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So today could have gone better but on the plus side I got an audition. About seven hours to spare before that so I wonder what kind of fun I can conjure up until then. Maybe go sit in Starbucks or some little cafe, read, shop. No that is definitely out of the question. I am one broke gal. I guess I could spare some change to buy a coffee not that I need anymore but it is a necessity. As I was walking towards my apartment without trying to get lost I noticed the cutest cafe to my left. Kaffe 1668 was the name and it looked quite cozy. I made my way through the crowded streets and into the welcoming heat of the shop. Within about ten minutes I had my cappuccino in my hand and made my way to a open table by the window. I had to admit this place was beyond packed and they seemed popular. As I picked up the spoon and began stirring my steaming cup of heaven, a matching slice of heaven walked through the door with a few gushing girls begging for his autograph and picture. Well if it wasn't mister hit on some poor, defenseless girl.

"Gerard, can you please sign this?" I heard one of the girls ask. I quite frankly had no idea who this Gerard person was but he seemed decent when we talked a few hours ago. I stared out the window at all the people walking in heels and long, warm coats and couldn't help but feel a bit out of place but I knew it was where I was meant to be.

"Hello sugar." I jumped out of my skin when I heard his voice across from me.
"Shit, you gave me a fright." I held my hand over my beating chest.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." He reached over and cupped my cheek. What was wrong with this guy, I don't even know him and he continues to caress me. I tilted my head to the side to get his hand off.
"Where are you from pretty girl? I haven't seen you around before." He was obviously picking on my accent.
"North Carolina." Once again I went red.
"You have quite an accent. I think it is adorable." He made me flush all over when he said that word.
"Thank you." I said looking around at the bystanders looking at the guy in front of me through the glass. He smiled and waved at them as they giggled and took off.
"Are you famous or something?" I asked placing my hands under my chin.
"You mean to tell me you don't know who I am?" He put his under his chin as well and smirked.
"No." I blushed and sat back in my seat.
"Well, I am Gerard Way. Lead singer from My Chemical Romance." I thought my jaw might drop.
"Oh wow. I never knew that was you. I mean..I've heard of the band and some of your music but never actually seen your faces." I looked down at my hands that were sweating in my lap. I just mentally slapped myself for rambling.
"Whoa, slow down." He grinned and held his arms out in front of him in a hush gesture. "Some people don't know who I am." He laughed waving at a little girl in the window.
"Everyone seems to know who you are." I referred to the various people swooning over him.
"Eh, sort of." This guy was seriously full of himself. "Well beautiful, just what was a young lady like yourself doing in a Burlesque bar this morning?" He asked smirking, which made my heart stop.
" supposed to audition but they evidently had all their spots filled. So Ricky helped me out and got me an audition for tonight. So I have to go back and make sure I do a damn good job, I didn't realize how strict Desiree was." I rolled my eyes at myself for rambling in front of him again. He just laughed at me and lifted my face with his hand across the table.
"Okay. Would you like a ride there?" He asked looking straight into my eyes.
"No, thank you." I blushed when I realized he was still holding my chin.
"Well how about I give you my number just in case." He winked and slid a card across the table. "Give me a call if you need me and maybe I'll see you around." With that he got up leaving me by myself and stunned. It just hit me I've been flirted with by a celebrity and a hot one at that. I chugged my coffee and burst through the door to find him but he was too far gone.

I was washing a load of clothes when there was a knock on the door. It was Jamia.
"Hi." I smiled holding the door open for her to enter.
"Hey, are you busy?" She asked.
"Not at the moment why?" I asked as I closed the door behind her.
"Would you like to go out for dinner with Frank and I tonight, we're meeting one of his friends there then going to a bar around 10:00 tonight?" She was obviously just being polite but I couldn't accept that offer. I have little money and definitely wouldn't want to intrude.
"That is really nice of you but I couldn't impose. You really don't have to act like you like me just because I'm your neighbor." I smiled as she playfully hit my arm.
"You would not be imposing and trust us if we didn't like you, you would know it." She grinned and put her hands on her hips.
"I really couldn't go though, I'm sorry. Maybe another time, when I can actually afford to do something." I laughed but she didn't find that very amusing.
"If money is a problem, sweetie we could pay for you." She rubbed my arm. I felt so pathetic, and yet loved.
"No, god you couldn't do that. I just met you and that isn't right. You guys go out and have fun. I have something to do for a possible job tonight anyways." I smiled as she looked at me like a small child.
"Are you sure?" She asked as she started towards the door.
"Yeah, sure." I assured her as she let herself out."Thank you." She smiled and nodded as she closed the door. I pray I get the spot tonight, I can't handle being broke like this anymore. It was almost 10:30 so I quickly headed to the Burlesque Bar and tried calming down. Luckily it wasn't but 15 minutes from my apartment otherwise I would be in deep shit. As I walked in I tried finding Ricky, since he was so nice to me earlier. Unfortunately I didn't see him when I approached the counter. I felt two hands on my waist and jumped once again. I turned and saw Ricky. He smiled and took my hand leading me backstage to find Desiree.
"She is here." He announced to the queen herself where a few girls were dressing and getting dolled up for the next show.
"Good." Des stared me up and down. "Are you ready?" She asked.
"Yes, are we going to another stage so I can audition?" I asked fiddling with my thumb. The woman fucking laughed at me.
"Honey, your audition is in front of the audience not me. So I suggest you get ready and I hope you know a routine and song, your on in 10 minutes." She winked and walked towards the side stage. I stared straight ahead and turned to Ricky.
"Is she serious?" I asked him as he smiled and nodded.
"Yup she is. So right over there is makeup, hair and wardrobe. Go get ready." He turned on his heel and smacked my ass. I glared at him but he turned around and acted like he forgot something.
"What number are you performing?" He asked. Oh god, I didn't actually have anything prepared because I thought she would give me a routine but now I was at a loss. I suddenly thought of the best one I knew perfectly.
"Primadonna by Christina Aguilera." I smiled nervously.
"Gotcha. Now hurry and get ready." He left me alone and I hurriedly dressed in a red corset that tied in the back with black ribbon with red fish nets and a black tutu. The makeup artist helped with my makeup and it looked amazing, better than anything I had ever done. My hair was curled in ringlets and was frizzed just slightly. I had to admit I looked a little inappropriate and momma probably wouldn't approve but I have always wanted this, more than anything. I was admiring myself in the mirror when Ann Fabean pulled my arm to the side of the stage.
"Your on. Go get em' I know you can." She hugged me and I thought I would faint.

The curtain was lowered and I walked to the center of the stage and straddled the chair. I glanced both ways off stage and noticed every other dancer watching and smiling, then Desiree was glaring but smiling like she knew I would mess up. I lowered my head and rolled my eyes. This woman was a bitch. I silently prayed to myself and thought of Gerard from the coffee shop. I don't know why but he was in my head all day long.

Just as I heard the music start and the curtain being raised I panicked and froze. I looked to the side of the stage away from Desiree and noticed people staring at me. I thought I would barf. I lowered my head again and took a deep breath. Just as I was about to start, Desiree was cussing at someone off stage and it was Ann again.
"Just give her a second. Don't you remember how I was the first time I auditioned. You gave me a second shot. Give her a chance." Ann was harshly whispering. I then knew if I didn't do this now, I would never get another chance. I looked up at the red lights and saw Ricky mouthing something to me. I nodded.
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