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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [15]

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Alicia's POV. Alicia tells Mikey about her 'possible' pregnancy. (Short...)

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A/N: This was originally going to be a part of chapter 14, but I decided to make it it a small chapter... enjoy :)

Alicia's Pov::

Oh god.How the hell was I going to tell Mikey that he might be a father in approximately 9 months? How would he react? Would he leave or stay with me,like Taylor said he would?
I took a deep breath, and knocked on the Way's front door. The door opened up a second later, and there stood Mikey.

He smiled at me, and leaned in to give me a quick peck on the lips. ''Ali baby, not that I don't want you to be here or anything, but why are you here? You usually call before coming over.''

''I need to tell you something. It's very important.'' I told him,nervously.

''Oh...wait, are you breaking up with me?'' He started to freaking out. I laughed a little and shut him up by kissing him.

''No,I'm not breaking up with you,dumbass.'' I giggled.
He relaxed and smiled. ''Thank god..''

''Yeah... so can I come in?''

''Yeah,of course.'' He stepped aside, so that I could walk in. I was so nervous right now, I wanted to faint. I heard the door shut, I turned around and saw Mikey staring at me. I blushed.
''So... you had to tell me something? What is it,Ali?'' He asked,anxiously.

I reached over and grabbed his hand,leading him towards the couch. ''You need to sit down, for what I am about to tell you. Trust me.''

''What is it!'' He demanded,getting even more anxious. I can do this. I told myself. I can do it. I sat down next to him and turned to him. ''Remember that night...around 3 weeks ago?''

He nodded and gave me a smile. ''Of course I do, how could I forget that?''
''Well....'' I looked down at my finger nails. picking at them. ''You know how I said I was on the pill...right?''

''Umm,yeah?'' He nodded,confused. ''Ali, what are you trying to say?''

I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach. My action made him even more confused. He stared down at his hand on my flat stomach. ''What?'' He asked.

''I might be....pregnant.'' I whispered the last part,very quietly.

''What? I couldn't hear you. You might be what?...''

''Pregnant. I lied about being on the pill..'' I whispered,closing my eyes, not wanting to see his reaction..

''What?!' He whispered. ''You're pregnant?!''

''Please don't be mad. I'm not sure yet. I took one of those stick pregnancy test things, or whatever the hell you call them, it read positive... but you know how pregnancy tests can be wrong sometimes. Taylor told me, so I'm going to see a doctor. And I would like it if you could go with me. That is, if you don't want to. I'm not gonna force you.''

He stared at my stomach for a minute or two, then he finally looked up at me. ''We're 16...Alicia.... we can't have a kid... we're still kids ourselves!''

I hung my head down,in shame. ''I know...''

''What are we going to fucking do?'' He sighed. ''I don't think I can handle a baby...''

''You're breaking up with me....aren't you?''

''No... I didn't say that.'' His fingers tugged at his hair in frustration, he looked over at me. ''Are you keeping the baby if there is one?''

I nod slowly, wiping away the tears that were gathering in my eyes. ''Yeah.''

''Great.'' He muttered.

''I don't have to keep the baby if you don't want me too... we could just do-''
He cut me off. ''By what? Abortion? Fuck no! That's fucking sick! It's fucking murder for crying out loud!'' He yelled at me.

''I didn't say that!'' I started crying. ''I was going to say adoption!''
''No.'' Mikey shook his head and then sighed. ''I don't care if we're 16 or not. We are going to be parents to this baby. We're keeping it.''

''Really?'' I sniffed. He nodded. ''Thank you.'' I flung myself at him. Taylor was right. Mikey wasn't going to run off....
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