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Best Friends Far Away (BFFA)

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me no spoil for you.

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~Katari's P.O.V~

"KATARI! STORM! WAKE UP I HAVE NEWS FOR OUR FAMILY!" My mom yelled out for some reason.

"Coming!"I yelled running to Storm's bed checking if she is awake or not.

"Stowm! Wake uwp, mommy has sumtwing two tewl us."I said shaking Storm up.

"Okie, jus stop shakwing mwe!"She said with her eyes wide open.

We ran downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for what my mom was going to say.

"Mowmmwy, what are you happwy fowr?"I asked looking at my mom, who was smiling like a tired puppy.

"We are moving to NEW JERSEY!" My mom said jumping higher than she normally does.

"Why?" Me and Storm said in unison.

"It's for a job my little princesses."Mommy said tapping our heads.

"Can we sway bwy to Wyan awn Awndy?" Storm asked almost crying.

"Of course you girls can!But we are moving next week!" My mom said calling out the door while we ran out.

We went to Andy's house knowing that Ryan slept over there.

DiNg DoNg

Andy and Ryan came to the door with chocolate on their mouths.

"Hey~ why aw you guys eatwing coco in the morniwng?"I asked staring at Andy and Ryan.

"We are making chocolate pancakes."Andy said cleaning his face.

"Anywathz." Storm says."We have thoo move nexth week."

"We are going two New Jwy~ Jra~ Jwu~ Jow~ Jor~"I couldn't say Jersey.

"New Jerthey."Storm said cutting me off.

Andy and Ryan started to cry.

"Mae~ Make Sh~Sure Y~you Don't F~forg~get us."Andy said not to stutter.

"We promithe we won'th, We have the ringth."Storm said sticking out her finger like me.

"Good."Andy and Ryan said in unison.

"Bwy Andwy, Bwy Wyan." I said Kissing Andy's cheek.

"Bye Ryan, Byw Andy." Storm said kissing Ryan's forehead.

"Bye, I love you." They said simultaneously.

One Week Later
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