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Chapter 3 - Bulletproof Heart

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Gerard has literally bumped straight into Frank, the question is, will they get along? Or will Bert ruin it all before it's even begun?

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Chapter 3 – I gotta bulletproof heart, you’ve got a hollow point smile

“Yea, sorry, who are you?” Frank asked, as I straightened up and handed him his book. I met his questioning gaze.
“I’m Gerard, Mikey’s brother” The second I said the words, realization crossed his face.
“Oh, cool. Yea, I see it now, sorry, you just don’t look much like Mikey” Frank shifted uncomfortably, obviously feeling guilty that he couldn’t tell I was related to Mikes.

“Good. I’m glad I don’t.” Don’t get me wrong I loved Mikey but no one wants to be compared to their sibling, especially if they’re younger than you are.

“I take it you like being an individual then?” He smiled at me, and there was something about that smile that I couldn’t forget. Something that showed me a glimpse of the person he was. And something that made me know, he was a genuinely decent guy.

“Well, I’m not one to follow the crowd” I replied honestly.

“Me neither” I grinned at him, it was so difficult to find someone that didn’t just jump on the bandwagon and was proud to be themselves. No matter the consequences. And just like that, the bell rang for lunch.

“You going to the cafeteria?” Frank asked sounding almost hopeful.

“Yea, I am” I replied confused.

“Awesome, me too. Walk with me?” I looked at Frank, he was wearing black skinny jeans and a black shirt with a red tie. Despite the dark clothing he wore, he was surprisingly cute. Probably because of his height, he must’ve been about 5’4 and he had a beaming smile and gorgeous shining hazel eyes. It was then I realised I hadn’t spoken for a while.

“You don’t have to, it just makes sense if we’re going the same way.” He added, clearly nervous he’d said something I was uncomfortable with. Bless him.

“Yea, I’ll walk with you” His smile reappeared and we began walking out of the maths block towards the languages corridor.

“Cool. So, you want some help with playing guitar” I was appreciative toward Frank trying to make conversation on the way to the canteen, I wasn’t good with awkward silences.
“Yea, I suck at it” I couldn’t help but laugh. I was starting to think this whole learning from Frank thing wouldn’t be so bad.

“I’m sure that isn’t true” He nudged my arm.

“Trust me, you’ll see tonight. I was never meant to play guitar”

“And I bet you’re better at it then you’re letting on” I pushed open the door that lead from the language block to the outside seating area and let Frank walk through. My school was a dump. Well, I suppose the fairer thing to say was that the kids just didn’t really take much care of it. The principle had saved up a lot of money to create this fancy gazebo outside eating area for us, it had barely been there two months and already it was overrun with trash. The long picnic tables had obscene words carved into them and it even looked as though people had tried to burn through the plastic with their lighters. I couldn’t quite comprehend why someone would try to deface something like that, no matter how much you hate your school, by trying to vandalise the objects in that school it’d only make the place in general worse for you.

“Thank you, how gentlemanly of you” He giggled, breaking me out of my chain of thought.

“Is that even a word?” I asked and by accident, I let the door I was holding open for Frank shut on some random kid who pushed the door back angrily and shouted a few curses at me.

“Of course it’s a word.” Frank replied, skipping ahead, ignoring the furious student who was stalking behind us still shouting obscenities loudly at me.

“I’m not sure it is” I smirked.

“Fine. I’m gonna look it up before I come round yours tonight” He said stubbornly.

“Really? Just to prove me wrong? Which I’m not by the way”

“Yupp, what’s your point? I like being right. You’re wrong. Face it” He laughed. It was weird how much we were getting along seeing as I’d only met him about five minutes ago, I guess that’s why Mikey was friends with him, seeing as Mikey wasn’t the most sociable of people. He was quite an awkward person to be honest and people tended to misinterpret him and his intentions a lot. But those who knew him, knew that deep down, past the insecure exterior, he was a very sweet, very innocent guy.

“Well we’ll see. That reminds me, what time are you actually coming over tonight?”

“What time do you want me?” He asked and then his cheeks began to grow a gorgeous shade of scarlet.

“That sounded bad” He hurriedly put in.

“Wow, you have a dirty mind.” I laughed, but to my embarrassment and surprise, I could feel my cheeks reddening as well so I hastily added, “How about seven thirty?”

“Seven thirty’s good” Frank replied skipping ahead, I had to walk quicker to keep up with him. It was raining, but only slightly, and I liked the way it left little droplets of glistening water in Frank’s charcoal black hair. It reminded me of winter, which consequently, reminded me of Christmas.

“I’m so excited for Christmas” I said before I could stop myself.

“Ohmygoshmetoo!” Frank said all at once.

“I thought you would have called me crazy, seeing as it’s three months away an’ all” I laughed.

“No! This is when I start my shopping for it. I love Christmas, but it’s Halloween first and that’s the best holiday”

“I completely forgot about Halloween” I sighed, school really was messing with my head. How could I forget my favourite holiday? “But I agree. Halloween is awesome”
Frank then chose that moment to spin on his heel to face me, resulting in me accidently bumping into him.

“Sorry Gerard” Frank giggled, and then went to my side to walk next to me.

“I love it, I was actually born on Halloween” He added, looking up at the sky as the rain began to gather like glitter in his delicate eyelashes.

“You were? That’s awesome” I’d love to have been born on Halloween, it would be so cool. I mean you’d get extra candy, I was such a child sometimes.

“Yea and because of it, I’m going to get a tattoo saying Halloween on my knuckles” Frank explained excitedly.

“Really?” I asked. The thought of tattoos really freaked me out, I was terribly afraid of needles. Once, Mikey’s class had to have injections and Mikey had asked for me to go in with him to take his mind off of it. I passed out just by looking at the damn thing. Needless to say, the school nurse tries to avoid me now when it comes to my class having injections.

“Yea, I’ve been saving up for ages”

“Hang on, it won’t fit, Halloween’s too many letters” I said, glancing down at my hands. Again Frank stopped, we’d almost reached the canteen and it was weird, but I didn’t want to leave him just yet.

“See, H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N” I pointed to each finger separately and said each letter. “It won’t fit”

“Noooo, look” Frank touched my first finger.

“H” he moved onto the next.

“A” He continued looking down and I tried to ignore the softness of his skin and the lingering tingle it left.

“Then I’d have two L’s on this finger, see, so then it goes, LL-O-W-E-E-N. And it fits” He smiled and looked into my eyes. I stood there for a moment, just smiling back at him until I realised it must have looked odd to the passers-by.

“I get it now” I said awkwardly.

“Cool. Umm, so I’ll see you tonight?” Frank asked walking into the building ahead of me.

“Yea, see you at seven thirty” I called after him and he put his hand up in the air as a sort of wave before turning round the corner.

“Well that was weird” I muttered to myself.

I sort of just stood there for a little while before walking after Frank, into the building and through the corridor that lead to the cafeteria. It kind of annoyed me that he was such a nice guy; in all honesty, I was embarrassed that he’d have to teach me guitar. But I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and strolled into the bustling cafeteria. It was a huge room with circular tables and chairs that you couldn’t sit in for too long or your ass would start aching. I glanced around for my usual group of friends and spotted Ray sitting in one of the far corners, his ‘fro stuck out like a sore thumb, and began weaving my way around the tables and groups of kids; it was ridiculous how each clique wouldn’t talk to anyone outside their little ‘group’.
“Hey Gerard” Ray spoke through a mouthful of pasta. I sat down next to him and stole a french-fry off of Bob’s plate.

“Help yourself then” Bob muttered under his breath, sounding slightly irritated.

“You don’t mind really” I joked.

“So how’re things?” Ray asked putting his fork down and speaking quieter. He knew I’d been kinda depressed recently, I couldn’t help it, I just felt like the world was moving around me and that I didn’t really have a place in it.

“Better, I guess. Failing in some subjects” I didn’t want to tell them that I was failing music. That would just be too embarrassing.

“Well that’ll change if you actually bother coming to school” Bob laughed and playfully hit my arm, in response I threw Ray’s tissue at him.

“I saw you talking to that Frank kid” Ray surprised me and suddenly I felt all defensive.

“Umm yea”

“Isn’t he friends with Mikey?” Bob directed the question at Ray, which I thought was odd seeing as Mikey was my brother.

“Yea” I answered for him. “I bumped into him and we just got talking” I added.
“He’s an amazing guitarist apparently” Ray said.

“Says you!” Ray was the best guitarist I knew, no one could ever beat him, he was like a young Brian May or Jimmy Hendrix.
I zoned out after that, Bob and Ray had started some deep conversation about comic books which set me off daydreaming about comic book characters I could create. It was then that I saw Mikey, Frank and some girl sitting together a few tables away from me and as if Frank had noticed me looking over he lifted his head from a sheet of paper in front of him and our eyes met. He beamed at me and I felt my cheeks redden, he probably thought I was staring at him or something. I quickly averted my gaze.

“What about you Gerard?” Bob asked.

“Umm what? Sorry, zoned out” I replied quickly and Bob raised his eyebrows.

“Do you want to go to Lindsey’s party this Friday? She said Bob could bring whoever he wants” Ray cut in, rolling his eyes at my oblivious state.

“Umm, yea, sure. Sounds good. How’d you get us an invite?” I asked.

“Family friend, she wants some huge party so, you can bring Mikey too if you want. But don’t let him bring anyone else, she wants a big party but she doesn’t want it to get out of hand” Bob replied scooping a huge forkful of peas into his mouth and chewing them irritably loudly.

“Which is fair enough” Ray added. The bell rang for the end of lunch and I hadn’t even eaten which was unlike me, but, I shrugged it off and put my bag back over my shoulder before standing up.

“Hey guys” A voice called behind me and I spun round to see Mikey standing there awkwardly. He waved at Ray and Bob.

“Hey” They both said in unison.

“Hey Mikey, what’s up?” I asked and he did a quick nod of his head to hint he wanted to speak to me alone.

“Wait for me guys? I won’t be long” I asked Bob and Ray who nodded in reply. I walked to the side of the canteen away from the ears of others.

“What’s up?”

“Well, I just thought you wouldn’t want me to talk about Frank teaching you guitar in front of Bob and Ray”

“Good call” I smiled at him, he was probably the best brother anyone could ask for.

“Well, I was just going to give you Frank’s number, I think you should have it in case he needs to cancel or whatever.” He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone. I handed him mine and absently he added the number.

“Kay, that’s it. I’ll see you after school?”

“Sure, see you later” I said before walking back towards Bob and Ray.

“Lindsey thinks you’re hot” Bob laughed before I even reached the table.

“What? Really?” I asked, shocked that anyone would think I was ‘hot’.

“Yea, she just texted me it”

“Well that’s weird, tell her, thanks I guess” I laughed and we all began walking out of the cafeteria towards our form room. ‘Oh great’ I muttered under my breath when I realised we’d have to walk past Zack and his ‘minions’. Zack was a complete douche bag. He’d go out of his way to upset people and I hated people like that.
“Oh look who it is” He smiled smugly, obviously pleased that he had the opportunity to offend someone.

“The outcasts” He walked to block our path, adding to the long list of reasons to why I hated jocks.

“I’d rather be myself than follow the crowd and if that makes me an outcast then so be it” I said, proving to him that I’d had enough of his crap, he’d always been a twat to me and I was just about fed up of it.

“You mean you’d rather be a freak?” He laughed.

“And you’d rather be a sleaze ball” I returned.

“What did you say?” He asked punching his hand in a threatening motion.

“That you’re a sleaze ball” We’d captured the attention of other students who were now watching our confrontation with curiosity.

“That’s it Way. You’ve been asking for this” And he began to stride over to me, just in time for Bert to show up.

“Hey, Zack, mate, don’t waste your time” He came and stood by me. His unkempt, shaggy long hair hung loose by his shoulders.

“Whatever Bert. I’ll get you sooner or later Gerard” And with that Zack walked off.

“Why are you friends with him?” I asked turning to Bert, who was standing next to me.
“My Mom and his Mom are like best friends” He shrugged.
“Come with me to the toilets” Bert grabbed my arm before I could say a word to Bob and Ray. And dragged me into the toilets where he began re-applying his eyeliner.

“I hate these toilets, they always stink of shit” I muttered.

“Yea well, they’re the only room on site with mirrors...”

“’And mirrors are very important’” I air-quoted, before adding, “Yea, you’ve told me before”
“I don’t get how you don’t like looking at yourself in the mirror”

“Because I don’t like what I see” I murmured.

“Shut up Gerard. You’re hot” He finished applying his eyeliner, or as Bert called it, ‘guy liner’ and turned to face me.

“How do I look?” He asked pouting his lips.

“Hot” I quoted what he’s just called me which caused him to smirk, obviously pleased with my answer, before he looked around the room to see if anyone was around. And then he did something that took me completely off guard, he leant forward, and kissed me.
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