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4- We Are Broken

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Hayley knows she can't hide the truth from Alex forever.

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-This is no place to try and live my life.-


(Flashback of Alex and Hayley this time.)

Hayley coughed and rolled over in bed, planning to never leave the warmth of it. She knew she had to. Especially since she had stolen Alex's bed... Which made her feel terrible. She couldn't handle being at Frank's for any longer though. After he called she just couldn't be there... She knew he wouldn't be back for a few more weeks but that didn't change the fact that she needed to leave.

The bedroom door creaked open and Hayley sat up, pushing her hair out of her face. "Can you not sleep out there?" She asked, feeling guilty.

Alex shrugged, "My couch is comfortable enough." He stated. "I just needed to come in to grab my toothbrush before I go to bed."

"Alex?" Hayley called softly, laying back in bed.

"Yeah?" Alex called, emerging from the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth.

"You can... You can sleep in here. I really don't like the fact that I kicked you out of your bed." Hayley admitted.

Alex didn't speak for a few seconds, brushing his teeth vigorously. He disappeared and Hayley could hear him finishing up before he reappeared. "I don't want you to feel pressured by..." Alex paused for a second, "by being in bed with me." He finished.

"Well I'm not going to have sex with you." Hayley said, cheeks blushing bright red. "But I'm not opposed to cuddling."

Alex laughed. "Me neither. Well scoot over then cuz as soon as this light turns off I'm crawling in next to you!"

As the lights shut off and Hayley felt the other side of the bed sink under Alex's weight she felt a smile creeping on to her face. Alex was a really good guy and well, he made the break up a little less painful.

Alex didn't even touch her. He kept his distance, making sure that she was comfortable.


(Frank's POV)

"Fuck." I moaned, waking up in my bedroom.

My head was pounding, I felt as if it were about to explode.

As I sat up in bed I noticed Mikey standing in the doorway, staring at me. Well... That's not creepy at all. "Nice bruise." Mikey commented.

I shrugged, "Did I get in to a fight or something last night?" I couldn't really remember much.

"Yeah." Mikey said, sounding disappointed. I didn't want to have one of those 'friend' lectures. "I thought he was going to fucking kill you for the shit you were saying about his friend..." Mikey muttered.

"His friend?" I asked, confused.


Fuck. Parker. What the fuck? What had I said about Parker? The idea of Parker sparked something inside of me but I couldn't quite remember whatever it was that I was trying to remember... "What did I say? Was Parker there?"

"Nope." Mikey said, "And I don't think you really want me to repeat what you said."

"Please?" I wanted to know.

Mikey sighed, "Fine. First you asked the guy if he was fucking her. That pissed him off. Then you told him that she cried the first time you fucked her which seemed to make you happy and you said it was the best part of ever having sex with her... which was pretty fucked up." That didn't sound like something I'd say. Sure, I'd taken Parker's virginity three years ago and she did cry but... it didn't make me happy. I wasn't a fucking sadist.

Mikey continued, "Then you told him to get checked for diseases because you were sure that Parker was infested with every disease imaginable. Hmm, insert a few colorful words you had for Parker then..." He had to think about it. He seemed disgusted with what he said next and I didn't blame him, "Then you promised to 'make the bitch cry' the next time you saw her for... something. I can't really remember what you said. At that point he was beating the shit out of you so your words weren't really making sense." Mikey admitted. "And I missed a few other things but I refuse to repeat them because you got pretty vulgar. I thought you loved Parker."

I shrugged again. "I did at one point." I paused, "She turned out to be a different girl than I originally thought her to be." And it still hurt. It still hurt a lot. It felt as if my heart had been ripped apart and stomped on then re-inserted. Now it beat to a strange rhythm.

Mikey seemed to catch on to the fact that I didn't want to talk about her anymore. "I was worried about you last night. How much did you drink?"

"I don't remember." I admitted.

"Gerard got some donuts. He's out in the living room. I was just coming in to wake you up." It was good to know he hadn't just been standing around staring at me.

"I'll be out there soon." I told him.

Mikey nodded and left, shutting my bedroom door behind him.

As soon as my bedroom door was shut I locked it and rushed in to my bathroom, opening up the medicine cabinet. In the very back was a small baggy I had hidden. I pulled it out and smiled in relief. I didn't need more just yet.

And as I inhaled the substance I realized I probably shouldn't mix drugs and alcohol. I really couldn't remember what I had done the night before...


(Hayley's POV)

"Earth to Hayley." Alex whispered, staring at me from across the table.

I hadn't heard a word he had said. "Oh... fuck. I'm sorry Alex. I didn't mean to ignore you!" I instantly apologized, looking down at my waffles. I hadn't taken a bite just yet.

Alex smiled kindly, "It's fine. You don't seem to want to be here though. Would you like to head home? I'm getting kind of tired." He admitted, yawning again.

I nodded. "Oh yeah, let's go home. I'm sorry." I apologized again.

Alex shrugged, picking up the check. "It's no big deal. I'm gonna go pay. Meet me out in the car?" He asked, sliding his keys to me.

I nodded, "Thanks." I whispered, patting my jeans.

I realized I didn't have my wallet. Where the hell had I misplaced it?

I was sitting in the passenger seat when Alex emerged, looking exhausted. He got in and yawned once again. "Would you like me to drive?" I asked, concerned.

Alex shook his head, "I should be fine to get us home." he said, smiling again.

It didn't really take us that long to get home but Alex started swerving a little which frightened me. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic and he quickly got his driving under control when he realized he was swerving. I was extremely thankful when we pulled in to our apartment parking lot though.

The apartment felt like home. Stepping inside brought happiness to me and I felt the urge to get some sleep as well. My sleep in the bathtub hadn't been that wonderful. Alex seemed to noticed that I was tired, "You wanna get some sleep too?" He asked.

I nodded, "Would you mind?" We shared a bed. We had for the last few weeks while I stayed here. It just seemed like the best way so that we could both sleep comfortably. We didn't have sex... We just laid next to each other and slept.

Alex shook his head, "Nah. I'm gonna take a quick shower first though. Do you need the bathroom for anything?"

"Nope." I knew I should probably brush my teeth but I didn't feel like it at the moment. "I'm just gonna go straight to bed."

Alex headed to the bathroom and I heard the shower start as I pulled my shirt off, throwing it in to the dirty clothes hamper. I noticed my wrist was bruised as well. Lovely. Soon enough I was undressed completely. I pulled on one of Alex's t-shirts because I wanted something loose and comfortable. That was enough for me. I needed sleep.

As I crawled under the warm blankets I sighed in relief. After everything this all felt so normal which felt wonderful. I loved this bed. It had been my refuge after the break up and here it was... My refuge for the, uh, what would I call that? For the beat up? Frank had hurt me but he hadn't really beaten me... Sure I had bruises but it wasn't really anything too extreme.

I knew I was defending Frank but I couldn't help it. All of the good times we'd spent together left me in disbelief over the fact that he could do anything remotely evil.

How was I to know that sleep would be such a hard task? As soon as I closed my eyes I relived the moment. Frank were there. He was in my head. He felt so close. I could fucking smell the alcohol, that's how realistic it felt.

Imagine my panic when two strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me towards a hard bare chest. I remembered Frank taking his shirt off and for some damn reason I thought I was still with him. "Get.Off.Of.Me." I screamed, lashing out violently. I felt my fist hit something hard and then I started kicking. "Please!" I yelled, terrified. "I said no!"

Suddenly hands closed over my wrists and I was being held down. This caused even more panic. My eyes felt as if they were glued shut. I couldn't see a single fucking thing. "Please Frank." I whimpered, "I'm sorry." I whispered, tears sliding down my cheeks.

I didn't want him to hurt me again. Did he want to rape me? Had he come back?

"Hayley shh, Hayley it's okay..." Wait. Frank didn't ever call me Hayley. He called me Parker. Some of my fear lifted as I forced my eyes open.

"A-alex?" I whispered, terrified.

Alex looked terrified as well. "Yeah Hayley it's me but I think we need to talk." He whispered, letting go of my wrists.

I figured that much.
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