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You and your favourite Jeans

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Gerard brings Frankie home.

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Hey kids! :)

Franks POV
We ran as fast as we could hand in hand as it began to hail. On a brand new high, we laughed loudly all the way. Ahh my Levi's are all drenched! I screamed. My only halfway decent pair. Fucking Jersey hasn't changed a bit, the weather was always damn miserable! Gerard laughed pinning me up against a tree. He attatched his lips to mine again before throwing me over his shoulder and sprinting back to the car as the hail pelted down on us, making our skin sting with every hit. You and your favourite jeans! He giggled.

He throws me into the passengers seat and runs round to the drivers side. I lock the doors and gloat at him as his hair begins to stick to his forehead. Frankie! Let me in! He screams from outside. What's the magic word? I begin to tease him. My own sweet revenge> I may be nothing special, but i will say there is nothing i do better than revenge.

He begins to pull at the door and i unlock it with a sharp movement. I can't help but scream in a fit of giggles as he falls onto his back in the gravel. He slowly sits up and dives in trying to grab at my legs. After a short yet almost violent scuffle he gives in and sets himself in the car, dripping with rainwater. You sir, are one nasty motherfucker. He growls at me giving me his best evil smile. Serves you right. Anyway, it was your fault, it's only your kind that could be so naive! I grin at him. We both laugh as he kisses my cheek softly. I should have known we'd end up laughing about everything eventually. I wasn't letting him go for good then and i sure as hell was not intending on that in our present or our future.

Gee? I ask nervously.
Yeah? He says waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.
Would you like to see where i've been staying? I ask gulping.
Sure. I heard it was your Moms old place. He smiles at me and my face twists into a mask of shock.
Ermm.. yeah... how'd you know? I say, my voice rising in pitch slightly.
Well, yesterday this woman called. Said you inherited pretty much everything of your mothers.. and theres an engagement or wedding ring you need to find and if you cant you have to call the woman back. I saved her number in my cell. He said taking my hand in his which was freezing and still soaked.
Oh, thanks Gee. I say wondering about this ring. A ring? It could only belong to my Grandmother. She was the only one that had a lasting marriage and i remember she used to tell me the story of how she and grandpa met all those years ago and how that ring was one day going to be mine. I was going to hunt down that ring, even if it killed me.

I had someone in mind of who i was going to give it too. I would just have to wait and see.

Gerards POV
The pinkish yellowing sky shines through the curtainless wide window. What an amazing job Frank has done to this house. Something about it's atmosphere is bright, and alive. Emotions i had longed to feel again since he'd been gone. He was telling me of how he was going to make it homely. He wanted photographs and pretty decorations all over the place. Memories. Memories i wanted to make with him.

He came through the door with two cups of Coffee on a tray, smiling widely at me. Hey, are you okay? He asked taking a brisk look around the place himself. I could tell he was proud of his work. And anyone would have been. I had never seen a home as simple yet beautiful as this. The colours were eye catching and made the place seem summery. A huge stereo and a vase of sunflowers along with a large blue couch were all his living room held. Yeah, this place is really nice Frankie. Even prettier than the house i grew up in around here. I said honestly. My house had been on the nice side growing up, but this topped it by a far shot, although i could never tell my Mom that.Thanks Gee! He beamed at me before sitting down and handing me my coffee. He made the best coffee.

Gee?He said after seconds of silence.
I looked at his prettiness I missed you, alot. He said biting his lip in his signature way. He was so adorable all the time.

I missed you too Frankie> I said hugging him tightly to me. More than you'll ever knowI silently added.

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