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3 Guys & A Girl

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Shannon meets Mikey and Gerard

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Shannon :
Frank is my twin ?! im just as shoked but he loves the same stuff as me, he likes Misfits and Iron Maiden and he also plays guitar, my dad taught me to play guitar when i was 10, i love my guitar and me and Frank played guitar for about a hour.
"Come on lets go get dinner" my mum smiled and stood up helping me up. I actually quite like her shes actually nothing like i expected but what pissed me off is that she told Frank that her husband was his dad. Why did she not tell Frank about my dad? What did my dad do? anyway i shouldnt worry. Frank was on his phone to a friend he followed me down stairs and sat beside me my mum just looked at us
"I just cant believe how alike you are" she called from the kitchen. Mitchel sat across from me, Frank didnt look at him.
"yeah" i smiled. I wanted to make a good impression.
"Whats for dinner mam?" Frank called he seemed like he had to be somewhere.
"Something" she laughed. Frank sighed then faced me
"Shay" he said to me i was playing a game on my iPod.
"Yeah" i reply putting my iPod down on the table
"Do you want to come out with me and my friends tonight?" he asked smiling
"Sure, it would give me some friends" i smile
"Awesome, you should get along with my mates theyre into the same stuff as us" he said excited.
"Frank where are you taking Shay" my mum was suspicious as she came into the dining room and leened against the door frame
"Just out with Mikey and Gerard" he smiled. My mum rolled her eyes, Mikey and Gerard must be Franks best friends or something
"What about Ray and Bob?" she said getting interested
"Ray is taking Krysta out and Bob is staying in his dads" i knew Frank was just making up an excuse for them
"Alright" my mum said going into the kitchen and bringing out chicken burgers and a veggie burger for Frank.

Frank :
So Shay will meet Gerard and Mikey in about a half an hour she seemed curious about them so i told her a bit about them she found it awesome that we had created a band, im just glad me and Shay get along.
"What time are we going out at" Shay said finishing her burger
"7" i reply taking another bite out of mine. I haven’t spoken to Mitchel since i figured out that he wasn’t my biological father and he didn’t talk to me i think he was trying to avoid me but i didn’t mind.
"awesome" she replied. "ill be down in a minute i have to get my jacket" she said getting up from the table and going upstairs
"Frank, how do you like Shay?" my mum asked me from across the table
"She’s awesome, i really like her" i nodded my head "I think we really do get along" my mum smiled
"Don’t be late coming home okay? because this is her first night here and you know what the streets are like at night" she looked at me seriously
"Don’t worry ill have her home by 10" i replied like i was taking her out on a date but my mum knew i was playing about with her.
"Okay I’m ready" Shay said putting her blackberry torch into her pocket.
"Lets go" i say going up to her
"Stay safe!" my mum called i walked over to my van and Shay looked at me
"What?" i say trying to find my keys but i eventually found them
"nothing" she said getting into the van, the park was like half way across the neighbour hood i didn’t mind driving her. We reached the park and seen Gerard and Mikey sitting on the grass and Gerard was as usual having a cigarette and Mikey was lying down but he wasn’t sleeping as i could hear their conversation. i got out of the van and so did Shay coming round to my side because she has no idea who Mikey and Gerard is.

Gerard :
I take another draw from my cigarette its the only thing now that keeps me happy and from doing something stupid i then decided its time to go out
"Mikey, get your butt down here were leaving" i grabbed my leather jacket and put it on
"no I’m going out with Gerard now......... yes i will take you out tomorrow......... i was thinking ice you too.... bye" Mikey was on his phone probably to Alicia, she was impatient and i really disliked her but i always told Mikey that i liked her otherwise he would get pissed off at me
"ready Mikey?" i ask him as he puts away his phone
"yesh, you?" he asks me fixing his glasses i flip my jet black hair
"yup come on" i pushed him out the door it was just me and him in the house as my mum and dad were away on a buisness trip not that i cared I’m 16 and I’m allowed to be left alone i just had to take of Mikey for the next 3 months. I locked the door.
"walking or driving?" Mikey asks looking at me seriously
"walking, you need the exercise" i reply playfully slapping his stomach
"haha very funny" he sarcastically replied. I just laugh and light up another cigarette
"dude, how many do you smoke a day? you smoke like every 5 minutes?" Mikey complained to me. We didn’t live that far about 5 blocks away from the park and i had a half hour to kill
"why do you care?" i ask him smiling
"because your my brother" he replied
"i smoke as much as i want too" I reply patting his back he just smirked and didn’t say anything the rest of the way to the park. Then i remembered that Frank was bringing along a friend, i didn’t know that Frank had other friends
"Mikey, Frank is bringing along a friend i forgot to tell you" we were outside the park and Mikey turned and faced me
"i didn’t know Frank had other friends" he replied
"Me either" i reply putting out my cigarette. Me and Mikey head over to our usual place on the grass Mikey lay down
"My heads sore" he moaned a few minutes later
"awww poor Mikey" i reply sarcastically
"Piss Off" he playfully slapped my arm and i just laughed.
"With pleasure" then i stood up and began to walk away
"Gerard I’m only messing come back" Mikey said sitting up. I turn around and sit back down
"your so gullible Mikes" i slapped his arm
"am not, you can be very serious at times" Mikey said trying to defend his gullibleness. Then i decide to have another cigarette Mikey just moaned and then i seen Franks van pull up and he got out of it then a girl got out the other side wow she looked alot like Frank then they began to have a conversation i dont want to be rude so i ignore there conversation and wait for them to come over.

Shannon :
Frank finally drove into the park then Frank got out so i got out to, i don’t know what Mikey or Gerard looks like so i wait for Frank to give me a hint of who they could be.
"There’s Mikey and Gerard sitting on the grass" Frank told me pointing to a small boy with brown hair and glasses sitting beside a taller boy with shoulder length jet black hair sitting in place smoking a cigarette
the black haired boy is cute
Shannon what are you thinking?!
"cool" i reply then tie my converse lace
"come on and ill introduce you" Frank laughed then grabbed my arm. We then approached the two boys and the boy with glasses sat up and smiled then the boy with black hair looked up and put out his cigarette.
"Gerard, Mikey this is Shannon" Frank seemed confident and smiled
"Hey" Mikey and Gerard said together
"Hi" i reply then Frank sat down in front of Mikey and i sat down in front of Gerard.
"Shannon is my sister" Frank said then looked away. Gerard and Mikey looked shocked
"Since when??!!" Gerard said smiling
"Since i was born Gerard" Frank said sarcastically
"Also I’m his twin" i say trying to get involved in the conversation
"That’s obvious you look a lot like each other" Mikey laughed Gerard was shocked
"So tell me the story, how come we are only meeting you now Shannon" Gerard asked me sounding interested in my life story
"Well, i lived in New York with my dad" i stopped as i remembered my dad and all the memories we have had i began to tear and i felt Frank hugging me
"Its okay Shay" Frank said i seen Gerard and Mikey looking at each other
"im fine" i reply then cough "Then my dad was killed in a car crash last week so i had to move in with my mum and found out that Frank is my twin" i spoke.
"im so sorry... i-i shouldn't have asked" Gerard replied
"its okay" i said smiling. He smiled back and hugged me after Frank let me go.
"So how do you like Jersey?" Mikey said trying to be part of the conversation and attempting to break the awkward silence
"Its only my first day" i reply laughing. The night went in well but i kept noticing something
Gerard kept staring at me
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