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You found me

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Okay, so i've been meaning to write a chapter with this title for a while now, i really love the song and i just like the way it sounds also so yay! Dream come true! :D Also i'm thinking of rewriting the last chapter because i read through it and i think it kind of sucked! But if you like it it can stay as it currently stands! I'm really liking writing this story for you all and i hope you'll like this next little installment! :) x

Frankie's POV
The night was colder than i remembered they would be. It was lonely too. The strong smell of drying paint wafted up the stairs and was beginning to make me dizzy. I glance over at the huge beaming digital clock through my worn out eyes, 11.11 stares back at me. Make a wish time! Some always make a wish then, i would wish myself but, you have to make your own wishes come true.

Maybe that's why i'm sitting on a swing set looking at the lights in the tall trees and silently praying that Gerard will come to save me. Bring me back somehow. We were never even together as partners which is why i'm not sure of why i'm wandering around at midnight, crying for him. Pining for him. It could be easier, i could jump on a train with an overnight bag and end up at his house in two, maybe three hours. But he'll laugh at me. He won't openly admit it but in his head he'll be telling himself he knew i couldn't go it alone, he knew i would be right back. I've only been out of there for a week. An empty, heartwrenching, icy week. For the first few days, i didn't bother sleeping. It always ended the same way. Tossing and turning and thinking over everything, like a broken record. I'd finally drift off only to wake up an hour later feeling twice as broken as i did before trying to rest.

The cars are visible in the distance, through the thick cloud of fog. I can smell the petrol and leather, overpwering the scent of early morning dew. And i realise, something is missing. I could do it right now, nobody would ever know. Nobody would be able to save me because they wouldn't be here to witness it. I could leap from the concrete wall into the lake, i could feel myself slipping away as the current pulls me underneath, consuming me. Helping me. Cleansing me.

Don't even think about it. I turn startled and am met by a pair of lifeless green eyes.

Gerards POV
Urgh! I groan frustrated. A mixture of not eating and over tiredness stopping me from getting the sleep i wish i could stay in. Dreams of Frank could always keep me there, but knowing that i'd wake up to a harsh reality that contrasted too much to my dreams, i never managed to fall asleep.

Mikey had been joined by Alicia a few days earlier, saying he needed to stay longer to check i was definitely okay. Mikey being around was a great comfort and i loved seeing him and my nephew. Alicia was also being supportive towards me and told me i need to hang in there. Hang in there? How can you possibly do that when the thing you want so much you cling onto it, pulls away each time you're in reach? How am i supposed to get him back? I know i just have too, but how? Without him i'm a mess. The house is trashed, the bed is cold all the time, i lose sense of time, i can't even swallow down a decent meal and to make it even worse my heart aches inside me day in and day out. Nothing fills the void. Nothing eases the pain, It's like someone has plunged their hands into my soul and carelessly tore a good part of it away without a second thought.

Ring! Urk, the phone. I stumble out of my bed and run to the landline. Hello? I sleepily mumble into the reciever. Hello? Are you a Mr Frank Iero? A female voice asks on the other end. Frank? What does she want with Frank? Is he okay? He must be okay! I decide to play along. Yes, that's me. I lie. I've never been good at lying, but thankfully the woman believes me. Well, your mother's will also states you are to possess a wedding ring of your Grandmothers, please inform us if you do not have the ring. A huge amount of insurance is available to you for this ring and so we must ensure you get every penny of it if the ring is missing. Thankyou for your time and please call back and let us know as soon as possible. Bye now. She hangs up. Leaving me on the phone silently screaming with happiness. He's in Belleville! Now there's one thing left to do, i have to go and get my Frankie back...

Franks POV
You? I ask, turning away from his face.
Me. He says and i hear the leaves crunch beneath his feet. Autumn was well and truly at it's coldest yet most beautiful right now.
Can i help you? I ask, unsure of what to say to this fragile package of perfect that is approaching me.
Yes actually, you can. If you come back. Please come back Frankie. He says, his voice coming out in between long shaky breaths.
Why should i come back Gerard? Come back to a life of watching you collapse,watching you have meaningless sex with different people every night, watching you slowly but surely killing yourself. I say,silently realising that although i despise it with all my strength i would return just to be with him again.
Frank, since you left everything has stopped. The drinking, the prostitutes. Even my life Frankie. I haven't eaten a thing in days, i barely sleep. I cry all the time Frankie. Nothing compares to you, everything is a constant reminder. I can't turn on the TV or Radio because you touched them last. I struggle to walk into the kitchen because your kisses replay in my mind. I couldn't even go to work, i got fired last week. He adds, looking at me with teary eyes and swollen lips. I look at him for a few seconds, i reach up and touch his face gently. Wiping away the fresh tears with my thumbs, how i've missed this. We stare into eachothers eyes before lips touch lips. A kiss so tender and sweet, i tumble more into the whirlpool of loving Gerard Way. A thing i never believed was possible for me.

He smiles into the kiss as i run my fingers through his unwashed strands of thick dark hair and gently slide my tongue into his mouth. We battle for dominance before i finally submit, leaves falling from the treetops over us as i have him back again. And this time it's staying with me. Finders Keepers, he found me.

Okay! So i had a plot for this and that was to continue after this chapter and add in a few twists and things! But if you guys prefer, the end can be this chapter! It is all up to you! :) x
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