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I Love You,But You Don't Love Me Back [17]

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Alicia & Taylor bump into Lindsey at Starbucks....

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Taylor's POV

*On the way to Starbucks*

Fuck, I forgot how cold it gets out here. I should've brought a jacket with me. I can be such an idiot,I wonder how Gerard even puts up with me sometimes. I'm most likely going to get sick, and then I'd won't see Gerard, for a few days, because he'd get sick, if he gets near me, if I do in fact get sick.

''Damn.'' I cursed,under my breath.

Alicia looked over at me. ''What?'' She, being the smart one, actually was wearing a jacket and scarf around her neck, while I, being the dumb one, was freezing my freaking ass off, wearing a t-shirt.

''I'm f-freezing.'' I shivered,looking over at her. ''I forgot, how cold it gets outside at the End of November,here. I didn't bring my jacket or anything.''

''You can have mine, if you would like. I like the cold anyways.'' She offered,about to take off her jacket to give to me. What the hell? Did she forgot she was pregnant?

''No. Y-you are pregnant. You need it.'' I told her.

''Oh right... but, Tay, you're going to get sick.''

''I-I know, but we can't risk you getting sick. You're pregnant.''


''No buts.'' I snapped. ''Don't worry about me. I'll probably just get a little cold. Don't worry about me,I'll be f-fine.'' I shoved my hands in my jeans pocket. My fingers were so cold, that it felt like they could snap off, if I even touched them.

She sighed.

''I'll be fine.'' I smiled over at her. She looked at me worriedly. I shook my head at her, because it looked like she was going to say something. She closed her mouth.

''Damn, how far is Starbucks from your house?'' I muttered.

''2 blocks. We already walked one. We should be there soon.''

''My feet are getting tired!'' I whined, a second later. ''We should've token your car or something. Why the hell did we have to walk?''

''Walking is exercize, and trust me you need it.'' Alicia joked.

I glared at her. ''Haha, very funny. You should be complaining too. You're pregnant after all. You should be tired all the time!''

''Well, I'm not.'' She shrugged. ''In fact, I feel like running right now.''

''Don't attempt. You could slip or something, and lose the baby.''

''Damn, you are so protective of me and the baby.'' She whined. I smiled. ''Of course I am. You're my best-friend. Why would I not be?''

She shrugged, but smiled.

A few minutes later, we could finally see starbucks up ahead. Oh my god, thank fucking god! I hope it was warm in Starbucks. I am cold as fuck. I felt like I could snap in half! I really should've brought my jacket... I regretted not bringing one, as soon as we walked outside.

''Aww, shit.'' Alicia cursed. I looked over at her. ''What?''

''Look ahead.'' She muttered.

I looked ahead, and there near by the entrance to StarBucks,Lindsey stood, with a couple of her friends or something, smoking. What the hell is she doing? She's fucking pregnant. She could lose the baby, if she keeps that up. Even though, I hated her with a burning passion, the baby deserved to live, but this cruel monster, was killing it.

''What the fuck,is she doing?''

''I don't know. But we should probably stop her. She's killing her baby.'' Alicia said.


We walked up Lindsey and her gang. They all glared at us when we approached them. ''What the flying fuck do you want?'' Lindsey snarled,at me.

''Did you know that, smoking while pregnant, can either, 1. Kill the baby, and 2. Give the baby some sort of disorder. Are you really that cruel to do that to a innocent unborn baby?''

''I don't give a fuck, about this baby.'' She hissed. ''I don't want to be a fucking mother. Get the fuck away,loser.''

''Hey, don't talk to her like that.'' Alicia stepped in. ''She was just trying to tell you what you're doing to the baby.''

Lindsey and her friends looked over at her. Lindsey smirked. ''And, who might you be?'' She looked back and forth between us.

''Not who you're thinking, I am. I am Alicia Simmons. Girlfriend of Mikey Way, Best-friend To Taylor Mills''

Lindsey laughed. ''You're with the dork? Wow.''

''Mikey isn't a dork!'' Alicia argued,defending her boyfriend aka the father of her unborn child.

''Okay, yeah, if you say so. And look, I don't give a fuck if I kill this baby or not. Like, I said.'' She took a poof of her cigarette,blowing the smoke at my face. I coughed and glared at her.

''I don't want to be a god damn mother, now leave us alone,sluts.'' She flicked us off. Pissing Alicia and I off.

''Wow, you really are a cruel,heartless creature.'' Alicia hissed out. ''You might as well just get an abortion, so the baby doesn't have to suffer this cruel treatment, you're giving it. I wouldn't do that to my baby.''

Lindsey snapped her head towards her. ''What did you just say? You're pregnant,too?'' She smirked, as she looked back over at me. Alicia nodded. ''Yes,I am. I think, I don't know.''

''You don't know if you're pregnant. Wow.'' Lindsey laughed. ''You're dumb. Who's the father? Gerard or Mikey.''

''It's Mikey's, thank you very much. Why would it be his brothers?''

''Oh, I don't know, maybe because you're a slut, just like you're friend over here. She was dating Mikey at one point, but she snuck around with Gerard, when they and Gerard and I were going out.''

I rolled my eyes. That was all bullshit.

''What?'' Alicia looked over at me,shocked. ''You and Mikey,were together?''

''Yeah, kind of. Look, can we just go in and get our coffee? I'm cold as fuck, and I want to get the fuck away from these whores.''

Lindsey and her little gang laughed, and pushed by us,before walking off.

''Fine.'' Alicia muttered. ''But, you are going to tell me about Mikey and you, once we get inside and order.'' She said, as she pushed open the doors to Starbucks. I sighed. ''Fine.''

We went up to the counter, and ordered our coffees. And we then, walked over to a table and sat down.

''Okay, now tell me, about Mikey and you.'' Alicia demanded, as she took a sip out of her coffee. I explained to Alicia, about Mikey and I's shortlived relationship.

''Wow.'' Alicia said, after I got done.


''So,what Lindsey told us out there, wasn't true?''

''No. Of course it wasn't.'' I rolled my eyes. ''Did you actually believe a word she said to you?'' I stared at her.

''Of course,not. But I wasn't sure, so I needed to hear your side of the story.'' She took another sip of her coffee, and let out a moan of pleasure. ''This is so fucking good.''

I laughed. ''Of course it is, It's starbucks.'' I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I reached in for it and grabbed it. It said I had 1 new text message from Gee.

I quickly opened it and read what it said.

I miss you. We're going to be home tonight,instead of tomorrow. Just so you know, and oh I got you a little something... ;)

I squealed,which caused a few people to glance at me, and a question of ''What?'' From Alicia, but I ignored them and texted back. I laughed at his responce and put my phone back.

''What?'' Alicia,asked again.

''Gee texted me.''

''Oh,what'd he say?''

''He has a little something for me. I wonder what it is...''

''Aww.'' Alicia cooed. ''He got you something. That is so cute.''

I laughed. ''Yeah, it is. I bet you, Mikey got you something,also.'' I smiled.

''I hope he did, but I won't mind at all, if he didn't.''

After we got done with our coffees, we decided to go home. But this time, instead of walking, I called up my mom to see if she could come pick us up. She said yes thankfully and we got a ride to Alicia's place. I told her I'd be home tomorrow, after I hang out with Gee and them.

That Night...

We were in Alicia's room, watching a movie on her laptop, until all of a sudden my phone started ringing. I grabbed and saw who was calling. Gerard. I smiled and answered.


I giggled. ''Hey,Gee. I've missed you.''

''Me too. You have no fucking idea.''

I smiled. '' Are you at home?'' I looked over at Alicia, who was now paying attention to me, and not the movie.

I heard him sigh on the other end of the line. I frowned. ''What?''

''Change of plans, we're not coming home tonight. Dad and mom got drunk, so they're in no condition to drive, and Mikey and I, don't feel like driving 2 hours with them passed out.''

''Aww.'' I pouted.''I really wanted to see you,tonight.''

''Sorry.'' He sighed again.

''It's alright I guess. What's Mikey doing?''

''Watching TV.''


''Yep. So whatcha doing,beautiful?''

''Why are you all of a sudden calling me,beautiful now?'' I giggled.

''Because you're my beautiful girlfriend, can I not call you beautiful?''

''Aww...'' I blushed. ''You're so sweet.''

''Yup. So whatcha doing?''

''Over at Alicia's, we were watching a movie....''

''Oh, did I interrupt? I'm sorry.'''

I laughed. ''It's alright,Gee.''

''You sure?''


''Alright. I gotta go. We're leaving in the morning. I'll see ya tomorrow,baby.''

I giggled. ''See ya then.'' I made a kissing noise into the phone, I heard him laugh, before hanging up. I looked over at Alicia.

''you didn't tell him about our run in with Lindsey.''

''Of course I didn't. He and Mikey would have a heart attack, if I told him, knowing that he'll tell Mikey as soon as we hang up on each other.''

She sighed.

''What? You wanted me to tell them?''

''No. I just thought you would.''

''Oh. Well anyways, they'll be home in the morning. Their parents got drunk, and they don't want to drive two hours in the dark, with their parents passed out.''

''Oh, okay. That's good.''


We both turned back to the movie.

A/N: I've been planning this scene for a while now. I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to post this. So might as well, just post it now :). Lindsey is a heartless bitch. Enjoy..
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