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Chapter 5 - You can runaway with me, anytime you want

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Guitar teaching, hints of flirting, major embarassment and revelations.

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Chapter 5- You can runaway with me, anytime you want

I stared into the deep pools of hazel that were Frank’s gorgeous eyes and felt myself hypnotised by them. For those few seconds, I couldn’t think, my brain had turned into a giant mush of tissue in my head. Sooner than I’d have liked, Frank made a murmuring sound and looked away from me. Suddenly I felt extremely embarrassed.

“Um, yea, try C again” Frank muttered scooting to sit next to me. He wouldn’t look me in the eyes when I began strumming. I got through all the basic chords he’d taught me and after a little while, I began remembering what I’d learnt before. I couldn’t concentrate properly though, I was too distracted. I was too confused about the moment I’d shared with Frank, I didn’t know what it meant. I was more than aware that he was a HE, yet I’d felt something deep in the heart of me, something that made me feel like him being that close to me was right.
“Gerard, it’s half eight” Frank stated glancing at his black strap watch that was covered with tiny white bats.

“Oh, really? That hour went quick. Want to get something to eat then?” I asked hoping he hadn’t changed his mind.

“Yea, sure” He smiled. He really did have a beautiful smile, it made him look so innocent and cute.

“What’s wrong Gerard?” Frank asked after I’d been staring all gooey-eyed at him.

“You have such a nice smile” I said before my brain could stop me and immediately I felt ridiculous. I could feel my cheeks burning. What the hell was wrong with me?! Way to act cool, my brain screamed at me. Frank’s laugh snapped me from my internal conversation.

“Sorry” I whispered, I felt so embarrassed!

“Gerard.” Frank giggled and when I didn’t reply he took my chin in his hand so I was forced to look at him in those eyes could get lost in forever.

“Yea?” My voice came out quiet and pathetic.

“Thank you. But yours is better” I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw him wink at me. My stomach went crazy with butterflies. He dropped my chin, skipped to my door and turned back round.

“Coming?” In response, I nodded. I didn’t even want to risk talking; my voice would break and make me sound like an idiot. We walked up the stairs, called our goodbyes to Mikey and left my warm cosy house and stepped out into the cool night air. It was a beautiful evening; despite the whispering sound of the icy breeze it was surprisingly peaceful for New Jersey. It was one of those nights were the deep moonlight glowed all around you and the sparkling silver stars shone out against the jet black sky. I always preferred the night; there was something about it that made me feel complete, if that makes any sense. We began wandering down the path that lead towards the parade of shops, it was littered with empty bottles of beer and chip packets. I kicked one mindlessly out of my way, and smiled into the dusk.

“I love the night” Frank mused as if he had read my mind.

“Me too” I smiled, happy.

“It’s way better than the day” He hummed.

“I completely agree” I glanced sideways at Frank, the street lamps highlighted his features, his beautiful complexion shined like a porcelain doll. So delicate, yet it looked so soft. His deep hazel eyes were lined lightly with eyeliner, emphasising the kind glint in them.

“There’s something about it, that makes me feel, safe almost. Does that sound stupid?” He asked pulling the sleeves of his black shirt down to cover his arms.

“That’s just what I was thinking” I beamed at him.

“I guess it’s because I used to get bullied during the day and so I guess the night was like my safety blanket. It still is” I opened up to him, I trusted him and that made me happy. I had found someone I could trust, which is a huge thing for someone with trust issues.

“Still is?” He asked looking at me with what looked like sad eyes.

“Yea, well, the bullying hasn’t exactly stopped completely but I don’t care as much anymore” I answered truthfully and I could’ve sworn I saw Frank’s hands ball up into fists.

“I’ve been through the same thing, I used to be shoved in lockers. Now they just call me names. But I don’t care, at least I don’t follow the crowd” I felt a surge of anger towards whoever had done that to him. How could they put someone as kind and friendly as Frank through that?!

“But just know, if you never need anyone to talk to, I’m here. And if you ever need to get away from it all, you can runaway with me. Anytime you want” He smiled. Completely serious and all my anger disintegrated. In fact, I even had to stop myself from letting a tear of happiness fall from my eye as we approached the pizza shop with the clichéd name, ‘Luigi’s’.

“This okay?” I turned to face Frank who was biting his lip. For some stupid reason the butterflies in my stomach returned. Frank nodded and we entered the building, instantly we were greeted with the warm, fresh, scent of tomato and basil.

“Can I help you?” A teenage girl asked, her blonde hair was pulled tightly up in a pony tail and a blue hat covered the greasiness of it.

“Wanna get a big one and just share?” I turned to ask Frank who had sat down in one of the plastic chairs that looked like they belonged outside.

“Yea, that’s cool” So I ordered one large Margareta and waited patiently for it to be cooked. Besides me and Frank, an old dude was sitting down eating a large pizza to himself. He was big, to say the least and balding, but had clearly tried to cover it because he had pushed one side of his silver-grey hair over the top. Despite the fact he was losing it off the top of his head, he seemed to be growing extra around his chin. I’d never seen a beard so long in my life, I swear he could have wrapped it around himself as a scarf. Frank saw me staring at the man and laughed as if he knew what I was thinking about, which to be honest, he probably did. We seemed to be on the same wavelength a lot of the time. I turned my attention to watching the pizza being made; I never understood how they could flip the dough in the air and catch it without any of it falling apart. Once, Mikey and I had tried to make pizza, let’s just say it all ended in an explosion of flour. We weren’t allowed to cook together again after that.

“Margareta” The blonde girl called from behind the counter, placing the pizza box down on the counter. Frank jumped up and grabbed it, handing me some money with his free hand. I paid the girl, even though she wasn’t paying the slightest attention to me, she was practically drooling over Frank, who seemed to have no clue. The girl almost threw the tissues and sauces at us before we left the pizza shop.

“Someone was popular in there” I joked, feeling slightly annoyed at the girl, for some pathetic reason. Frank stepped ahead of me into the crisp night and again I was immediately relaxed by the calmness of it. We walked towards the park opposite, which a few months earlier they’d found a dead body in the lake. I was surprised at how unfazed I was by it.

“What do you mean?” Frank asked plopping down onto the first bench opposite the glittery water and taking a slice of the steaming hot pizza.

“That girl in there, her jaw was practically on the floor staring at you” I laughed taking my own slice and burning my tongue with the first bite.

“Oh, I didn’t notice. Are you sure you’re not just imagining things Gerard?” He winked at me and I looked away from him.

“If I’d looked closer I probably would’ve seen her drooling. She must’ve thought you were hot” I said it without thinking, I really needed to take control of my stupid mouth. Or at least THINK before I fucking speak and make a fool out of myself. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Frank swallow his mouthful of pizza and shift on the bench to sit facing me.

“And what do you think?” The question caught me off guard and I almost chocked on my piece of pizza, which would have been very unattractive. I sat to mirror Frank’s position but avoided his gaze.

“What do you mean?” My voice came out raspy and barely audible.
“Do you think I’m hot?” He asked, smiling in a flirty way. I met his eyes then and they mesmerized me.

“Yea” Word vomit is a bitch. My face burned with embarrassment and I actually shoved my face in the pizza box. Yup, straight in there. Way to make a fool out of yourself. There I was sitting with my brother’s friend, with my face in a pizza and with part of me feeling as though I were falling for him.

Falling for a boy.

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