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My Chemical Twin

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R&R First fic. Basically Shannon moves to new jersey and meets her twin brother Frank and meets the guys but what happens when she falls for Gerard?

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Shannon :
"Shannon, Wake up its monday" I could hear my dads voice calling me to get up out of my warm and comfterble bed. "you shouldnt have went to sleep so late" my dad was a sort of rocker and got me into bands like The Misfits and Guns N' Roses who are epic well before they broke up something happened between Axl and Slash or something like that.
"Dad, give me 5 more minutes please" i moaned putting one of my pillows behind my head.
"Now, Shannon" my dad was beginning to get pissed off now then suddently he pulled my blanket off me.
"Fine" i groaned standing up and stretching
"Good girl, you have 30 minutes to get ready then you have to go to school okay Shay ?" my dad smiled and left my room closing the door behind him. He nicknamed Shay because he told me my name was too long so then i asked him why did you give me a long name then he told me my mum picked out my name. I never met my mum all i knew she lived in New Jersey and her name was Linda. I made my bed quickly before getting out my black skinny jeans with black studs going up the sides, my favourite Guns N' Roses top and my converse i went into the bathroom and wiped the sleep out of my eyes then washed my face and got dressed then i did my eyeliner and mascara i hate wearing eye shadow it makes me feel like a milly.
"Shay, times up come on" my dad called up the stairs.
"Coming now just grabbing my bag, have you got my coffee waiting for me?" i replied. I had to have coffee before i left for school otherwise i dont really pay attention.
"yes" he shouted back up. I grabbed my Misfits school bag and headed out the door before pulling my dark brown hair up into a pony tail leaving the fringe and a few strands out of it. I ran down stairs and took my coffee of my dad
"i love you coffee" i smiled into the cup. my dad just laughed. It was only me and my dad noone else. I was a only child and my dad didnt have a girlfriend. I left my cup into the kitchen and got into the car.
"got everything" my dad asked before getting into the car. I usually forget something.
"Nope" i reply.
"Okay" he nodded and got into the car dropping me off at school
"See you later Shay" dad called we did our handshake and i smiled
"Bye dad, love you" i called
"Love you to Shay" then he drove off. Little did i know that that was going to be the last time i ever heard his voice.
School went by fast but as soon as the day was over i got a text my blackberry vibrated

1 New Message From : John :P

My uncle John only texted me incase of an emergency i began to worry and quickly opened the message

Hey, Shannon its john text me back as soon as you get this its urgent.

my mind was a little confused but i messaged back

John, whats goin on is ma dad okay :/

then my phone began to ring john phoned me the song Dont Cry by Guns N' Roses played (yes i am a big fan dont judge me) i quickly answered
"John" i say into the phone
"Shannon, im picking you up" he replied this voice sounded weak
"why is my dad not picking me up" i was getting scared i knew he could hear the fear in my voice
"Ill explain when i arrive i can see your Guns N' Roses top" he replied then i turned around and it was him i hung up and ran over to the car to see John.
"whats going on" my hand was shaking
"get in Shannon" he told me i got into the car
"Your dad..... has been in a collision" he barely made the words out
"WHAT" tears came to my eyess i just found out my dad was in a car accident.
"he is in hospita-"
"TAKE ME TO HIM NOW" i forced him to drive me as soon as we got there John told me where he was and i ran up to him. I seen my grandmother Anna, my grandfather Pete and my 4 cousins Ash, Ross, Caleb and Kayla sitting outside a room my grandmother came over to me
"Shannon" her voice sad and tears came to her eyes
"I want to see my dad gran" i said a bit shaky she nodded her head and led me into the room i seen my dad attached to a heart moniter his face was badly bruised and he had stitches across his eyebrow his lips swelled and purple, a bandage wrapped over his head, arms and legs and across his stomach then a doctor came in before i could say anything i knew i was crying because she gave me a tissue
"Are you Shannon" she asked. i nodded my head
"im sorry to tell you this Shannon but your dad isnt going to make it" she replied then my uncle John and my grandfather pulled me into a hug i screamed and fell to the floor my heart sunk and i cried
"shush, its okay Shay" my uncle John quickly said
"no, only my dad calls me Shay" i snapped and went over to him taking my dads hand
"Dont leave me" but 3 doctors took me away from him i knew my dad had died.
I sat in a chair with my earphones in i seen a lady dressed in a blazer and long skirt i turned my earphones off but kept them in so that i could hear what they were talking about.
"So, where do you plan to keep Shannon" she asked John
"i think we should honestly send her out to Linda" my grandmother stood up
"no, shes not going to her" she snapped. they were talking about my mum
"its her mother" my grandfather said hugging my grandmother which i found very sweet
"But she lives in New Jersey, this is Sanfransico. How are we going to get her to Jersey?" my grandmother was worried
"plane" John replied then tapped my shoulder. "Shannon" i took out the earphones
"yes" i replied
"Your going to see your mum, i know you have never met her but your going" John patted my back are they actually going to send me out to New Jersey ?.
"you will leave in 7 days okay?" i nodded i didnt feel like arguing but i refused to go into my dads house and pack my things i got Ash and Kayla to pack my things i kissed my dads forehead and whispered goodbye into his ear. then the next thing i knew i was on my way to Jersey. The week flew in and alot more tears shed due to my dads funeral.
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