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5- Blame Me

by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

"I won't let him touch you again." Alex whispered.

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-It's not fair when you say that I didn't try. I just don't want to hear it anymore.-

Hayley burst in to giggles as soon as she entered the room. There Frank was, dancing in his boxers. It was probably the cutest thing she had ever seen. "Join me?" Frank asked over the music.

"I think I might be overdressed." Hayley joked.

"I constantly think that." Frank muttered, "Why do you wear clothing again? I'm totally against it... It ruins your natural beauty." he joked.

Hayley laughed, "Yeah? I'm cold." She complained.

"Aww." Frank turned down the music and walked towards Hayley, pulling her in to his arms. "I'll warm you up Parker." He whispered softly, causing her stomach to errupt in fluttering butterflies.


(Hayley's POV)

"He-He didn't mean to. He was drunk!" I said, defending Frank. I had just finished telling Alex what had happened in graphic detail. My body was shaking as I relived the recent memories of the man I loved assaulting me.

Alex shook his head. He was pacing back and forth at the end of the bed, trying to control his anger. "Don't fucking defend him Hayley!" Alex snapped.

I jumped, frightened at the tone he had used with me. "I-I..." I was at a loss for words. Why had I told Alex anything? "He didn't rape me though." I whispered. Somehow that had to make things better, right? He had threatened to but... but he didn't.

"But he would've." Alex stated. "He's dangerous to be around."

"I didn't plan on being around him."

"We need to call the cops. That's assault Hayley. He can't just do that and get away with it."

I quickly shook my head, terrified at the idea of putting Frank in jail. "No! I refuse to." I said, hoping Alex wouldn't get too angry with me.

He stopped pacing as he approached the bed. Alex reached out and I flinched as his hand came near my face to brush my hair away. Alex sighed, hand falling to his side. "Look at what he's done to you." He whispered, "I can't even touch you. You're so frightened. I can't believe that I was so close and I- I did nothing." He said, voice shaking.

I shook my head, pulling my legs up to my chest. "You didn't know." I said, not wanting Alex to feel guilty. He had no reason to. "I just..." I trailed off. "I just need to stay away from him." So why did I want to see him so badly?

I missed him.

Oh god, how big of a fool was I?

Alex sat on the bed, slowly and gently wrapping his arms around me. I shook slightly as he touched me. I really didn't want to be touched but... this was Alex.

"I won't let him touch you again." Alex whispered.


(Frank's POV)

"Fuck, no chocolate milk?" I asked, annoyed.

Gerard laughed, "Sorry fat ass, I forgot. Here, why don't you eat your 12th donut?" He joked.

"I might just." I said, sticking my tongue out at him. Strangely enough it was a struggle to eat but I still did so just so that my friends wouldn't get suspicious. I rarely felt like eating with these drugs in my system. "I'm gonna go get dressed." I said, going back to my bedroom.

I grabbed my pants from the night before and figured they would do for the day. As I slid them on I felt something in my pocket and pulled it out. I recognized it immediately. Hayley's wallet. What the fuck?

I pulled it open just to verify and sure enough there was Hayley's drivers license. "Fuck." Mikey said she hadn't been there...

Evidently I ran in to her at one point... What did I do? I hoped I hadn't slept with her. Did I say something? Fuck. I hated not remembering.

I slid it back in to my pants and sighed. Time to face up to whatever I'd done. I had to return Hayley's wallet.


(Sorry, really short update! As always I really appreciate any feedback for this story. Thank you!... And just a brief warning, things will get worse before they get better. Don't hate me?)
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