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Now I whish this roof had a different view...

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Frank's P.O.V

Ahh lunch time,the one time were I can relax and have a cigerette without anyone bugging me.I do enjoy this roof,it's high enough so I can't be seen and easy enough for me to climb onto,I go round to the back like a ninja,then I jump onto the bins and climb up the drainpipe and carefully put one foot on the top windowsill then the next foot and with one massive junmp I'm up.I always feel like spiderman when I do it so thats a possitive outcome for the scrapes I got doing it in the past.
Sigh,sigh,sighy sigh sigh,I miss Mikey.A lot.No one should miss another human being as much as this.But I do.So you can now probably guess how much I miss him.This calls for a smoke should I put this?...hmmm..ahh,help me get over him.

-------------------- 2 smokes later -----------------------

...Yeah it doesn't work,I should know it doesn't by now,Mikey is just a bigger,more powerful drug to me than cigerettes.God it's getting real hot out here,quite strange when it's the middle of April.It's a really beautiful view from the roof in the spring;green grass everywhere it's all nice and spring-like.Mikey loves the spring,thats only beacause he thinks that the unicorns are running wild and breeding and such.I laughed to myself,he is soo adorable,I'm on a high whenever I think of him,thinking about it,that is most probably why the other kids look at me like a freak beacuse I have a smile of pure ecxtasy all the time.
I decided to get up and have a look around,just for a stretch of the legs.Everything was good,people were walking about,the jocks playing football with cheerleaders gawking at them...and then I got to the far side of the roof..just in time to catch Alicia and Mikey sucking each others faces off.Great.Fantastic.Bravo.I hope he disinfects his mouth after.Yes I sound bitter but anybody would be if they see the love of their life kiss someone else and actually enjoy it,I'm happy for him I really am but why her?Why?!Why not some other girl?Wh-why?Why?But..but..bu-but why?Why can't you just look past the fact I'm another boy and give me a shot?!
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