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With Every Breath I Take

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new friends, plane trips and D&M's.

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A/N: once again, only one person answering my question :( i'll keep trying though ;)
i've seen For Our Hero, Short Stack, New Empire, Good Charlotte, Because They Can, Heroes For Hire, Remission Theory and Highways. i will be going to Big Day Out to see MCR on the 26th of January though! words cannot describe how excited i am :D is there any other Australians going? let me know :D anyway, on with the story (sorry for the super lonf authors note :S

Frank’s POV
“Do you know anyone that will look after him?” I asked
“Ummm, actually… I think I do,” Kirrah said, excitedly. “Just let me call them.”
As Kirrah went outside to call her friend, the rest of us started loading up the car. Our manager had already booked the flights and we had to leave soon if we were going to drop off Shaun and get to the airport in time.
“Okay,” said Kirrah, walking back through the doors, “Sarah said it was cool.”
“Sarah? Is she nice?” I asked. I was a little worried about leaving my dog with a random, but when Kirrah nodded I decided that if Kirrah trusted her, I did too.
“Well, we better go. Kirrah, can you put the directions in the GPS?” asked Gerard
“Of course,” she said and when the address was in, we were off. I cuddled up to Shaun, disappointed that we had to leave him behind. I mean, I only just got him and I had to leave!
“You okay?” asked Kirrah, and I nodded.
20 minutes later, we arrived at Sarah’s. We were greeted at the door by a girl shorter than me, with jet black hair. In fact, it was the same colour as Gerard’s.
“KIRRAH!” yelled the girl.
“OH MY GOD, Sarah! HEY!” yelled Kirrah. The embraced in what looked like an EXREMELEY tight hug.
“Sarah, I’d like to introduce you to My Chemical Romance. This is Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Mikey Way and Frank Iero,” said Kirrah, pointing each of us out. We all waved, and she smiled shyly.
“Hey guys,” she whispered.
“She’s a little shy,” laughed Kirrah
“Come in,” Sarah mumbled, and we all followed her in.
After a quick tour of her house, we realised that we had to go.
“Okay Sarah, all we have to do is go to a concert in Sydney, and then Meg and I will come back here while the boys are in New Zealand.” Kirrah explained.
“Alright, have fun you guys,” she said and we all got into the car and went to the airport.
Meg’s POV
“This fucking plane is too fucking small!” complained Gerard. I smiled, but it was quickly replaced with a frown. It was so hard not to like him, he was amazing! And unfortunately, he was observant.
“Are you okay?” he asked, and I sighed.
“Yeah, I guess,” I replied.
“You wanna talk?”
I really wanted to say yes. Or was it no? I can’t remember ‘cause I leant forward and kissed him. I kissed him?! I promised myself I wouldn’t do this!
“Oh my god, I’m sorry! I just…” I started, but was cut off by Gerard kissing me again.
“Hey Meg, I was wonderin-” I heard Kirrah say, and I looked up to an open-mouthed Kirrah.
“Hey…” I started, and Kirrah just burst into laughter. “What?!”
“It’s about time you guys got together!” she laughed, “Jeez, I’m going to tell Frank!”
She wandered back to the end of the plane, and I blushed.
“So, do you think we should-” started Gerard, but I butted in.
“We can’t get together.” I blurted out and a look of hurt flashed across his face.
“Why?” he whispered, looking genuinely disappointed.
“Because,” I sighed, trying to make this sound as nice as possible, “I can tell that I’ll get hurt. Somehow I will raise my hopes too high and then they’ll be knocked down. It’s nothing against you, I promise! And I don’t think Kirrah should be with Frank either.” I whispered the last part, it made me feel awful. But I didn’t want either of us to get hurt, especially her, and this would be the easiest way to ensure that wouldn’t happen. Gerard nodded, but the hurt still lingered in his eyes. “I’m so sorry…”
“It’s fine…” he whispered. Woah, this was going to be an awkward flight.
When we arrived in Sydney, I quickly pulled Kirrah aside.
“Do you wanna do something tonight?” I asked her.
“No? We’re busy? We’re watching the show remember?” she said, confused.
“But we’ve already been to a couple…” I said, trying to get out of going to the concert.
“Yeah, but this is the last one we’ll be seeing! Seriously, Meg, are you okay? You usually would never miss this opportunity!”
“Gerard hates me,” I blurted, and she stared at me.
“Meg, can we please not start this again, five minutes ago you guys were kissing!”
“I told him we can’t get together…”
I sighed, I really didn’t want to get into it. Especially if there’s a chance that her relationship with Frank would get involved, and knowing me I would probably accidently blurt my feelings on that as well.
“Because, I can see myself getting hurt. I’m not getting myself into this situation…”
“Meg!” she groaned
“And while we’re at it,” Uh oh, I was gonna say ot, “Dump Frank.”
I was a horrible person. A horrible, horrible person.
“W-What?” she asked.
“Okay, don’t. Maybe. I don’t know… Kirrah, I don’t want you getting hurt!” I cried.
“But Frank isn’t like that…”
“Kirrah, we know the Frank we see in magazines and on stage! We haven’t been hanging around them long. Don’t you think this seems a bit too good to be true?”
She stared at me and I realised that even though I hadn’t planned to say all those things, they were true. We didn’t know them very well at all, and it was all very dream-like. I pinched myself.
“Ow!” I complained
“What did you do that for!?” laughed Kirrah
“I thought it would be like in the movies, it feels like a dream.” I shrugged.
“Meg! You’re being silly, come on. Let’s go get some coffee or something…”
I reluctantly agreed and followed her to a nearby coffee shop, with My Chemical Romance trailing behind us.
Gerard’s POV
We got off the plane and Meg pulled Kirrah aside, no doubt to tell her to dump Frank. I decided now was a better time than ever and pulled Frank aside.
“What’s up?” asked Frank
“Meg is trying to get Kirrah to break up with you,” I said to him and his eyes went wide.
“But…But… Why?” he asked, sounding like a child.
“Frank! You sound like a kid!” I laughed, “But I’m not sure, something about them not getting hurt.”
“But I won’t?” he said
“Yeah, I know. Let’s just see what happens.” I said quickly, realising they were done and heading towards a shop that sold coffee.
“Oh coffee…” I looked to Frank who had a confused expression. “Coffee.” I said again, and he shrugged as we followed the girls inside.

hey guys, i'm so sorry this took so long! i hope you like it :)
new question (which may be a little silly): favourite band? and if it's MCR, second favourite :D
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