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chapter three

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“Mikey, I think I have an idea…”

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Hey there strangers! I really hope that you like the chapter, please tell me if you do. Anyone got a clue what the idea is? Take a guess? I`m wondering what you`ll come up with.
Frank`s pov
“Seriously Frank, talk to him.” One of my closest and oldest friends tells me in a no nonsense, do as I say kind of tone, one that reminded me very much of my mother. I had to bite back a laugh as my stupid, disgusting messed up brain pictures Ray, fro and all in one of my mother`s God awful outfits. I mentally shudder at that horrible thought. Not pretty.
“Tell him how you feel, for all you know he might even feel the same.” Ray continues,a small confusing smile on his face, completely oblivious to my lack of attention. I reach out and grab hold of the chipped, badly painted black and red mug, taking a cautious sip of the boiling hot, freshly made coffee. It stung my tongue, but in a good way. It was of course, all Gerard`s fault that I was now a coffee addict. Before I had met him all of those years ago now, I had rarely bothered to touch the stuff, but now however I would seriously struggle to make it through one day without the comforting, steaming liquid. It was highly addictive stuff…as is the once raven haired, greeney hazel eyed Misfit that had gotten me hooked on it.
“Frank, are you even listening to me?!” Ray asks, waving one callused hand in my face, bringing me back to reality. I force myself to push all inappropriate thoughts about the crimson haired signer to the back of my mind, deciding to listen to whatever Ray was saying, knowing it was better that way. It was a very difficult thing to do.
“Yes, I`m listening, I’m just tired that’s all. I don`t feel well, remember?” I raise one eyebrow at Ray, who merely shrugs in reply, rolling his eyes slightly at me.
Nice to see he was bothered about my health and wellbeing.
Then again, he probably knew that I wasn`t really unwell and that I had only used it as an excuse, albeit a lame one, so that I wouldn`t have to face Gerard today and risk doing something I would regret. Ray had a knack for knowing things like that; it could be very annoying at times. Like right now.
“Frankie, we both know you ain`t sick. You only said that cause your being a pussy and won’t tell Gerard how you feel.”
I turn my head away from him, unable to meet his knowing eyes, ducking my head, my dark hair falling forward into my face, partially covering my eyes. I could feel my cheeks burning, I could only hope and pray that they were not as bright red as I feared they were, with any luck it would go unnoticed by Ray. Stupid really, seeing as the curly haired guitarist knew everything.
“I don`t have a clue what you are talking about, Ray.” I mumble, sounding very unconvincing, even to myself.
Ray rolls his eyes again, something he didn`t often do, a small, amused smile playing with the corners of his lips.
“Do you think I`m stupid or something?” He asks, clearly a rhetorical question, and despite knowing he wasn’t stupid, in fact far from it, I answer teasingly. Anything to get the conversation away from me and my hidden, undying love for my best friend and band mate.
“Well, now that you bring it up…maybe I do think that…” I grin up at him playfully, grin widening when I see his narrowed eyes and stern face.
“Oh shut it!” Ray huffs, crossing his arms across his chest, looking like a very overgrown child with extremely unruly hair. “We all know how you feel about Gerard-and don`t even think about denying it!” He adds in, seeing me open my mouth ready to protest.
My cheeks felt as though they were on fire now, my entire face must be red. I stand there in my kitchen, shuffling my bare feet awkwardly, unsure what to do or say. If ray was right (and he probably was) and everyone else knew then…OH SHIT!!!
“W-who knows?!” my voice trembles a little, I freeze, my heart sinking, entire body filing with dread as I await Ray`s dreaded answer.
He stays silent, his turn to stand awkwardly and be unable to look me directly in the eye.
“Ray…Who knows?” I ask, a little more demanding this time, my voice still a little shaky though. I had to know, I needed to know, despite not looking forward to my friend’s answer in the slightest.
“Me and Mikey. “ I nod, gesturing for him to go on, sensing that he had more to say. Ray reluctantly continues. “Alicia knows and Bob figured It out too when he was in the band. Your mum and dad know they corner Mikey and told him ages ago at dinner when they saw how you acted around him.” My eyes widen a little but Ray tries to reassure me. It doesn’t work though, that was a lot of people.
“Don`t worry, we are all fine about and we won’t tell anyone.”
I nod. “And does…does he know?”
Hey bites on his lower lip, a nervous habit I had picked up from Gerard, something I had only ever seen Ray do a handful of times.
Faking looking at an invisible, nonexistent wrist watch on his arm as he quickly gets to his feet. “Is that the time, already?!” he asks in a very overly exaggerate way. “I really have to go, I’m going out to dinner with-“
“Ray. Tell. Me.”
“fine.” He sighs and moves back over to the wooden table he had previously been sat at. He doesn’t however sit back down.
“No, Gerard doesn’t know.” He`s about the only one. Ray thinks but says nothing to Frank, not wanting him to worry about how obvious he was being. “He is just as clueless about the whole thing as you are.”
I frown at that, unsure what was meant but I push it away, not really seeing how it was important, just glad that Gerard was blissfully unaware of my true feelings towards him. And it would stay that way. It would have to.
“Well like I said I have to go.” Ray waves and smiles goodbye at me, grabbing his jacket and makes his way to the front door where I wave him off.
“Bye Ray…and…you won`t tell anyone?”
“Not a soul Frankie, not a soul.” He promises and begins to walk down the drive. I watch him get into his car and only shut the door when his car has vanished from view.
Ray`s pov
“Hey mikes, how`d it go with your stubborn ass brother today?” I ask the bassist, kicking my shoes off and collapsing down on the leather charcoal sofa.
“Fine, fine. You are so right about the stubborn bit.” I can picture the frown on his pale face.
“How are we ever going to get them to finally admit it to themselves and more importantly to each other how they really feel?”
I bite my lip, just as unsure as Mikey was. “I don`t really know.” I admit. “But we`ll think of something, we just have to.”
On the other end of the line Mikey nods. “We must. I am so fucking sick of seeing Gerard acting like a lovesick twelve year old girl with her first, stupid crush but being too damn scared to say anything!”
I nod, a small smile forming as a rather genius (if I do say so myself) plan comes to mind. “Mikey, I think I have an idea…”
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