and steady this time.

Instantly regretting the pace as the door swings open and Gerard and Frank stumble into my room one after the other and falling flat on their faces.

''What the fuck!'' I exclaim sitting up and looking at the mess of people on my floor. ''Where you fucking listening in?'' I wasn't even that shocked but if I'm honest for a few minutes then I forgot they or anyone else even existed.

''Hm, well, urm, IT WAS GERARDS IDEA'' Frank giggles putting all the blame on Gerard who gives him the death stare.

''Well yeah, But I was curious! And anyway I needed to be here when the big moment happened anyway. I've been watching Mikey drawl all over Pete for a little over a year and listening to Pete complain we never invite him out'' Gerard explains standing up and offering a hand to Frank.

''Gerard get out.'' I say flatly trying to hold back a laugh.

''Okay okay i'm leaving'' My brother says defensively before dragging Frank out of my room and shutting the door.

Giggling I look back at Pete who hadn't said a word ''I thought I was more subtle then that'' Pete says smiling a little. Smiling up at him, Pete leans down and places his lips softly on mine.

''Do you kids need anything? A condom?'' Gerard's voice comes from a half way oven door.

''Gerard i swear to god'' Pete says not taking his eyes off me.

''okay okay'' He mumbles before closing the door. ''Stupid people not laughing at my mean girls reference.'' I hear him mumble from outside the door ''Mean girls too good for you now is it?!'' He says a little louder.

Ignoring Gerard's little rant I entwine my fingers with Pete's a lean up and place my lips back on his softly ignoring everything but him.

I think i'll do another chapter after this? And then i'll end it :) Thanks for the nice R&Rs guys they really make me smile
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