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It was only just a dream...

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Clumsily dropping the last of my boxes onto the floor, I stood up straight, stretching before looking around my new flat. I chucked my car keys at the nearest box, hoping they wouldn't fall to the floor, and looked around. I was finally alone. I'd dreamed about this day since I was about 14, now it was actually here, I wasn't sure I liked it. I'd never felt so alone. My Mum back in Bristol and my Dad somewhere in Nottingham, and I was here, in London. I pulled out my iPhone from my back pocket and checked it for some human contact. No one. I sighed and placed it on the box with my keys. Looking around at all the boxes I decided I'd better unpack the necessity's; duvet, pillows, iPod dock, cutlery, kettle and of course, my trusty Mac book Pro.
I began rummaging around in boxes when I heard a knock at my door. I cautiously walked towards it and took a look through the peep hole. I'd never seen this person before in my life but they sure didn't look like a serial-killer. I pushed down on the handle and put on a smile, pulling the large wooden door towards me.
"Heya mate" began the stranger, "I'm Charlie. I live next door, thought I'd come say hi!" He smiled and held out his hand. He looked to be around 19 and wore black skinny jeans with a white nirvana top. His hair was messy and blonde, with a sweeping fringe. He looked like he belonged in a band.
"Um, hey" I said, still not used to having people knock on my own front door. "I'm Harry." I smiled back at him. "I would invite you in but.." I drifted off opening the door a little wider to display the mass of boxes. Charlie laughed.
"No worry mate, we've got plenty of time for that. Anyway, I'll let you get back to unpacking. Give us a shout if you want any help!" He said moving towards a red door on the opposite side of the landing to my flat. He said a quick "Seeya around" before disappearing behind the red door.
I shut the door, feeling less alone and decided to put some music on. I grabbed my iPhone and put it on shuffle. The first song that came on was 'Iris' by The GooGoo Dolls. "Great..." I mumbled to myself, the memories that go with this song racing through my head, making my heart pound in my chest. I skipped forward a couple of songs, leaving The Maine playing quietly in the background while I unpacked.
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