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The First Day Back

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You are the only reason I go to school

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Frank's P.O.V

It was a nice day to go back to school on,I mean,school is hell but the nicer days just make it well,that tiny bit nicer.I actually got up on time for once,which is absolutly outrageous considering its me.The first thing I do is check my scrapbook,I don't know why I check it because my 'rents know about it but I guess it just makes me feel better knowing its there and no one else has flipped through it.
"Your up early",I turned and saw my mum at the door,"I was just coming to get you up"
"I just felt like being an early bird for once" I smiled
"For once" my mum laughed,"Excited to see Mikey?"
"..Yes.." I blushed
My mum smiled, "Well he'll be here in 15 mimutes,hurry you don't want him to see you with no make up on" She teased and left my bedroom
"Muuuummm!" I scowled

It was the truth though,I was excited to see Mikey.I did meet up with him over the half term but only twice as he was to busy being introduced to Alicia's parents,I don't have anything against her at all...pah thats all lies, she stole my best friend,my best friend away from me I didn't mind at first because she seemed an alright person but I know what goes on in that sick and twisted mind of hers...actually I don't but I dread to think of what evil thoughts she has,give or take the fact I don't know her that well I say I'm just thinking on my feelings about her.
I was suddenly awear that my phone was vibrating with a text message,I unlocked it and my heart started thumping when I saw who it was from, '1 new message - Mikey' I started grinning like a guy high on drugs,I laughed and read the message
'Outside your house xxxx (:' Upon reading that I sprinted down the stairs yelling goodbye to my 'rents,stoping calmly at my door,taking in deep breaths and walked outside.

Mikey's P.O.V

I sighed and scrolled through my songs on my Ipod,didn't want to listen to this,didn't really like that..I needed new songs and fast!Frank would have some good tracks for me to listen to,If he'd let me near his Ipod that is,he loves it to death.Thinking about it I could get him to do pretty much what I wanted him to do,It's kinda freaky but awesome at the same time.
On the subject of Frank,I wondered how late he would be today,he is usually at least 5 minutes late,always.I heard a door close and looked up and sure enough Frank's skinny body was making its way down the garden path of the Iero household.
"What are you smiling about?" Frank asked as he jumped over his gate and landed with a soft thud on the pavement
"I was just thinking about how late you would be today" I chuckled as Frank blushed,"Come on we'll be late"
"Oh how terrible!And on the first day back!" said Frank in a sarcastic tone


Mikey's P.O.V

It's three hours into the day and it sucks big time.Me and Frank got to school 10 minutes late to find that our timetables didn't match and I didn't see him until the end of the day.The good thing was I now have most of my lessons with my Alicia,my gorgeous Alicia.Come to think of it I don't think Frank likes her very much...
"You ok baby?" asked Alicia
"Hmm what?"
"I asked if you were ok,you were all quiet and then you just went 'hmmm'"
"Oh.." I blinked and looked around, "Yeah I'm fine I was just thinking thats all"
"Hehe ok" She smiled,she is soo cute when she smiles
"You walking home after school?" I asked
"I would but no,I have to go for my interview at the local coffee shop rememeber?"
"Oh yeah!Good luck with that" I smiled and kissed her forehead

Frank's P.O.V

Awww damn mine and Mikey's timetables weren't the same,at least I don't have anymore lessons with Alicia I don't think I could have taken yet another year of boasting about being with him,she knows about my crush on Mikey she just likes to be an annoying cow and rub it in.Oh well,15 minutes until lunch then I can go escape to my little invisible area (the roof) were no one can get at me and I can just think and breath without feeling like a third-wheel around Mikey and Alicia.I looked at the clock,11 minutes left I picked up my guitar,the one thing I love about music class is that the teacher knows I can just get on and do the task and do it well so she leaves me be and goes to help the other students.
I sighed,Mikey knows I don't like school I mean I get good grades and the music classes rock but I just don't like it,infact I've come to realise it that Mikey is the only reason why I hold on through these rough days,he is the reason I go to school.
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