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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [14]

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Someone else might possibly be pregnant....

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Taylor's Pov::

''Did you and Gee, you know, do it, yet?'' Alicia asked me giggling.

''I'm not talking about our sex life with you!''

''I take that as a yes. then.''

I rolled my eyes. ''No,we haven't. Not yet,anyways.''


''What about you and Mikey?'' I smirked. It was my turn to ask.

''Yes...'' she blushed.

''Wow,really?'' I asked,shocked.
She nods.

''When? Did you know, use protection?

Her face paled. ''Aww crap! No we didn't! What if I'm pregnant!'' She screeched. ''I'm 16. I'm too young to be a mother! I don't want to be like Lindsey!'' She started crying.

I wrapped my arms around and pulled her into a tight hug. ''You might not be. When was your last period?''

''Umm...I don't know. A month or two ago.... oh shit! I am pregnant!'' She waled,sobbing into my shoulder. ''How will I tell Mikey? He'll leave me for sure!''

''Alicia,relax. Mikey's not like that. He'll support you if you keep the baby, that is if you're pregnant.'' I told her.
''Really?'' She sniffed. ''Really.'' I smiled,rubbing her back. ''Do you want to keep the baby?''

She slowly nods. ''Yeah, I guess...'' She slowly pulled away from, wiping her eyes while sniffing. Her mascara was smeared across her face.

''Ali, you should go in the bathroom and wash your face off. Your mascara is all over you.'' I giggled. ''You look funny.''

''Alright, and after this, can we go buy a pregnancy test? I really want to make sure.''

''Yeah, of course.'' I smiled.

''Thank you,Taylor.''


''I can't believe I'm doing this!'' She whispered,picking up the test stick. She looked over at me. ''What do I do? How does this thing work?''
I read her the directions, from the back of the test box. I handed her a cup of soda ''Here you go. You need to drink that, you need to pee.''
She nodded and gulped it down. She let out a little burp after she was done,making us both giggle.
''I don't have to pee.'' She frowned. I poured more soda into her cup. She gulped it down and burped again. ''Still, don't have to pee.''
''Hmm,here,try this.'' I threw her the bottle of soda,she caught it. ''Drink.'' I ordered. She chugged it down and after she was done she threw the bottle on the floor. ''Okay,now I really have to freaking pee!''

I laughed as she ran into the bathroom,slamming the door behind her. Thank god, my mom wasn't home,otherwise she would've came up to see what was going on up here.
She came out. ''What do I do now?''

''You wait 4 minutes until the result shows up.''
''Right.'' she nodded.

I bit my lip. Hopefully the test comes out negative. I don't want Mikey and Alicia to be teenage parents at 16 years old. You see, this is why I'm afraid to have sex with Gerard. Even with,protection, you can still get pregnant. The condom may break, and the pill might not work right. Protection doesn't always work....

''Tay,what if it comes out positive?'' Alicia asked,tears falling down her cheeks from her eyes. I walked over and grabbed her face. ''You keep this baby, if you are in fact pregnant. You will not get an abortion. You will tell Mikey, and if he doesn't want it, well tough shit. He got you pregnant in the first place. Do you understand?''
She nodded. ''Good.'' I dropped my hands. ''I think the result is up now. Go check, or do you want me to?''
''Alright.'' I took a deep breath and walked in and grabbed the stick. I looked down at it. It had a + sign. Alicia was pregnant. Mikey was going to be a father.
''Well?'' Alicia asked, as I walked out. I looked up at her and smiled. ''You're pregnant. You're going to be a mommy,alicat.''

''Oh my god...''

''But you do know that, pregnancy tests are not always accurate. You should schedule a doctor's appointment...'' I pointed out, before she starts freaking out.

''Yeah,you're right. Can you come with me?''

I shook my head. ''No. Mikey needs to, not me. He's the father.''

Alicia sighed. ''Fine... I guess, I'll go tell him...'' She smiled,a little.

''That's the spirit!''
1 day later....
''Taylor,what's up with Alicia? Mikey told me he noticed something bothering here. Do you know what it is? He told me, to ask you...'' Gee asked. Oh crap. She still hasn't told him...

''Umm...she's umm...uhhh''

He chuckled. ''She's what?''

''She's pregnant. Alicia is pregnant.''

''WHAT?!'' Gerard shouted,standing up. I was on his lap, so I slid off and landed on the floor on my ass. I looked up at him.
''Alicia's pregnant.''

''I know what you said.'' He snapped. ''Is it brothers? And how'd you find out?''

I flinched. ''Of course it's Mikey's! Geez, Gerard, she's not a slut like Lindsey. She would never cheat on him. And I made her get a test. It came out positive.'' I rolled my eyes.

''Yeah,well, that doesn't mean a thing. Pregnancy tests are not always right.'' He looked down at me. I sighed and stood up. ''I know, but she's going to the doctor's after she tells your brother.''
Gerard pulled at his hair, as he paced back and forth. ''Mikey is my little brother. He can't be a father.'' He mumbled. ''He's too fucking young.''

''And that is why I'm afraid to sleep with you,Gerard.''

He snapped his head towards me and stopped pacing. ''You're afraid to sleep with me?'' He whispered. ''You know, I'll never hurt you.'' He cradled my face in his hands. ''I promise that our first, I mean your first time, will be slow and special.''

I shook my head. ''It's not that.'' I sighed. ''What if the condom breaks or something? Protection doesn't always work all the time. what If I got pregnant too? You'd freak out and leave me, or you'd force me to get an abortion.''

''I would never do that.'' He whispered,stroking my cheek with his thumb. ''I love you. I'd stay and help you with the baby if you would get pregnant. I wouldn't force you into an abortion. I'm a little upset, you think I'd do that. Abortion is murder. It's sick.''

I sniffed and smiled. ''I love you,too.''

He smiled and pecked me on the lips. ''I want to be a father one day. Not now, but one day. And I'd want you to be my wife and the mother of my kid or kids....'' He whispered in my ear,causing me to shiver.

''Are you saying that, we have a future together?''
He nods. ''Yeah. I can see myself married to you, in maybe 2-3 years from now.''
I smiled. ''Really?''


''I love you.''

''Right back at ya.'' He smiled,before pulling me into a heated kiss.
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