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The Awakening

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Well. No summery this time, as it would ruin the fun in this chapter!

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FIRST OFF! I don’t own ANYTHING of the Neon Genesis universe! This all belong to Gainax, and their respective distributors.
Btw ( “ ” ) means someone said it, ( ‘ ’) meaning someone thought it!
Hope you enjoy!

I would like to thank you for reviewing!

First off, I would like to thank: AngelNo13Bardiel !

English is indeed my second language (Danish being my first)
The thing is, it was planned the whole AxS rush, which you will find out soon. It’s part of the plot, and also part of the name of the title! (not to expose too much :D)
And I will of cause try to improve!
AND make the chapters longer. Somehow I fail at making the last 2 more than 2000 words.

And a thank you to daTerminator !
I’m going off the TV series as well, and yes Shinji doesn’t have that much backbone in the TV series.
But you will find out soon enough, why he suddenly has so much backbone.
And thank you, I will keep writing this in my own style.

But I will say, that some of the things you read, I have gotten from a mixture of the other great unfinished FanFics at

I also want to say, that whenever you give me constructive criticism in a review (or a mail) I’ll try to improve what you found was a bit flawed.

Chapter 7

When Misato woke up, she quickly stumbled to her feet, and raced out into the hall way.
She was afraid, that Shinji and Asuka might have been awake enough, to do stuff.
Once out in the hallway, she slowly opened the door to Shinji’s room.
Asuka were still fast asleep.
But Shinji were looking straight at her, motioning to her, to be quiet.
He smiled, and not one of his apologizing smiles, but a smile of nothing, but utter happiness.
His entire face lit up, showing an amazingly beautiful side of him.
Asuka moaned in her sleep, and turned grabbed him, pulling his face closer to her breast.

“Uhm… Asuka?” Shinji said, slowly trying to wake her up.
“Uhm… Just five minutes more… It feels so nice…” She answered, not entirely awake yet.
Misato just smiled. She then motioned that she would be right back.

‘Wonder what she is doing’ Shinji thought to himself.
He didn’t have to wait long.
Misato entered, holding a giant piece of cardboard, which on it read:

After reading the ‘sign’ he blushed, but nodded at Misato.
Misato kept smiling, while she closed the door, and went to change into her official NERV clothing.
Once that was done, she quietly opened the front door, and went out.
Meanwhile Shinji drifted off to sleep again.

2 hours later, Shinji’s bedroom.

Asuka awoke, wondering where she were.
She quickly remembered.

Shinji were still fast asleep, much to the dislike of Asuka.
But then again, he did lose a lot of blood yesterday.
She thought back, while smiling a bit.
She could get used to it.
Feeling a bit sleepy still, she laid her head back on Shinji’s chest, and soon drifted off to sleep.

They both awoke a few hours later.
There was an awkward silence, as neither knew what to say.
Asuka were still lying half naked on top of Shinji, pushing breast flat against his chest.
And Shinji’s body reacted to that. So much, that Asuka felt it touch her leg.
“Shinji?” Asuka said, blushing red, looking away from him.
“Yes?” Shinji answered, smiling.
“What part of your body is it touching my leg?” Asuka said, a bit teasing, but also a bit embarrassed.
She hadn’t quite expected such a larger reaction from Shinji.
Shinji blushed deeply, and didn’t know what to say.
“Uhm… we-well, you see…” He stuttered, blushing deeper and deeper.
“Thought it might be that part… I’ll go take shower… Get control over it, will you?” Asuka said, teasingly, still blushing.
“Ri-Right” Shinji stuttered, blushing redder and redder.

Asuka went in her room to get some clothes, but all she could think off, was Shinji’s reacting to her being topless. Therefore it took her entire 10 minutes before she had gathered the amount of clothes needed to get dressed.
She quickly undressed, and grabbed a towel, which she covered herself with.
Asuka then slowly opened her door and looked outside. She sure as hell shouldn’t be surprise by that Baka.
‘Wonder what that Baka of a boyfriend I have is doing’

She just thought that thought to end, before she clasped her hand up over her mouth.
Thoughts began roaming around in her mind
‘Do I really think of him as my boyfriend? I thought?! But that can’t be! No way! I WON’T STAND FOR IT!’
She roared, and leapt for the bathroom, not knowing that Pen-Pen had been up for quite a while.
So when she opened the door, she was met by a “SQAWK!” and a penguin running out through the door.
Asuka leapt into the air, and fell straight to her butt.
The towel had also flown of her, so now she was completely naked.
And of cause, as the gentleman Shinji is, he went out to see what had happened.
You can imagine the sight that awaited him. And properly also the smack he received for looking at her.

He felt a foot tramping him in the face.
He felt the foot again.
“Auch! Asuka! Just 5 minutes more!” Shinji said groggy.
“5 minutes more and you won’t have enough time to make our breakfast! NOW MOVE IT!”
Again the foot.

I’ll just stop it here, to make sure you follow what is going on.
Shinji, DOESN’T have shit for a backbone, the last 6 chapters all happened in a dream he was having.
(quite the dream though :D)
Asuka is still a bitch, Rei is still, well. Rei. And Pen-Pen is still… well Pen-Pen!:D
And without further ado:

Shinji sighed.
It had been a really good dream, where everything just worked out for him.
He had backbone, a perfect Angel battle, and he had even touched Asuka’s breast.
‘Ah well, all good things come to an end…’
He thought to himself, as he got up, and dressed.
He frowned when he saw what time it was.
Indeed, 5 more minutes and he wouldn’t have time enough to make their breakfasts.

He hurried up, grabbed his school uniform, and quickly pulled in on, and ran out in the kitchen to make their breakfasts.
While he was getting it ready, he sneaked a look on Asuka.
‘Wonder if it really would feel like that, with her…’ “What are you looking at Baka?
Asuka had obviously seen him looking at her, as she now where sitting staring at him, with a small smile on her face, looking like she knew EXACTLY what he were looking at.
“No-Nothing! I-I were just wondering…” He stuttered, leaving the sentence hanging in the air.
“Wondering what Baka?” Asuka said, still smiling her small smile.
“Nothing…” Shinji said, lowering his voice.
“Here” He then said, giving her her wrapped up breakfast.
“’bout time Baka” She said annoyed.

They quickly ran out the door, and were soon running towards the school.
As usual Asuka were a few paces in front of him, almost like she didn’t want to be seen with him.

‘Wonder what’s on her mind. She seems quite pissed for some reason.’
Shinji thought, feeling his body scream for him to stop.
‘Guess I’m not in the best of forms, as of late. Maybe I should start running. I could certainly use it’
And before he knew it, he was at the school. He quickly raced up the stairs, and went into his classroom, mere seconds before the bell rang.
“Just in time Ikari. You should try not to be so late next time!” He’s teacher said, before turning his back to Shinji.

Shinji let out a sigh, knowing how close he had been to getting scolded.
He saw that Asuka were already sitting at her table, looking at him in defiance.
SIT! She motioned to him.
He noticed that everybody was staring at him, excluding the teacher, who were going on about his ramblings of Second Impact, as usual.
He went for his seat, and sat down.
Everybody seemed to have lost interest in him, and were playing games on their laptops.

He got his laptop out, and booted it up.
The teacher seemed to not notice anyone, as he was going on in his rambling.
Frankly Shinji were getting sick and tired of this cover up story.

Once his laptop was up and running, he booted up the chatting program everybody in class was using.
The chat room went silence, when they noticed he had logged on.
Unfortunately, Asuka weren’t logged on.
Shinji looked up, and saw that everybody was watching him again.
He quickly ducked behind his laptop, and wrote.

(I know it’s not recommended to write it like this, but I chose to do so, so I’m sorry, but you’ll have to live with it ;) )

Shinji - What is it?
Touji – What’s up with Asuka?
Shinji – Is that why everybody is staring at me?
Aida – Ye, I believe it is… Do you know what she said? (nope I meant for him to say “ye” :D)
Shinji – No, what?
Touji – Aida, don’t… He’ll know soon enough…
Aida – Alright Touji, but still. I think he would be most save if we told him, so he could prepare himself.
Touji – I know he would, but that wouldn’t be as much fun when-

Asuka had just logged on.

Asuka – What’s up?
Touji – Nothing really.
Aida – We’ll just be leaving I think.

The entire class logged of, soon after.

Asuka – Baka, what was all that about?
Shinji – Something about you saying stuff, when you came into class this morning.

Shinji looked up, and caught Asuka’s eye, looking puzzled at him.
She shook her head in what seemed disbelief.

Asuka – Just ignore it.
Shinji – Why?
Asuka – Anta Baka? Because I tell you to!
Shinji – And? I want to know what you said!

Asuka logged off.
Shinji were now the only one in the chat room.

Shinji glared at Asuka’s back for the rest of class, hoping to catch her when class ended.
But when the bell rang, Asuka leapt to her feet, and raced to the door, leaving behind an astonished Shinji.
He looked at Touji and Aida, who shrugged their shoulders.
Then he looked at Hikari, who motioned him to go catch up with her.
‘Why can’t things be easy with her…’ Shinji thought to himself, as he began running after Asuka.

He found her near the gym hall, where she were sitting, holding her legs up tight to her body.
She looked up once she heard him, but else took no notice of his presence.
“Asuka I-“
“Don’t Baka” She fended him off.
“But I-“
“Shut it Baka” She fended him off again.
“Let me-“
“ANTA BAKA?! SHUT UP!” She suddenly exploded rising to her feet, properly to smack him.
And so she did.


He fell backwards, falling on his butt.
He’s face showed no sign of that he had felt the pain, as pain inflicted to him by Asuka, were just something you have to feel every day.
“Asuka, could you at least-“
“ANTA BAKA!” She scram at him, kicking him in the stomach, before turning.
She were already walking back, when Shinji finally got himself convinced that she would hit anymore.
‘At least not now’ he thought to himself, smiling in pain to himself.
He picked himself up, and got up. He waited for his dizziness to stop, and once it did, he went walking towards the school again.

Upon entering the classroom, everybody was looking at him again. That is, except for Asuka, who were looking down at her desk.
He apologized to the teacher for being late, and went for his seat.

There he waited 5 minutes, for the pain to turn into something a bit more controllable.
He was still feeling the kick in the stomach, and quite frankly, he was going to tell Asuka straight once they got home.

He then turned his laptop on again, and turned the chat program on.

Shinji logged on.

Aida – Shinji, what happened?
Aida – Did she attack you?
Aida – You look like shit mate!
Hikari – Aida, relax! I’m sure Shinji will tell, if he wants to.
Touji – Nope, I don’t think he would!
Shinji – It was nothing.
Touji – It sure doesn’t seem like nothing!
Aida – I agree with Touji on this one! Asuka seemed quite upset when she came back in.
Hikari – Stop bothering Shinji, and concentrate on class!

Hikari logged off.

Touji – I guess she is right…
Aida – better do as she says, ey Touji Winks
Touji – What’s that suppose to mean?!

Aida logged off.


Touji logged off.

Shinji were now again, totally alone in the chat room, and he didn’t like it.
Nobody were telling him anything.
Seconds before he closed down the program, something caught his eye.

Ayanami logged on.

Shinji were starring at the screen, until he saw that Rei had written to him.

Ayanami – What is wrong with Pilot Soryu?
Shinji – I’m not quite sure myself. She won’t talk about it.
Ayanami – Maybe you should go and make social interference with Pilot Soryu.

Shinji starred at the screen for a few seconds, before he understood what Rei meant.

Shinji – I’ve tried that, and she pushed me away.
Ayanami – Perhaps, you have not tried hard enough?

Shinji looked up from the screen, and once he found Rei, he was shocked.
She was staring at him. And it wasn’t a nice stare.
He looked down at the screen and started typing again.

Shinji – What do you want me to do? She keeps pushing me away, no matter what I do!
Ayanami – I do not know the way. But you do. The way to help Pilot Soryu is right in front of you.
Ayanami – You just need to find it.
Shinji – Easy for you to say…
Ayanami – I may not be very experienced with socialization, but I know you will regret it, should you not help Pilot Soryu.
Ayanami – And if you don’t I will not speak with you for some time.
Ayanami – I believe it is called punishment?
Shinji – Alright alright. I’m surprised you care about Asuka.
Shinji she never were nice towards you.
Ayanami – You do not understand ANYTHING about me Pilot Ikari.

Ayanami logged off.

Shinji were now sitting, staring blankly at the screen in front of him.

“Shinji-kun? Shinji-kun? SHINJI-KUN?!”


Asuka had not missed the chance to hit Shinji again, when the teacher couldn’t get a response from him.
After the first 2 unanswered attempts of contact towards Shinji, she had stood up, nostrils bluffing, and smacked him, for the second time within 15 minutes.

“Thank you Miss Soryu” The teacher said.
“Now, Mister Ikari. Could you tell me what happened to the oceans when Second Impact occurred?

The rest of the lessons went the same, until lunchbreak.
Again, with hesitation Asuka leapt, this time spending just enough time to grab her lunch, and went flying out the door. Shinji were following her. He wanted to get to the bottom of this.

This time, she went to the top of the school, up on the roofs.

She was looking out over Tokyo-3, not giving any sign that she acknowledge his existence.

“Asuka I-“
She turned around, looking him STRAIGHT in the eyes, making him step back.
Her look was the look of pure determination.

“I swear, to all which is holy on this world, be it even the smallest particle, should you apologize now, I will castrate you, and feed Pen-Pen with whatever would be left”
She had looked at him the whole time, and not once had the look of determination left her eyes.

“That’s not what I was going to say!” Shinji yelled out, now very annoyed.
“I was going to say: Asuka I want to help you. But you’ve got to let me!”
He sounded pathetic, even he heard that.

She looked at him with disgust on her face.
“W-why would I want ANYTHING from you?”
She stuttered slightly, still looking at him.

‘BAKA SHINJI! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!’ She yelled to herself.

Shinji looked at his feet.
Now he looked up, determination showing on his face,
“I don’t know. But I know something is bothering you”
Saying that, he moved closer to Asuka.
“And… I don’t want it to eat you up”
He took a single step closer, now only ¾ of a meter from Asuka.

‘Baka… Shinji…’
Asuka thought to himself.

Shinji standing there, extended his arms as to show that he was ready to hug her, if she felt like it.

‘What do you think you’re doing, BAKA SHINJI?!’ One voice in her head said.
‘I always dreamed of a hug from Shinji, where neither of us were knocked out’ Another voice said.
‘who are you?’ Asuka asked.

So Asuka did the only thing she could think off.

She slapped him.


Shinji went unconscious.

After school, Asuka went up and dragged him home.

Once home she put him on his bed in his room, and she then went to her own room, crashing on the bed, wondering what she did wrong. She were listening, but couldn’t hear the voices anymore.

‘Guess there is a good and a bad voice. And I chose the bad…’

Shinji awoke a few hours later with a large headache.

‘What happened? I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck…’
He shifts his position to face the door, noticing it isn’t quite closed.
Suddenly 2 very blue eyes look through the hole.
Shinji catches eye contact with them, and before he can say anything, the eyes disappear, while a flurry of red hair moves away, fast.
‘Was that? Asuka?’


Apparently, a new angel was here.
Shinji stood up, only to fall back on his bed of dizziness.

He is suddenly pulled up and dragged along out to what feels like car.

‘Oh no… Misato is driving?’

But that’s not his biggest concern.
Someone is holding him tight.
Someone who likes him.
Someone who wants him.
Someone who needs him.
Someone… who cares!

All he feels, is the hand holding his right shoulder, and the shoulder his head is resting on.
For the first time in Shinji’s life, he feels whole.
He feels. Loved.

Misato drives off, and yet, Shinji feels nothing.
No pain. No fear. Just. Love.

Well! That last scene turned out pretty well. In my opinion! :D
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You really heated up my fires again!
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Hope you like the way the events turned out.

Oh, and as you are reading this, I am writing the next chapter! Get ready for some action in that one!

Wanted to say though, that I didn’t see any fanfics, that started with a dream, so I decided to make one, to see how it would turn out. Maybe not quite as smooth as I’d hoped, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

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And within the next 5-10 chapters, I’m going to put 1-2 new pilots in from, well, try and guess:D
If anyone guesses it, I’ll try and write a lemon! (Featuring Asuka and Shinji of cause!) (so please don’t guess it… or you’ll have to suffer from reading my lemon… MWAHAHAH!:D)
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