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6- How Did We Get Here?

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Frank is left confused after returning Hayley's wallet. He's worried for her but little does he know that he's the threat.

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-People like us use their bodies like exploding weapons wired, never excusing why we're standing as we dance tonight away.-

(Hayley's POV)

"Happy Birthdayyyyy!" Frank sang as he opened his front door. I was standing on his porch, smiling. He was always so sweet. "Come in!" he yelled, pulling me inside quickly.

"It's not my birthday yet!" I declared, confused.

Frank grinned. "It's the day before your birthday... And the day that I get you!" He sulked slightly, "I have to share you with your dad on your actual birthday."

I nodded in understanding, "I see. Does that mean I get my present early?" I joked.

Frank was still grinning, "Yes, you do."

That was when he pulled me in to his bedroom. That day I got the best present in the world. I got Frank.

(Third Person POV)

"You could say you're bored, you could act real tough!" Frank could hear Hayley singing from the hallway and he paused, grinning. His grin was wiped away as he thought of the phone call he had gotten while on tour. That was the phone call that had ended their relationship. After that he hadn't been able to continue...

Frank sighed and loudly knocked on the door. Hayley's singing abruptly stopped and the door was pulled open. Hayley's eyes widened in horror and she stepped back, "F-frank." She whispered, terrified.

"Yo Parker." Frank said casually. "Missed you." He admitted, even though he was still mad at her.

Hayley took another step back, "Frank please leave." She begged. "Alex isn't here and I- I, fuck. I shoudn't have said that." She moaned in disapproval.

"Yeah, Alex." Frank rolled his eyes. "I heard you were living with some dude named Alex. Kyla told me when she gave me the address."

Hayley didn't say anything. Frank stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. He looked around, "Pretty nice apartment. Don't you think you're moving on a little quickly?" He asked. The drugs made him lose control of his temper fairly quickly and it was never pretty.

"I-." Hayley nervously looked around for a weapon in case she had to defend herself.

"I think you are. Is Alex the guy you were sleeping with while I was on tour, working my ass off?" Frank asked.

"N-no." Hayley whispered, frozen in place as she watched Frank. "I-I didn't-I haven't... I haven't slept with anyone other than you." She choked out.

Frank stepped forward again, "Don't lie to me."

Hayley's hands instinctively went to her neck and she rubbed her bruises. Frank's eyes flew to the bruises and his eyes widened. He hadn't even noticed them. "Does he- Does he hurt you?" Frank asked, concerned.

Hayley was his ex girlfriend. That didn't mean that he didn't care about her. Hell, he still cared a lot about her.

"Are you serious?" Hayley asked, angrily.

Frank stepped closer again, now within touching distance of her. As he reached out Hayley's entire body tensed and she was about to beg him to leave when the door opened and Alex walked in.

Alex's eyes took in the situation and his face became enraged. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Alex asked, loudly, stepping towards Frank.

Frank shrugged, "I came here to talk to Parker." He said, not sure why the guy was angry with him.

"You're never talking to Hayley again. Get out now." Alex demanded, stepping in between Frank and Hayley.

Hayley backed up behind Alex, frightened of the entire situation.

"First sign of an abusive relationship." Frank stated, staring at Hayley. "He's cutting you off from the outside world."

"What?" Alex asked in disgust. "I'm not abusing Hayley." He said, angry at the allegation.

Frank rolled his eyes, "I'm sure. Parker, call me if you need me." He said, staring at Hayley in concern.

Alex's body tensed. Hayley noticed and she gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "It's okay Alex. I'm fine. As long as you're here I'm fine..." She whispered, feeling a little less frightened. "Why did you come here Frank?"

Frank was a litle hurt with how Hayley was acting but he tried to act as if he didn't care. "I came to return your fucking wallet." Frank said, pulling her wallet out of his pocket. He threw it towards her and Alex caught it effortlessly.

"Is that all?" Alex asked, itching to hit Frank.

Frank nodded.

"Then get the fuck out of our apartment and don't come back." Alex said, stepping forward in a threatening way. "I don't want you near Hayley again. Believe me you'll fucking regret it."

Frank would've argued but he figured he was missing something. He had a feeling that Alex was the one he had gotten in to a fight with. The guy that Mikey had been talking about. Did Alex abuse Hayley? He seemed to have anger issues.

But it bothered Frank that he couldn't remember when he had gotten Hayley's wallet. It bothered him a lot because Hayley wouldn't look at him. It was almost as if she looked frightened... of him.


(Another short update, sorry! Thanks so much for reviews, I really really appreciate them! :) Also... some of this hinted towards why they broke up and don't worry, it will be coming up later... I'm not just gonna leave everyone confused. So here's the last warning, THIS STORY IS GOING TO BE VIOLENT! The violence has not passed. Just be warned. Thank you. (: And again, thank you for reviewing, I always appreciate it! Hope everyone is enjoying this story!)
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