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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [16]

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Decided to post this,during my so called 'break' couldn't help it :3. Enjoy! Xoxo

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The Next Day...

Taylor's POV::

''Did you tell him?'' I asked,whispering in Alicia's ear. We were over at her place. Both her parents were home, so we had to talk softly, so they couldn't hear us. The walls were so thin, that we could hear them talking and moving around downstairs, so we had to be careful at how loud and how low we talk.

She nodded. I smiled.

''You did?''


''How did he react?''

She looked down and patted her still flat stomach, then looked back up at me with a smile. ''I'm taking that as good then.'' I smiled, and hugged her.


I pulled away. ''Ali,what's wrong?'' I asked,noticing the frown on her face. She sighed. ''I still have to schedule the doctor's appointment...''

''Why are you so worried about that? It's easy to schedule one...''

''My parents are eventually gonna find out, that I went to the doctor's, and they'll ask what's wrong, and then I'd have to tell him that....I'm pregnant.'' She whispered,a tear rolling down her cheek. ''Taylor. I'm scared. What if they disown me or something?''

I hugged her. ''They won't do that. They love you, I'm sure they'll support you with this. I know my mom will, if Gee decides to knock me up.'' I chuckled,under my breath. I heard her giggle a little. I smiled.

''I hope you do know that you are eventually going to have to tell them you're pregnant. They are going to find out by theirselves, when you get big.'' I told her.

''I know...I know...'' She sniffed, wiping the tears away. ''I'm still scared though.What if they tell me to stop seeing Mikey?''

''Alicia... stop with the 'What If's '. They won't. I'm pretty sure they'd want Mikey to stay and help you raise the baby with you.''

''I hope so. Knowing my dad, he'll kill Mikey, for touching and knocking up his little girl. He doesn't like me even dating at all, but tough,I'm 16. I'll date if I want to. ''

I giggled and placed my arm around her shoulder. ''If he does kill Mikey, Gee and I will be there for ya and the little one.'' I rubbed her stomach as I said that.

She smiled. ''Really?''

I nodded. ''Really.''

''I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you,Taylor. I really don't.''

''You met Mikey.'' I smiled. '' Best fucking decision of your life. I'm glad he took a interest in you. I'm happy that we met. You're my first 'girl-friend.'' It was true. Gerard and Mikey were my only two friends I had. I didn't have any girls as friends at all, that was until I met Alicia. Thank you Mikey...I'm going to go thank him later. I actually was...

She smiled. ''I agree. Dating Mikey was the best decision of my life. And wow, I'm your first 'girl friend'? You have got to be kidding me....''

I shook my head. ''I'm not kidding.'' I laughed. ''You really are my first one.''

''No way.''

''Yes Way.'' I giggled.

She laughed. '' So you're telling me, you grew up with just boys as friends?''

I nodded. ''Yup.''


I laughed. ''Why is that so hard to believe?''

''I don't know.. it just is I guess.''

I laughed. ''So... what do you want to do now? Mikey and Gerard went out with their parents, somewhere... and to tell you the truth, It's quite boring without them around.''

She agreed with me. ''Yeah. It is. I miss Mikey.''

'' I miss Mikey,too.'' I giggled.

''Hey!'' She glared at me,playfully. ''Miss your own boyfriend, not mine!''

I laughed. 'Fine,I miss Gerard. There happy?'' I stuck my tongue out at her.

''Yes.'' She giggled, and stuck her tongue out too. We both giggled.

''What do you wanna do now?''
She shrugged. ''I don't know.''

''Why don't we talk about Mikey? How is he in bed?'' I teased.

She slapped me on the shoulder. ''Oww!'' I whimpered. ''That hurt. Meany.'' I stuck my tongue out at her again, as I rubbed my shoulder.

She giggled. ''I'm not talking about my sex life with you.'' She mocked.

''Pwease?'' I pouted.


''Pretty pwese, with a cherry on top?' I put on my puppy dog face, knowing that she'll give in. Gerard gives in to me, when I do this with him. It was quite funny actually. I loved how he just gives in to me, when I do the look, but when he does the look, I don't give in. Maybe, he just doesn't want me to get mad at him. What a wimp...

''Ugh fine! You're a pain in my ass, do you know that?'' She huffed,playfully. I giggled.

''Yes, I know. And I really don't want to know how Mikey is in bed. I just did this, to annoy you.''

''Too bad, I'm telling you.''

I groaned. ''Oh,god. Please leave out the gruesome details please.''

She laughed,evily.

''Ali,please!'' I begged. ''Please,don't!'' I didn't like what I getting myself into...

''Relax Taylor! Jeez. I was kidding. I wouldn't tell you how great Mikey is in bed,anyways. She yawned,giggling.

''What about Gee? How is he in bed?'' She asked, a second later. Taking me by surprise.


''You heard me. How great is Gerard in bed?'' She grinned.

''I didn't sleep with him yet. So, I wouldn't actually know. Why do you ask?'' I narrowed my eyes at her,teasing. ''You like him? Oh my god, You want to sleep with him don't you? Oh, I'm so gonna tell Mikey!'' I smirked.

''What?! No.''

''Are you sure?'' I teased,some more.

''Yes.'' She hissed. ''I don't like Gerard. He's your boyfriend. Why in the hell would I like or want to sleep with him? I have Mikey.''

''Jeez,take a fucking chillpil,Ali. I was kidding.'' I laughed. She gave me a little glare. ''What? I got my revenge. You did the same thing to me.''

''I hate you.''

''I love you too.'' I smiled,leaning in to give her a big old kiss on the lips. She squealed and pushed me back. ''Like, what the hell,Taylor?! I'm not lesbo.''

I laughed,pushing back my hair,behind my ears. '' I know you aren't. I'm not either. I was teasing around.''

''I knew that.'' She mumbled. I grinned.

''So... what do you wanna do now?''

'' Go to your place?'' She suggested.

''Oh hell no. My mom's new boyfriend Josh is over there. And they're probably doing god knows what over there. I don't really want to know, hear, or see.''

She laughed. ''Right. Hmm, how about we go to Starbucks? I'm dying for a cup of coffee right now.''

I smiled. ''Sure. Let's go! I,myself, wants one too.''

I helped her up,and we went down and told her parents that we were going out, and that we'd be back before night. It was Saturday, so I was spending the night,tonight. Gerard and Mikey, would be home tomorrow morning, so we'd go over and visit them as soon as they get home. You couldn't blame us, either. We really missed our boyfriends...


A/N: Crappy ending, I know. Lol. I wanted to get this up :). I'll post again, after Thanksgiving Holiday. So until then, xoxo :D
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