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Chapter 2 - When I grow up, I want to be nothing at all

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Gerard's not at all keen on Mikey's idea, but he's going along with it. R&R pleaseeeee!

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Thank you for the reviews from my previous chapter, I hope you like this one. Again, it’s pretty short, but I promise you they’re going to get longer! Please review, I really want to know what you think. Plus, the more reviews I get, the quicker I’ll update ;D Not trying to blackmail you or anything :P



Chapter 2 – When I grow up, I want to be nothing at all

I awoke to the sound of my alarm violently vibrating, it was one of those old fashioned ones where you have to hit the top to stop it from ringing. Reluctantly, I looked at the time, half 6. Brilliant. I forced myself out of bed, up the stairs from my basement-bedroom to the second floor and walked towards the bathroom.

“Gerard, don’t forget Frank’s coming over tonight” I heard Mikey call.

“Yea. Thanks for reminding me” I sighed, I didn’t want anyone but my family to know I was failing music. It was just plain embarrassing.

“He’s going to help you, you may as well show some gratitude” Mikey muttered as he walked into his bedroom.

I felt kinda bad after that, Mikes was only trying to help but would you want your kid brother’s friend to be teaching you how to play an instrument you’re supposed to be good at? I rushed through my shower and adjusted my bed-hair in the mirror before giving up and heading towards the kitchen.

I didn’t like eating breakfast at that time in the morning, it just felt too early but my Mom would accuse me of under-eating if I didn’t pick something up.

“There are apples?” A voice spoke from behind and I swear I almost pulled the cupboard door off.
“Shit! Mom! You scared the hell outta me!” She placed her arm limply around my waist and kissed my cheek continuously.

“Sorry baby” She muttered in between kisses.

“Mom, are you serious? Get off!” I shrugged out of her grip, grabbed an apple and ran for the front door. But just before I shut the door behind me, I’d heard Mikey squeal for help. She’d caught him too.


I hated Tuesdays, three hours of Maths in the morning was not my favourite subject. I sucked at it. Plus, my teacher hated my guts, probably because I would doodle all the way through his lessons but still. I was in mid shading of a spider I was sketching when he called my name.


“Yes Sir?” I asked, barely looking up from my piece of paper.

“Is that a note in front of you?”

“No sir” I sighed, why did he always have to catch me mid-doodle?

“Then what is in front of you that you seem so intent on scribbling on during my class?” I met his gaze then and saw how odd looking he really was. He had a small tuft of blonde hair, small eyes that were placed way too close together and a long sharp nose that seemed to point at you. I had to stifle a laugh when I realised he reminded me of a parrot.

“Well?” He asked, tapping his foot irritably.

“I was just doodling Sir. Sorry” I answered, truthfully. I had an extremely short attention span in Mr. Little’s classes. Probably because they were exceedingly boring.

“Well Gerard, if you spent half as much of your time studying Mathematics as you do doodling, you’d be the top of the class” He replied shaking his head.

“Thank you Sir”

“That wasn’t meant to be a compliment Mr. Way. How do you expect to make it in life without Maths?” He quickly turned back round, frustration clear on his furrowed brow.

“I know it wasn’t and to be honest, I don’t really care what I do” I smiled back, I wasn’t exactly a bad student but I didn’t like the way Mr. Little talked to me sometimes. He gave me an evil glare before turning back to the board and apologising for me disrupting the class. I mean what the fuck?! He didn’t have to stop the class to talk to me! So, to relieve my anger I began doodling again frantically this time. Next to the spider I’d drawn a gun and a heart, not one of those crappy hearts girls always draw, but a bleeding one. Sometimes the most ugly things can be beautiful.

“Right class, hand in your exercise books to me and then you can go, no homework today” I heard many people’s mutter the word ‘yes’ as the heard the words every student wanted to hear. I hadn’t done any work that lesson. I didn’t want Mr. Little to contact my Mom like my music teacher did, so I had to come up with some sort of excuse, and fast.

“Gerard, your exercise book please?” Mr. Little held his hand out to take my book, which was still untouched in my bag.

“Actually, I was thinking Mr. Little, would it be possible to be given some extra work to do at home?” As I said the words I saw shock pass over Mr. Little’s face, which soon turned to a huge smile.

“I knew you were interested in Maths all along. You can do pages 168-170 for extra work, bring it in next lesson and I’ll mark it for you during Lunch. You could join Maths club as well if you’d like too?” I hard to try my best not to laugh right in his face at that moment. Me? At Maths club?

“No thanks, not just yet, I’d rather just work on my own for now. But thank you anyway” I shoved my drawing into my bag and headed to the door.
“You did well today Gerard, despite our first little hiccup” He smiled, a genuine smile and I almost felt bad for the way I’d spoken back to him.

“Thank you Sir.” And with that, I rushed out into the corridor and straight into some kid.

“Shit, sorry” We both muttered at the same time, there was a short awkward silence as neither of us knew what to say next.

“Don’t worry about it, it was my fault” He smiled up at me, he had big hazel eyes and short black hair that stuck up at the back.

“Not really, I was the one that walked into you” I laughed nervously.

“Well, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Both of our faults?” He laughed back.

“Okay, sure” I smiled and bent to pick up his book and stopped dead when I saw the name on it.

“Ah” I groaned.

“What’s wrong?” He asked peering down at me curiously.

“You’re Frank?”
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