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7- The Coldest Heart

by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

Frank takes things a little too far. When he realizes what he's done, will this be the end of him?

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-If life is a riddle, riddle me this... Her blood tasted sweet as it passed by my lips.-

(Third person POV flashback!)

Alex watched the girl from across the room. He peered down at his book and sighed. He finally had a chance to talk to her and yet... They were in a library. How convenient.

Finally he decided to just go for it. He had to say something to her. It had been months! Months of going to classes together and not a word had been spoken between them. She was fairly quiet though she always looked happy. He was glad to catch her alone. His friends had told him a few things about her... but not enough. He really wanted to get to know her.

Alex walked up to the girl. She was writing something in her notebook but she quickly started erasing it, looking frustrated. Alex cleared his throat nervously. He wasn't usually nervous with girls. He didn't like it. "Where does a word go when you erase it with your pencil?" Alex joked softly.

The girl jumped, surprised. "It's still there. It doesn't go anywhere. Just because we can't see something... doesn't mean it's not there." Alex was surprised by her answer.

"I'm Alex." Alex said, sitting next to the girl.

"Hayley." Such a beautiful name. Alex stared in to her dark eyes and felt something inside of him clench tightly. What was it about this girl?

Silence fell over the table for a moment as Hayley turned back to her notebook. She whispered a question to Alex without looking at him, "Is everyone here make believe?"

"I-what?" Alex asked, trying to remain quiet as well.

"Everything here... Everyone..." Hayley searched for the words, "Is it all make believe? What makes any of this real?" She asked, searching his eyes for answers.

"We make this real." Alex whispered fiercely. "As long as we believe... Then it's real."

That was the day Alex fell in love with Hayley. Hayley thought they were just friends... She was such a silly, silly little girl.


"I'm serious Alex! Go! Go and enjoy yourself!" Hayley said, laughing.

"I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone. I mean, will you be okay? Are you okay?" Alex asked, nervously watching Hayley.

Hayley rolled her eyes. "Dude it's your parents. Go and enjoy dinner with them. I'll be fine. I'm probably gonna go to bed early or something unless you want me to wait up for you."

Alex shrugged, "Wanna come to dinner? They really wouldn't mind Hayley."

"I just feel like staying in. Go have fun with your parents Alex. Please? I'd feel so terrible if you missed out on family time to babysit me." Hayley pouted in an over exaggerated manner.

Alex sighed, giving in. "Fine. But call me if Frank comes over. Don't open the door for him. Just call me. I'll be here in record time." He promised.

Hayley nodded, knowing that he was being honest.

Alex seemed to be the only person in her life that loved her unconditionally. Would that change? She feared it would. Just how it changed with her father and just how it changed with Frank...


(Frank's POV)

I couldn't get the look Hayley had given me out of my mind all night. Was she afraid of me? Was she afraid of Alex? I needed to find out more.

I hadn't been able to brush thoughts of Hayley away. Even the drugs couldn't help. They just made me obsess over her further... She was like a disease that was eating at my mental stability. Would there be a me left when she was finished? I felt insane whenever I thought of her. Maybe I had already lost myself to this crazy obsession.

Gerard and Mikey left. They left me here to wallow in my fucked up lack of romance. They invited me to some stupid fucking party. I didn't need a party. I had an unopened bottle of vodka. I could start my own damn party.

That's what I would do! Fuck Parker! I don't need her. All I needed were the drugs and the alcohol. They made everything fall in to place. Without them I felt so... wrong.

My throat burned as the alcohol poured down smoothly. It felt right. This was all right, wasn't it? Hayley was wrong. Hayley cheated. Hayley didn't love me. Hayley lied.

My vision began to blur after a few more shots but I tried my hardest to hold on. "Hayley... Parker... Fuck you." I whispered, slipping in to the darkness.

The black out was welcoming. I felt alright. This was the only time I felt alright anymore. I would hold on to it with everything I had.


(Hayley's POV)

I shut the television off, stretching lazily. I didn't really feel like doing anything. I was so glad that school was on break. I couldn't seem to find the motivation to really do anything...

I was starting to get comfortable with the silence in the apartment when loud banging erupted on the door, causing me to jump. Who the hell would be knocking on the door? I hadn't invited anyone over. Alex wouldn't have. He hadn't had many people over since I'd moved in...

The knocking got louder. "I'm coming!" I yelled, annoyed.

I didn't even think about what I was doing as I opened the door. I didn't check to see who it was. I had quickly become comfortable with my surroundings. For some reason I just couldn't imagine Frank hurting me. It was as if I had brushed the entire idea from my mind. I was such a fool.

Frank's eyes were bloodshot. He looked exhausted. He looked angry. Fuck. "Frank-." I paused, not sure of what to say.

Everything inside of me wanted him. I wanted him. I wanted the old Frank but I knew, just from the look in his eyes... This wasn't my Frank. This was a different Frank. Yesterday I saw a glimpse of my Frank but now he was gone. What was happening?

"Yes Parker?" Frank asked, stepping inside.

I stepped back instinctively. Frank closed the door behind him, locking it. I felt panic flutter through my chest as I remembered when he had locked us in the bathroom at the party together. No, this couldn't happen again. It couldn't. Please leave. I knew that the pleading inside of my head would get me nowhere. Pleading with Frank would get me nowhere. This wasn't the man that I once knew.

I stepped back again, not speaking. Frank frowned, stepping closer. My entire body froze as he approached me, pausing with his face inches from mine. I could smell the disgusting stench of alcohol once again. He had been drinking...

"You were mine." Frank said, through clenched teeth.

I stumbled back as Frank poked me in the shoulder roughly. It left me with an aching sensation that I despised. I knew it wouldn't be the worst of tonight though. I couldn't trick myself in to believing that Frank wouldn't hurt me. What had I done to deserve this from my first love?

"You were mine and I'll be damned if he fucking gets you now. That's not going to happen." Who the fuck was 'he'? Alex? I stumbled again, falling against the couch in the living room. The soft fabric brushed against the skin on my back as my shirt came up, revealing a tiny amount of my stomach.

Frank got closer, leaning over me. I felt so trapped. Frank's eyes burned in to mine and I felt tears well up in my eyes. I couldn't help it. The look he gave me was full of hatred, I couldn't handle that. "He can't have you." Frank whispered, a crazed look reflected in his eyes.

I was about to speak, to try and talk some sense in to Frank but then fear took hold of my body as I felt something cold press against my stomach. My eyes slipped away from Frank's and I looked down to take notice of the blade Frank was now holding against my body.

"You were mine. You'll never be his." He wasn't sane anymore. As I looked in to Frank's eyes that was the only thing I was sure of.
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