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Chapter 2

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Let's check in with one of the brothers.

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Brother A P.O.V.

I was reading in my study with my back to the door when I suddenly felt a presense in said doorway. "What do you want?" I asked whoever without lifting my eyes from the page I was currently reading. The vampire appeared in front of me; I looked up and noticed two splodges of dried blood - one over his stomach and one on his shoulder. I couldn't help but smirk at how much Alli had improved with her hunting skills.

"Sir," the worthless vampire began. "I gave her your message as you told me to." He bowed and I could sense there was a 'but' to his statement. "She told me to tell you, sir, that if you wish to speak to her that you should go yourself instead of sending me. She also said that you would know how and where to find her, sir." He bowed again and I couldn't help but smirk again. Typical Alli.

"Thank you." I responded to him while getting up and standing in front of him. "Your services are no longer required." As I finished speaking I staked him and he instantly turned to dust.

"Oh brother!" I called out while sliding into my coat.

"Yes?" He asked, I turned and saw him leaning against the door framelooking like a mischevious teenager.

"I'm going out for food, look after the house." I told him while watching his face drop. "I only fancy something a little feliney."

"Like what?" He asked me raising a confused eyebrow like usual.

I gained my own mischevious grin as I responded with, "I fancy an Alli cat."

A.N. Sorry it's short but it's all this chapter needed. I know I've still not mentioned the names of the guys but they will get mentioned in the next chapter. I think anyway, not too sure yet. Anyway! I want to hear from you! Which brother do you think Brother A is and why? Loved to hear what you think. :)
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