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Frank meets Shannon

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Thanks Killjoys for your review :) made me decide to keep writing XD anyway here is chapter 2 !! R&R!!

Frank :
Thursday. It didnt feel like a Thursday because my mum told me i had a extra long weekend but she wont tell me why but she got me to help her clean the spare room it now had a bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a guitar the walls were a dark purple with black carpeting i had the feeling that a relative was coming to stay with us and my mum wanted me to keep them company. Im in the spare room right now adding the finishing touches to the room. I hope that this is temporary but my mum wont tell me who the person is or where they are coming from she had cried when she told me someone was coming to stay i dont know why she cried or what happened.
"Frank" My mum called up to me from the kitchen, my mum always sits in the kitchen never the front room with my dad.
"Yes mam" i call down going into my room and putting on my converse it was only 11 am.
"our guest will be arriving in a hour so make sure everything is sitting okay" she called she seemed nervous and was really worrying. This person must be like a big part of my mums life maybe even my life ..... no it couldnt be that important to me because i dont even know who it is let alone if it is a male or a female.
"everything is sitting fine mum" i tell her as i come down stairs and kiss her on the cheek she hugged me tightly
"i knew this day would eventually come when you meet this person, you dont know what important they are to me and you, this person is nothing to your" she stopped she didnt for some reason want to end it. She began to cry.
"Mum its okay you can finish your sentance" i tried to calm her
"She isnt a big part of your dads life actually has nothing to do with him" she finished her sentance. Now i was curious of who this person would be.

Shannon :
I was staying in my grandmothers house last night we even had a little party becuase i was going to New Jersey. Ash and Kayla stayed with me too because i was close to them. That morning i woke up and changed into my denim shorts and my black tights with my Misfits top and knee high black converse i straightened my hair and applied my eyeliner and mascara my basic makeup.
"this is it Shannon" Ash said hugging me. John was bringing me to the airport an hour early just incase the flight would be going a bit early then i said my final goodbye to my gran and grandad and got into the car.
"do you want to stop by your dads grave before you leave" John asked me in a calming voice. i just looked at him as a tear escaped my eye
"Please" i reply he just hugged me and started the car
"i think you and your mum will get along" he said as we turned into the cemetery.
"i hope so" then i got out of the car "can i see him alone please John" i asked before i got it John smiled at me
"Sure" i smiled and got out and went over to my dads grave "hey dad" i knelt down and i cried. "its Shay" im surprised i even made those words out. i just smiled at his picture on the headstone and took off my silver heart locket necklace that he got me on my 7th birthday then i kissed it and placed it on the grave "something to remember by, love you dad" then i did my part of the handshake and got into the car. John hugged me.
"Its time for your flight" i nodded and looked out the back window all the way to the airport. My flight was leaving in 15 minutes.
"Bye, Shannon" John pulled me into a hug
"Im going to miss you John" i replied wiping my tears im surprised my body still had tears in it after the much ive shed the past week. He seen me to my plane and i waved goodbye and goodbye to San Fransisco i put on my earphones and my dads favourite song played it was Snow Patrol Run. a few more tears escaped my eyes as John waved to me i waved back and ther plane took off. I soon fell asleep.
"Passengers we have arrived in New Jersey, Have A Wonderful Stay" the waitress said into the microphone waking me out of my sleep i got up and dug into my pocket and found the address John gave me.
"have a nice stay" the waitress told me before i got of the plane
"thank you" i replied with a smile. I had $25 in my pocket so i was able to get a taxi and maybe something to eat im schedueled to be at my mums at 12 its only 11 now due to the time difference or whatever. I got my suitcase then went to a cafe and got a coffee and a ham sandwich. i looked at the clock and it was half 11 i guess i should go. i dialled the number to the taxi company and the taxi arrived within 5 minutes.
"Where are you heading darling" the taxi driver looked about 34 and had a thick New Jersey accent (well duh Shannon, you are in New Jersey)
"this address" i said handing him the address
"Oh the Iero's" he smiled looking at the paper that must be my mums last name Iero.
"you know them?" i asked smiling
"Yes i happen to be Linda’s brother, how do you know them?" he asked getting interested
"Linda is my mum, im Shannon" i replied. the taxi driver looked at me
"Oh" he smiled and drove me to my mums home
"Im your uncle Darren" he said
"Nice to meet you" he didn’t take any money off me and i got out of the car and looked at the house it was a 3 story house that was quite pretty. it took guts to go up to the door and knock not expecting what waited behind it.

Frank :
"Mum, the door" i shouted into the next room i was in the front room playing the xbox with my dad who shut it off to be polite
"ill get it, stay there" she called. then i heard the door open
"now, be nice Frank" my dad told me smiling i smiled back and coughed
"Hi" my mum said to the person at the door.
"Hello, are you my mum" i was frozen i had a sibling????!!
"Shannon, you have grown up nicely and wow you look just like" my mum stopped her sentence "never mind, come in there is someone i want you to meet" the living room door opened and incame a girl who was the same height as me and looked just like me in girl form only i had a blonde shaven area on my head she just had black hair. I stood up so did my dad
"Shannon this is" my mum coughed "your twin brother Frank" i dont know what the hell just happened. This is my TWIN sister. She seemed as shocked as I was.
"Im an only child, i dont have a brother" she laughed she probably thought this was a dream
"Mum, you told me that i was an only child" I said confused.
"Frank also Mitchel isnt your real dad" my mum said tears filling her eyes i sat down on the couch shocked. Mitchel is the person ive grown up as my dad, i havent known anyone other than him.
"fuck NO, Mitchel is my dad" i snapped. I put my head in my hands
"No, your real dad is called Matt, Shannon lived with your dad until he passed away. I had twins i took you and Matt took Shannon" she was sitting beside me. My dad sorry Mitchel left the room
"Im just as shocked as you right now Frank" Shannon was pacing which seemed odd. This is the first time i have seen someone pace really fast.
"So much getting out right now i cant concentrate" I wept into my hands i stood up and looked at Shannon.
"So, i have a twin sister and my real dad is dead" i tried to make sense of what was going on. Shannon soon came into tears and sat down on the couch
"Shit, i forgot" i hugged my twin sister i was actually a bit happy that i wasnt an only child at least i had someone to talk to and she liked the Misfits.
"Its okay" she smiled. "wow it feels strange knowing i have a twin" she laughed and pulled out of the hug.
"Yeah, i have grown up as a ONLY child with a person who is not my DAD" i laughed
"do you want to know who is the oldest or you could guess" my mum said coming in to the room again and sitting down. I looked at Shannon as she looked at me.
"Im guessing Frank is the oldest" Shannon said snapping her fingers. i dont know why she snapped her fingers.
"No i think your the oldest" i said looking at her closely and playing with her hair.
"Let go of my hair" she attacked me with a nearby book.
"Shannon, your actually the oldest by 6 minutes" my mum laughed. I smiled my victory smile and Shannon groaned.
"I love it when im right" i smiled and put my hands behind my head.
"Frank help Shannon get settled in and show her her room, she will be starting your school on Monday and i want you to help her get her way around the school" my mum sighed and dragged me off the seat. Shannon just laughed and went outside and got her suitcases and went upstairs. I followed behind her and showed her, her room. She had 2 suitcases.
"Why have you got 2 suitcases" i asked pointing at the spare suitcase.
"For my 27 posters" Shannon laughed. was this girl serious ? did she actually have that much posters backed into a medium blue suitcase i just laugh. Then she knelt down and opened it. She wasnt kidding. But they were rolled up neatly some were small others big she had posters of Misfits, Queen, Green Day, Paramore, Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden.
"Yep, your definitely my sister" i smile and help her get the posters out. she laughed
"Your saying that you like my music" she stood up with 5 posters in her hands she didnt just have band posters she had 2 ed hardy, 3 smiley face, twilight and harry potter and nightmare before christmas.
"Fuck yeah" i smile. i help her put her posters up eventually all you see is posters not a single glimpse of paint. Then my mum entered
"Woah, this room looks different" she was shocked and walked around examining the posters. "Yep your Matts daughter" she smiled. A tear came to Shannon's eye but managed to catch it before it came out.
"Shes defiantly my sister because Nightmare Before Christmas is epic" i smile.
"I want to say one thing" Shannon smiled and sat down on her bed. "Call me Shay, my dad gave me that nickname and i love it" she began to cry but my mum comforted her
"Okay, if that’s what you want Shann- i mean Shay" we laugh. Then my phone rang it was Gerard.
"I gotta take this call" i say stepping out to the landen and flipping my phone up
"What’s up Gerard?" i say happily
"Not much, coming out later? bored shitless" he replied i can tell when he is smoking because half way through the sentence he paused.
"Sure, is Mikey, Bob and Ray coming" i yawn i only got 2 hours sleep last night i was busy on my laptop and Xbox.
"Nope, just me, you and Mikey" he sighed.
"Okay, so what time" i say
"Bout 7, ill meet you in the park" he takes another draw i can just tell when my best friend is smoking. Then i remember about Shannon well Shay.
"Awesome, and i might bring a friend" i sigh
"Frank.... do you have something to tell me" he suddenly got all excited and hyper like a 5 year old meeting Santa.
"NO i don’t have a girlfriend" I say rubbing my eye.
"sureeee" he says slyly down the phone
"I have to go see you at 7" i hang up before he could reply. Shay could use some friends and she was awesome. My mum and Shay walk out of Shay's room
"Come on dinner time" my mum pats my back and Shay just smiled at me and went down stairs. 6 hours went by fast. Well then again i was too busy talking to Shay about the misfits and Iron Maiden and helping her put up her posters and we sat and played guitar aswell but she did cream me on XBox
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