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I pushed the last of the empty boxes into the heap rubbish I had made. 'Right' I thought to myself before picking up my phone. 2:14pm and my flat was tidy, unpacked and I really liked how I'd set things up. I decided I'd better go out and get some food from Tesco just down the road. Pulling on some skinnies and my Nike Dunks I walked into the bathroom pushing around my hair to make it look half decent. I picked up my keys and my phone and opened the door, walking out onto the landing. Loud music was pumping out from Charlie's door so I walked over too it, knocking a few times. The music stopped and Charlie's face appeared. "Hey mate!" He shouted, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside his flat. "All unpacked now?" he asked.
"Ur yeah" I said looking around at his flat. The white walls, covered in posters and photography. Guitars dotted around the lounge and bean bags covering the floor.
"So did you need anything?" He asked walking into, what I presumed, was the kitchen.
"Nah I was just going out to get some food and thought I'd say hey." I said, still gazing around the room.
"Ah fair play. I'll come with you if you want?" He said, offering me a beer. I took it, taking a few gulps before replying.
"Yeah alright, that'd be cool." I nodded. Charlie began gulping down his beer and pointing his eyes towards the door. He finished the beer, threw it in a nearby bin and walked towards the door. I followed him out onto the landing, quickly finishing my beer and putting it in the bin near the stairs to the flats.
"So where you from?" Charlie asked, pulling his phone out of his pocket.
"Bristol?" I replied, studying the busy streets of London.
"Ah yeah, been there once with my mates band." he laughed obviously amused. "It's a pretty decent place, to be honest with you. So what made you come to the big city?" he dramatised the 'big city' by waving his hands around.
"Um, adventure, life being crap, girls, pursuing dreams. Yeah." I laughed looking at my feet, and then back up.
"Ah just the usual then?" Charlie joked, turning into Tesco.
'He seems a good kid' I thought to myself. 'I think I've made the right decision..'
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