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Chapter 4 - Kill the party with me and never go home

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Bert's explanation, manic cleaning up, guitar playing and irresitable, mouth-watering guys.

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Chapter 5 – Kill the party with me and never go home

The rest of the day went quickly and soon I found myself painting in my room. I took the drawing of the spider and the heart and gun I did earlier out of my bag and began re-drawing it. As I began drawing the outline of the heart, I recalled the strange events that occurred in the school toilets earlier that day. I’d, of course, pushed Bert away I wasn’t into guys.

“Bert?! What the fuck dude?” I asked wide eyed and in reply he smirked at me.

“I’m straight Bert” I spoke again as he hadn’t replied.

“And you know I am too. You know how I feel about girls”

“Then what the hell?!” I almost shouted, I mean, if one of your friends, OF THE SAME SEX, just went up to you and kissed you, how would you react?

“Look, I like to play around. I was just trying something new” He said chewing on his chipped black polished nails. I gave him a questioning look.

“You love it really” He winked at me and left the toilets, expecting me to follow him, which I did.

It was an overall odd situation, I didn’t have any feelings towards Bert, but I guess I’d always felt close to him. Close in a way I hadn’t felt with anyone else. But no doubt about it, I didn’t have feelings for him. I rummaged around my desk searching for my alarm clock. I was such an untidy person, pieces of screwed up paper, paint brushes, food wrappers and coffee mugs covered the desk.

Eventually I found the old fashioned black alarm clock that I actually really liked; besides from the fact it would wake me from my peaceful slumber. It read 7:16, I jumped up immediately. Time seemed to fly by when I was painting. Frank would turn up in fifteen minutes, which meant I had little time to clean my room before Frank arrived and I still hadn’t eaten anything. Getting my priorities straight I decided to eat first, after grabbing the wet paintbrush I walked up the stairs, put it in the sink in the little room off of the kitchen and went to inspect the contents of the fridge. With two teenagers in the house, it made sense that all that was in the fridge was butter, milk and a carrot.

One. Single Carrot.

I sighed and shut the fridge door. I’d just go and get a burger or something after Frank left. Thinking of Frank it reminded me that my room might as well be a demolition sight at the moment and hurried back down the stairs to my basement bedroom. I flicked on the light switch and opened the small window to air the room a little so it didn’t smell so musky. I collected all the items of clothing that littered my bedroom floor and shoved them in the linen basket to be washed. Next, I set to work on my desk, throwing all the pieces of scrap paper into the bin, picked up all the paintbrushes and grabbed one of the coffee cups to put them in and then moved all the other mugs to one side of my desk.

Finally I gathered all the comic books I’d accumulated over the past few weeks and piled them up on my newly arranged desk, there were a lot of them. I moved at lightning speed and so even managed to shut the window and make my bed before I heard the doorbell ring upstairs. I was unexpectedly excited to see Frank, I got along with him so easily and even though I’d only known him for a day, I already felt comfortable around him. Which was unusual for me, it took me quite a while to trust people but I felt myself warming to him already. I took one of the comics off the pile and jumped on my bed so it looked like I hadn’t just been cleaning my room manically. A knock came from my door.

“Come in” I called as natural as possible. What was wrong with me? Why did I care so much about how my room looked or how I sounded? The door opened and Mikey skipped into my room with footsteps following behind him.

“Dude. Your room is so tidy!” He sounded genuinely shocked. I panicked a little, should I maybe have left a few things strewn about so it looked more natural?

“Is it?” I faked ignorance, so I didn’t seem so keen.

“Yea, really tidy. For you I mean.” He joked before Frank emerged from the corner.
“Frank’s here” He pointed behind him.

“No shit” I replied, before climbing out of bed and throwing my comic down.

“I’ll leave you two to it then”

“Oh Mikes” I called after him before he could dash back up the stairs.


“Tell Mom to buy some damn food, we have nothing in the house” And on cue, my stomach rumbled to prove my point.

“Got it. Have fun guys, I’ll catch you later Frank” And with that he disappeared upstairs.

“Soooooooo” I said awkwardly, I didn’t quite know what was going to happen. I looked over to Frank and saw him grinning with a guitar bag limply hanging over his shoulder. He was wearing the same thing as he was earlier, except he’d added fingerless skeleton gloves to his outfit.

“Hey” He beamed and took the bag off his shoulder and let it rest against his legs.

“Hey” I smiled back and groaned when my stomach rumbled again. I’d barely eaten anything that day.

“Hungry?” He Laughed.
“Yea, we have like no food in the house at all” I complained.

“Well I haven’t eaten either. Want to grab something after this?” He asked sitting down on my bed next to me. I pulled my legs close up to my stomach as if it would shut it up. As if by magic it stopped groaning at me and instead was replaced by butterflies, for some unknown reason.

“Yea, that sounds good” I smiled, it did sound good. I’d like to spend more time with Frank.

“Awesome. So I don’t really know what kinda stage you’re at with guitar” He said crossing his legs.

“Neither. I’m just shit” I laughed at myself, trying to disguise the hurt I felt about failing music.

“I doubt that very much” He said and I thought I saw him faintly turn a shade of pink. But I dismissed it.

“Trust me” I said.

“Well, I’ll just go over a few chords to start with.” He unzipped his bag and pulled out a beautiful caramel coloured acoustic guitar.

“This is C” He said, placed his fingers in the correct place and began to strum. Moved his fingers and held down different strings.

“D” Again, he moved his fingers.

“And G” He then stopped and handed me his guitar.

“Be careful with her” I had to try hard to contain my laughter at Frank’s words but a small giggle escaped my lips.

“Her?” Frank looked slightly embarrassed.

“Umm, yea. I think this guitar most resembles a she” I laughed louder this time.

“Whatever floats your boat” I joked and took the guitar, my face screwed up as I tried to remember what the first chord was the Frank had showed me. As if he read my mind, he answered my thoughts with.

“C” he took my hand and directed me to the right place. The butterflies returned in my stomach as I inhaled the smell of him. He smelt like coffee, golden syrup and something that reminded me of summer. In other words, he smelt good. Really good. It triggered something in me, something that made me want to get closer to him. But I fought against the urge and stayed put.

“Okay, let me try something else” Frank said as he scooted over to kneel behind me. He reached round me, took my hand in his and guided me back to the strings. He was so close, his chin was brushing my shoulder and made my skin tingle. I glanced over my shoulder at him, our faces inches apart, so close that if I moved ever so slightly, our lips would be touching.
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