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MikeMouse Chapter 8

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Final Chapter guys!

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Nothing more happened after Gerard has finally fucked off last night. Me and Pete lay with each other stealing kisses and cuddling. Nothing more needed to be done I guess. We sat talking about everything and nothing and admitting stupid things and blushing. Like for instance my dream, he laughed and blushed before he went on to tell me about dreams he’d once had about me as we lace out fingers together.

The next morning I woke up with my head on Pete’s chest his heart fluttering against my cheek. I could feel a soothing hand through my hair and I look up to be greeted with a blissful look on Pete’s face.

‘’Morning MikeyMouse’’ He says softly. I look up at him not understanding why he was here presuming I was still dreaming. It took me a few seconds to realise last night did happen and Pete was still in my bed holding me close.

‘’Morning’” I mumble and lean up to peck his cheek because well, I could. We lay like that for a while content in each other’s arms. Before we deemed it time to get up.
We spent the rest of the morning carefully avoiding Gerard and Frank so we weren’t bombarded with questions and stupid jokes. We sat on the back garden swing nibbling at pop tarts and making mindless conversation.

All too soon Pete had to leave, his mum had called wondering where he is and needed some help down at her shop. Sighing me and Pete got up off the swing and walked to his car that he had parked out front. He refused to let go of my hand as we walked and I wasn’t going to complain.
When we reached his car we stopped and looked at each other for a short moment.

‘’Urm, I’ll see you on Monday?’’ I say looking at out entwined fingers.

‘’Yeah, you will’’ Pete says before taking his hands from mine and placing them on my waist and pulls me into a deep kiss. It wasn’t necessary because Pete wasn’t that tall but I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Saying our final goodbyes Pete got into his car and drove away. As I turn back to this house with a giant smile on my face I’m met with my brothers beaming smile.

‘’Sooo. That went well. You guys are so cute’’ Gerard cooed. ‘’So you’re dating now?’’ I thought about it for a minute and I didn’t really know.

‘’I guess so.’’ I say shrugging. And with a slight spring in my step I walk back into the house and up to my room.


‘’Gerard get the fuck up’’ I groan kicking my brother who was still asleep in a pile of duvets and pillows ‘’Pete’s here!’’

‘’No it’s too early for this shit. Can’t you give him a quickie in the car and stall?’’ he mumbles turning over

"No! Get up" I shout one last time before pulling the duvet cocoon from around him and leaving the room.

There was a loud nock on the door and a Pete shaped silhouette was behind the steamed glass. A huge
smile spread across my face as I open the door.

‘’Morning’’ Pete says before stepping in and pulling me into a kiss. ‘’Missed you’’ He mumbles into my neck when he pulls me into a hug.

‘’God, it’s only been two days’’ I tease but knowing full well that the last two days have been the longest and I’ve missed him like crazy. Yep as I’d suspected I’ve turned into more of a love sick pansy. Oh god I’ve become Frank. ‘’I’ve missed you too’’ I say after he pulls away. And leads me to his car.


School that day didn’t seem so hellish. Everything seemed a little brighter and everyone seemed a little nicer. And as I sat down next to Pete at dinner I knew it couldn’t get better.

‘’So you guys finally got together then?’’ A voice says behind us. I turn around to be faced with Kayla Pete’s ex girlfriend.

‘’Yeah!’’ Pete beams ‘’Sorry it couldn’t be that easy for you’’ gesturing to Gerard who sat behind.

‘’No, no it’s okay’’ She says smiling at us both ‘’I’m really happy for you two. Me and Pete would
have never worked anyway. We both loved someone else.’’ She explained.

‘’So you just got together because you where just there?’’ I say confused. And they both nod. So I spent months pining over a relationship that happened ‘’because they where there’’. Feeling a little stupid I smile at Kayla and turn back to my dinner.

On the other side of the table Frank and my brother where sucking each others faces and i could hear mumbled ‘’i love you’’s. Looked at Pete who was staring at the two and looking just as sick as i feel.

‘’Promise me we’ll never be like that’’ Pete whispers to me laughing a little.

‘’Promise’’ I laugh and peck him quickly.

six month fast forward

Opening my final card I look at the painting of Darth Vader on the front and glance up at Gerard who’s looking proudly at his work. ‘’its perfect Gee! thanks!’’

‘’S’okay. Happy Birthday Mikes’’ He says and gives me a hug.

‘’I’ll get it’’ I say when there’s a knock at the door. Jogging out the room to the door I swing it open to be greeted by my perfect boyfriend with a whole trolley of sushi.

‘’Holy shit’’ I exclaim throwing myself at Pete.

‘’Glad you like it MikeyMouse. Happy birthday baby’’ Pete laughs into my shoulder. Pulling away and kissing him quickly

‘’Of cause i like it. I could eat my own body weight in this stuff.’’

‘’Here I got you a card too’’ he says going shy.

‘’Aww you’’ I laugh and opening in the envelope. My eyes widen as inside it read.

To MikeyMouse
Happy birthday baby. I hope you like your present! You can’t even imagine the look on the womans face in Wall-Mart when I went to buy 20kg of sushi.
Oh and I love you, with all my heart Mikey Way. Thought I’d let you know
All my love
Pete xxx

Biting my lip i look up at Pete who’s kicking the gravel on the floor.
‘’Pete?’’ I ask and he looks up at me blushing. ‘’I love you too’’ I say before throwing myself and him again and engulfing him in a long deep kiss.

When the kiss ends we stay looking at each other and smiling in content silence before Pete breaks it and says
‘’oh god we’ve turned into Frank and Gerard.’’

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