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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [18]

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Taylor finally receives her gift from Gerard :)

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The next day...

Taylor's POV:

''Gee, I missed you!'' I said, while kissing him all over his face. I heard Mikey chuckle,from behind me.

''Tay, I've been gone for like a day.'' Gerard laughed, hugging me. ''You couldn't have missed me, that much.''

''Look who's talking. You said you missed me like crazy, when were on the phone!'' I teased, giggling.

''No, I didn't. When did I ever say that?''

''Like hell you didn't.'' I playfully swat at him. ''So, what's the thing you got me?'' I asked, whispering in his ear, breathing on it, causing him to shiver. I smiled.

''You'll see later.'' He whispered back, pulling away from me.

''Aww, why not now? Please?'' I pouted, giving him my puppy dog look.

He smirked at me. ''That doesn't work with me, anymore. Nice try.''

''What? But you always give in to my puppy dog face!'' I whined, shocked that he had not given in to m.

''Yeah, but not anymore.'' He smiled, patting my head. ''You'll see your gift, later. For now, why don't you me, Mikey and Alicia, go out for lunch?''

''Gerard, you do realize it's only 10:30 in the morning.''

''Yeah, so?'' He shrugged.

I laughed. ''Fine. Mikey, do you and Ali, want to go out with Gerard and me?'' I asked, looking over at Mikey. They both shook their heads.

''No, sorry. We're going to the doctors, to see if I am really pregnant or not.'' Alicia told us.

''That's a shame. Well, goodluck at the doctors. Tell us all about it when you guys come home.'' I said, putting on my jacket. Yes, I was actually not going to be an idiot this time.

''What time is the appointment?'' Gerard asked, looking at Mikey.


''Oh well, like Tay said, goodluck.'' Gerard smiled at them.


~ ~ ~

''So, now can you tell me what you got for me?' 'I asked. We were in his car, driving to StarBucks, to get coffee, of course. Our daily routine.

He shook his head, his eyes were focused on the road ahead. ''Nope.''

''Aww, why not?'' I whined, putting on my pout and puppy dog face again. Maybe he'd cave in again. He looked over and laughed. ''Not gonna work...nice try...again.''

I sighed defeatedly. ''Fine.'' I huffed, looking out the window. I seriously wanted to know what Gerard has gotten me. Why is he being so damn stubborn about it?

''Please?'' I begged, a few seconds later. ''I'll do anything you want, if you just tell me now!'' I looked over at him, in dispair. The curiousity was getting to me. I needed to know what the 'gift' is right now.

He chuckled. ''You're really that desperate?''

I nod. ''Yes, yes. Just tell me what you got me!''

''Fine. You win. I'll tell you when we're inside Starbucks.'' He huffed, shooting me a playful glare. I giggled. ''I always win.''

He mumbled. ''Yeah, yeah. Whatever.''

I laughed. I couldn't wait until he showed me what he got for me. We were 5 minutes away from Starbucks, now and I was getting more and more excited.


Once we were inside, I immediately demanded to know what the 'gift' was. I could tell Gerard was getting annoyed.

''So... what is it?' I asked, as we sat down with our coffees. I heard him take a deep breath. I stared at him, waiting. He muttered something. I cocked my head. ''Well?'' I asked again. I, myself, was starting to get annoyed. I really wanted to know what he got me.

''This.'' He reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a little blue velvet box. I stared down at it in shock. Oh my god, was that what I think it is?


''It's not what you think it is.'' He said, looking at me, chuckling a bit. I looked up from box. ''What is it then?'' I stared at him.

He took a sip of his coffee, smiling at me. ''Why don't you open it, and find out for yourself. I hope you like it.''

I took a deep breath, grabbing the box. I slowly opened it.

''It's not an engagement ring. It's a promise ring.'' Gerard explained to me. as I slowly examined the ring.

I looked up at him and smiled. ''It's beautiful,Gerard. I love it. Thank you.'' I leaned over, and pecked him on the lips. I slide the ring onto my finger, smiling.

He smiled at me.

''This must've cost alot..'' I mumbled, examining the ring on my finger.


I looked up at him. ''Do you have one too? Or am I supposed to get you one?'' I didn't know much about the whole ring deal for relationships.''

He shook his head. ''No, I don't. Guys don't wear promise rings''

''Oh... okay. good because I don't have any money.'' I laughed, as I took a sip from the coffee. I let out a little moan. It was sooo good. I looked over at Gerard. he was smiling at me.
I smiled back.

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