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It's Official

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One week from the announcement...

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~Katari's P.O.V~

It has been one week from the day me and Storm told Andy and Ryan that we are moving.

Everyone in teh neighborhood is surrounding our house.

We were very nice people, but now we have to live in teh city of New Jersy.

"I don't wanna leave home, mommy." I said crying in Storm's arms while my mom and dad are carrying teh last boxes on to the truck.

"We have to sweetie. Because if we don't move, you wont have any toys to play with." Mommy said trying to make me feel better.

"But, I Don't need toyths. I have Andwy and Wyan and Stom." I said crying even harder with Storm.

"Storm is coming with us sweet heart." Mommy said putting in the last box.

"What about Andwy and Wyan?" I ask worried.

"They have their own family to play with and friends too."

"thhe needth thime."Storm said to my mom.

Once my parents finished packing teh boxes inside teh truck, me and Storm walked outside to see everyone crying, even Andy and Ryan.

Me and Storm walked up to them and kissed them on the cheek one last time before we go.

Our family got in our car and left the house

The house where I was born.
The house where I grew up.
The house where I met my friends.
The house where I realized I like one of my bestfriends.

Me and Storm looked out the window to see everyone waving goodbye and come back soon.

We just waved back.

13 years later
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